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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 2 - Chapter 6

Curling up in her warm bed, it was a long time ago since Sora stayed in her bed like this now.

After checking her alarm clock that took a break today, Sora found that it was already past eight.

The time when everyone successively arrives at school.

I made everyone worry for me, huh…… And I already took a lot of leaves before this.

Even so, since her Onii-chan wants her to stay in bed, she would continue to lie down for some time.

Speaking of which, it was hard for her to leave her bed even after she wakes up in the past.

It’s just that she is often awake before the alarm clock even rings recently.

Her life underwent a large change.

Though many things happened on her, it felt like the matters happened at a world faraway.

Only the rays of the morning sun that shone through the curtains were as piercing as before…....

The girl whose age was merely fourteen turned around. It feels like I still have a slight fever, and my throat hurts.

In the past, her father would always buy things that she likes whenever she catches a cold, and she would always be rather happy though he often buys her the wrong ones.

Now, her Onii-chan is probably waiting for her to wake up as well, it’s unmistakable…… While the menu for breakfast would probably be instant porridge bought from outside.

Thinking of that, Sora cheered up slightly.

She once tried to make porridge as well, but she burnt it…… A wry smile surfaced on her face when Sora recalled the incident.

Onii-chan is busy as well, so I feel bad for this, but it can’t be helped.

If Yuri-san is here, she would probably carefully make a tasty meal for patients.

Sora imagined for a moment, and realized that even so, the thought of not wanting to trouble others still existed in her mind, feeling somewhat mystified because of that.

To her, Yuri-san is like a good elder sister, a person that she admires. And because of that, Sora is very clear of the difference between them.

…… Perhaps it’s because my fever hasn’t gone down yet…… Though there wasn’t any problem before this. Sora thought. Miu, Hina and I…... Are different, because I’m the elder sister.

Sora pulled her blanket again and closed her eyes.

At the same time, she thought in her heart, wishing that she would return to her original state when she wakes up.

As expected, worried voices rang in Sora’s class.

”What! Takanashi took leave!?”

”Daiki, please keep quiet.”

He already looked embarrassing when he toppled his chair backwards when he rose, and he actually cried out in a volume audible to the whole class. Facing a good friend like this, Shuuji could only smile wryly.

— Oh well, it’s not hard to imagine anyway.

”Why did she take leave all of a sudden? Wasn’t she just fine last week?”

No matter how he asked, it’s impossible for Shuuji to know the answer.

However, the reasonable answer above is not suitable to be used on the hot-blooded boy.

Especially when it concerns Takanashi Sora.

”Is she sick? Or hurt?”

”I just heard of it coincidentally when I passed by the staffroom. I only know that she has a fever.”

”Then why didn’t you ask clearly!”

Daiki paced the room in anxiety.

”It’s that hentai……!”

He was gradually losing control.

”The hentai that you spoke of…… Does that refer to Takanashi-san’s uncle? Stop messing around. Don’t do anything that lacks consideration again.”

In truth, only Shuuji knows of the incident when Daiki made trouble at the Takanashi residence, while he did not let his senpais in the Choir Club know of it, because it would only cause Daiki to get scolded no matter how he thought of things.

It’s a good thing that the opposing party did not inform the school of the incident, but judging it with common sense, Daiki’s actions were just too abnormal. The only thing that could be confirmed was that his actions were basically done out of kindness and love, and thus, Shuuji who has a good relationship with Daiki as they grew up together, could only advise Daiki not to repeat the same thing.

”That’s right! It’s because of that guy! It’s all that guy’s fault!”

But in Daiki’s mind, it seems like there was a large transformation about the matter.

The term hentai is now exclusively used on the college student acting as the Takanashi’s guardian.

In addition, a dramatic setting like Sora is actually very fragile, but was forced to work for the hentai when she wishes to go to school appeared.

Of course, Shuuji’s opinions were completely different.

Takanashi Sora has a gentle personality, and wouldn’t actively build a good relationship with the others, including the matters of her quitting her club, it was probably because of a change in her life, causing her to be busier than before.

Plus, she is visibly more active when she is at home, while her relationship with the college student seemed to be quite good in Shuuji’s eyes. Besides, that person seemed to be a good-natured person as well, so the people who would truly trouble Takanashi would probably be people who don’t care about other people’s opinions like Daiki.

However, speaking of all these would probably make Daiki lose control more seriously, so Shuuji could only choose to be silent. Actually, Shuuji is regarded as a good looking teenager who is good at sensing how people feel, being quite popular among the students.

”Just forget about it, she will probably recover very soon……”

”How would you know about that!? Maybe that guy took advantage of Takanashi’s gentle personality, forcing her to do unreasonable things…… Like cleaning the house, washing the clothes, cleaning the house and so on!”

Seeing Daiki’s appearance of wanting to rush over and grab someone’s collar, the smile on Shuuji’s face was unchanged, but he secretly took half a step back.

Uh oh, he isn’t listening anymore. If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have told him just now about Takanashi-san taking leave. Though Shuuji regretted his actions in his heart, things cannot be turned back anymore.

”I’ve listened till now. You, are you an idiot?”

”W- What!?”

Daiki was almost in the state of a derailing train, while a cold voice said that to him all of a sudden.

The person who spoke was Hanamura Youko, who was raising her novel slightly.

”Firstly, didn’t he already explain that Takanashi-san took leave because she has a fever? If so, the reason for her taking leave is because of her fever. Plus, Takanashi-san’s uncle doesn’t seem to be such a bad person. And also, when you said cleaning the house, washing the clothes, cleaning the house just now, you said cleaning the house twice. That would annoy the people listening, so please take note. Apart from that, cleaning the house and washing clothes are not unreasonable matters at all, so shouldn’t she just do if she must? I don’t know if you don’t know or don’t want to do things like that, but if you judge everything from your perspective, it would only create troubles for the others. And the last, and most important thing is— You- Are- Noi- sy.”

After finishing all that in one go, Youko’s gaze fell on her book once more.

Getting scolded without being able to do a thing, Daiki’s mouth repeatedly opened and closed again, unable to speak a thing.

”Ah…… Err…….”

”Give up already, Daiki. It’s impossible to win an argument with girls.”

This is a truth. Having the age of a second year middle school student, Shuuji was already very clear about the iron rule in this world.

”Isn’t she our classmate! We should have been worried of her from the first place……”

Just as Daiki was thinking of what to say, the bell signifying the time for the morning assembly that did not change for a long time, rang from the speaker above the blackboard.

”It’s time for the morning assembly. By the way, you’re the one on duty today.”


At the same moment, the front door of the class was opened.

”Ah! Seriously……. RISE——!”

The loud voice that was among the top of the Choir Club rang in the classroom.

I first knocked the door and only opened it after there was a response.

”Sora-chan, are you okay?”

”Much better. I just have a slight fever, so you don’t need to be so worried.”

Though that was what Sora-chan said, she still covered half of her face with her blanket, but her cracked voice probably isn’t because of the blanket.

Besides, her fever hasn’t gone down in the morning as well.

”Are you thirsty? I got you some Pocari, but I can still get it for you if you’d like tea more.”

”…… It’s okay, Pocari is fine.”


Would it be easier for her to drink it from the bottle, or should I pour it into a cup…….?

As I was hesitating, Sora-chan poked her head out of the blanket.

Her face was still red.

”Sorry for troubling you from yesterday.”

Do I really have the right to be their guardian like this? I feel more and more ashamed of myself now.

”I bought some flu medicine at a supermarket, but…… Don’t you need to go to the hospital?”

”I’m telling you that I’m fine. I feel much more comfortable after waking up, and it’s just that my throat is a bit sore right now. That’s not important. Onii-chan, don’t you need to go to your college? You probably need to clear up the things that you used during the school festival, right?”

”You don’t need to worry about that, I’ve contacted them already.”


As soon as I mentioned Sora-chan’s condition, they immediately agreed to my absence.

I used up a lot of effort to convince Raika-san who wished to visit and take care of Sora-chan not to come.

Nimura promised to help me during roll call as well, making me feel the care of my club mates.

Speaking of which, Sako-senpai told me that he has something to tell me the next time I go to school, but he didn’t tell me what. However, senpai might just want to give some of Miu-chan’s photos to me.

Even Sora-chan who seemed to be pained when she rose from the bed looked somewhat satisfied when she drank a mouthful of the cold Pocari.

”Have Miu and Hina gone to school now?”

”Mnn, I asked Miu-chan to send Hina to the kindergarten today.”

”…… The kindergarten is a bit far from the primary school. It’s so hard on her.”

Seeing sad expression on the eldest daughter with a strong sense of responsibility, I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

”Actually, I wanted to send Hina today, but as usual, Miu-chan said ’Oji-san, please stay home and take care of Onee-chan!’, and also: ’Leaving a sick girl at home alone, you are really lacking in the delicacy department!’

Seeing me imitate Miu-chan made Sora-chan smile.

”Haha…… That’s so alike.”

”Hina gave me some trouble this morning as well, saying: ’Hina wants to take care of Nee-tan as well!’, and convincing her gave me quite a headache. So, I’ll be very troubled if you don’t get well soon.”

”Seriously……. I’ve said this many times now…… I’m fine.”

”Okay, okay. Then if you feel like eating, there’s porridge. Want some? Though they’re just instant food, I bought three flavors.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I heard laughter coming from the blankets.

”Mnn? What’s so funny?”

”…… Nothing. Thank you, Onii-chan, I’ll eat it later.”

”It’s nothing, really. Go to sleep.”

After hesitating for a moment…… I helped to cover Sora-chan with her blanket.

The air that drifted from the blanket had the sweet fragrance of milk.

”…… Actually, you don’t need to be so worried. I’m fine, really.”

Sora-chan repeated her words with her face red, and buried herself in her blankets again.

Perhaps Sora-chan is too embarrassed to let me see her sleepy face?

But to me…… I even wish to keep staring at her sleeping expression.

Not noticing that I caused Sora-chan to be so exhausted that she fell sick really made me feel regret and shame. Even now, Sora-chan cannot just depend on me……

Is it true that I really don’t have the right to be their guardian?

On that moment, I recalled the time when the boy called Maeshima grabbed me.

Is it really because I am not a competent guardian that Sora-chan couldn’t return to the Choir Club? If so…… What should I do?

While Yuuta was thinking of all that, Miu and Hina were walking on the road to the kindergarten.

”…… Is Nee-tan okay?”

”She’s fine. Hina, don’t you get stomachaches once in a while, and feel all weak when you have a fever? Onee-chan just has a fever, and is feeling a bit tired because of that. She’ll be fine after she sleeps for awhile.”


Holding the moaning Hina, Miu quickly walked towards the kindergarten.

To be honest, Miu was worried of Sora as well, but she knew that it would only make Hina more worried, more uneasy if she shows her worry.

And that was why Miu deliberately brought Hina out as though nothing happened.

— Besides, Oji-san is there as well.

These times, Yuuta’s presence is very important. If Yuuta was absent, Miu would probably choose to accompany Sora at home even if she has to skip school.

Though it might be hard for her stubborn sister to calm down when Yuuta is by her side, Miu wishes for her sister to take the opportunity and be honest when she is sick.

”…… Even so, Onee-chan probably still wouldn’t give in.”

Don’t force yourself and just act sweetly in front of Oji-san.

If the two of them were the only ones at home, Onee-chan might be slightly more honest with her emotions.

While thinking about that, Miu walked towards the kindergarten.

On the road that Miu and Hina passed by not long ago, a silhouette appeared.

It was the courageous high school girl who continually observed the Takanashi residence.

”Sora-chan is sick? And that man is taking care of him…… No, no, no! Letting a beast like that be alone with Sora-chan is just too dangerous!”

Though that was what she said, there would be a test on her first period at school. By the way, if she skips the class, she would have to go for supplementary lessons after school for quite some time.

”…… Ahhh! Why must I have the test today!?”

Kitahara Shiori grabbed her hair in frustration and went to school unwillingly.

When my parents were still here, of course I don’t have such an experience, while during the period of time when I lived together with Nee-san, she doesn’t seem to have got sick as well. Even when we encounter such a situation, Nee-san would still make a lot of preparations beforehand while I was still flustered, so I just needed to follow her instructions.

”……. Well…... Aren’t I somewhat of a useless person?”

No, it’s useless even if I despair now, since I must take on the task of caring for the sick when Sora-chan is sleeping. Speaking of which, what should I do now?

”Err…… I’ve contacted the school…… If there’s anything else to do…...”

I tried to recall the conditions when I fell sick outside, but……

”Nee-san would come over to take care of me every time.”

Of course, Nee-san wouldn’t always be by my side, but she would still help me to buy stuff and bring me some dishes that she cooked beforehand.

And after I entered college, I had Nimura, who knows how to take care of other people more than any other girlfriends, by my side.

”I’m really not of any use at all!”

However, this isn’t the time for me to say things like this.


In any case, I’ll start from gathering things that might be used.

”Towels for wiping off the sweat…… Though I prepared some yesterday, a little bit more might be needed…… Mnn, that should be enough. And also…… Do I need to change the cooling gel sheets?”

Actually, I don’t really like those sheets. If one really needs to be cooled down, I think that wet towels are actually more comfortable.

”That thing might be useful if one is alone, but I’m here today.”

Okay, I’ll prepare wet towels then.

”Actually, we’ve touched the matter of appetite just now. Though we can just get instant porridge…… Vitamins are still important. At a time like this…… Apples! We still need apples!”

To a patient, apples and canned peaches should be necessary. Regretfully, there aren’t any canned peaches in the house, so the only choice left would be apples.

Speaking of which, should I make the apples into puree? Or would making it into a bunny be better?

”A bunny would probably be for Hina.”

Just like that, I wandered in the living room for some time, and unknowingly gathered so many things that I couldn’t hold them with my hands. Since I can’t move them in one go, then let’s divide them into two or three……

”Onii-chan, what are you doing? …… Ugh! What’s with those things!”

With a look of surprise on her face, Sora-chan knitted her brows after seeing the scene before her.

”Carrying so many towels, perhaps you spilled something…… Or maybe not?”

”Mnn, I didn’t spill anything…… Err, wait, shouldn’t you be lying down!”

”Well…… I’m hungry.”


”I said I’m hungry!”

Answering in a shy tone, a red flush was on Sora-chan’s face as well.

It’s hard to tell if that was because of shyness or her fever.

But compared with yesterday night, she seemed to be much better.

”Though the fever was a bit serious yesterday, it’s starting to cool down right now. Onii-chan, it’s fine even if you don’t stay at home to take care of me. I’ll go to bed after I finish eating, so you really ought to back to college. I’m fine, really.”

”I can’t possibly do that.”

”…… Then, I’m cooking something to eat. Do you want some as well, Onii-chan?”

Being told something like that, I really couldn’t make a stand at all.

”S- Stop that, just let me handle a small matter like this!”

Though it’s just instant porridge.

Just like that, I spent the morning taking care of Sora-chan.

After eating porridge and taking the medicine, I felt much better.

Though I’m forcing myself a little to be more energetic, it doesn’t matter.

To be honest, I really don’t have much of an appetite, and though Onii-chan made apple puree for me, I hid the fact that I nearly couldn’t finish it since the apples weren’t really sweet. After all, Onii-chan’s kind intentions…… make me happy enough.

”I’ll just have to wait for my throat to get well now……”

After saying so in a low voice, I touched my throat that was aching slightly. Is it because I haven’t sing for quite some time, causing my throat to deteriorate? It seems like my throat had never been so painful.

Even though I’m working so hard, Onii-chan is still looking at me in worry.

”Let’s check your body temperature again.”

”Don’t worry, it definitely cooled down by now.”

Because of Onii-chan’s suggestion, I held the thermometer in my mouth once again.

37.8°C, slightly higher than before. I definitely can’t let Onii-chan see this.

”How is it?”

”Mnn, I’m fine, it already dropped to a normal temperature.”

When I spoke, I hurriedly turned off the power switch of the electronic thermometer at the same time.

I don’t want Onii-chan to worry more.

”I’ll handle everything after this, so you can just go to school in the afternoon.”

”Don’t you need to lie down and rest more!?”

With a look of worry on his face, Onii-chan held a large amount of towels in his hands.

Just looking at it made me feel hot.

After that, Onii-chan and I stayed in the living room.

We watched the afternoon TV programs while chatting.

When I said that I didn’t think the school festival would be so interesting, a complicated expression appeared on Onii-chan’s face.

”If only I took more notice of you, it wouldn’t turn out like this.”

Onii-chan said that with his shoulders slumped.

I told him that it wasn’t his fault, but he just shook his head.

I must get well better.

If I get well, Onii-chan wouldn’t show an expression like that.

”I think…… I’d better sleep a bit more.”

But actually I want to stay by his side more……

Suppressing my discomfort, I returned to my room.

My body felt hot from just now.

Did my body temperature rise again?

So that Onii-chan wouldn’t notice, I must get well quickly.

”You don’t need to take care of me now! If you come into my room without permission, I’ll break off all ties with you!”


”I don’t want a man to stay in my room when I’m sleeping!”

I told Onii-chan with a grumpy face. Seeing Onii-chan’s forlorn appearance was actually quite interesting.

I’ll have to cure my illness without Onii-chan having any knowledge about it.

Because I’m a capable elder sister in this family.

After school, singing that were tidily divided to four parts resounded in the music room.

However, now that they were doing practice on singing in harmony, a boy ignored all of the others, sternly glaring at thin air. And he didn’t make any noise at all.

”La la—“


”la la la—“


”la la la la la laaaaaa———!”


It was Maeshima Daiki. With his mouth tightly closed, he was buried in his own world.

Though Daiki stood together with his companions in his club, he did not take part at all.

Though the other members felt awkward about that, Daiki did not even notice the fact.

”Oi! What the heck are you doing!”


All of a sudden, Daiki wailed because of the vigorous pressure on his skull.

”Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

”I wanted you to feel pain! You useless thing!”

With a grip far exceeding the powers of a normal middle school girl, Okae Kiyomi tightly held Daiki’s head. The severe pain that was like the incantation that was used by Xuanzang to control Sun Wukong caused Daiki to be tortured for quite some time before he was released.

”W- What were you doing! Objection to violence!”

”This is not violence, but punishment! What’s with you, not singing when you’re here in the Choir Club!”

”Punishment won’t do as well! Besides, I don’t have the mood to sing leisurely here when Takanashi might be in pain!”

”…… What did you say? What did you mean by Takanashi-san might be in pain?”

That instant, an ominous light flashed in Kiyomi’s eyes. At the same time, a voice rang by Daiki as though he was stopping Kiyomi.

”Yes, Buchou. Let me add in, Takanashi-san had a fever from yesterday night. Though it’s just a slight fever, she took leave for a day just to be safe as her fever did not go down even until this morning. That seems to be how things are. I only confirmed this with the teachers because of Daiki’s persistence.”

”So she had a cold?”

”B- But, it might just worsen!”

”I’ve said just now that it’s just a slight fever.”

”Yeah, you really don’t need to make such a huge fuss.”

Youko spoke right after Shuuji finished.

Since things turned into a two-on-one, or even three-on-one, Daiki’s tone turned agitated agitated.

”I’m not as optimistic as you guys! And also…… I- In the first place…… Isn’t worrying for her as a classmate and a friend in the same club normal!”

”Takanashi-san hasn’t returned to the Choir Club, has she?”

”S- She’ll return sooner or later!”

”That’s right, I don’t plan to let my cute Takanashi-san away from my important harem.”

”Well, I’ll go immediately then……”

”But that’s completely unrelated to the matter if we are going to visit her.”


Not thinking that he would be stopped by Kiyomi, Daiki widened his eyes in shock.

Daiki even thought that the Kiyomi before her would be the person most possible to agree to his suggestion of visiting Sora.

”Having a boy who isn’t too close to her visit her on the day she takes leave, isn’t that a bit lacking in common sense?”

”I- Isn’t too close to her…… Hanamura.”

”Isn’t that the truth?”

Being attacked with a follow-up attack made Daiki suffer even more.

”S- So what! Isn’t it fine as long as we’re classmate!”

”But we would still need to wait until she takes leave for three days or so. Plus, the person who goes for a visit will not be Maeshima, but I, as the club president. After all, seeing such a horrible thing would just cause her illness to worsen.”

”B- Buchou!?”

”That’s right, it would be much better than letting the insensitive Maeshima-kun meet her when she’s sick.”

That was a very reasonable opinion, and Youko’s words caused Shuuji to nod silently as well.

”Err, but……”

”I agree to Buchou and Hanamura-san’s opinions as well. I think that would be better.”

Daiki really could not comprehend the reason that he cannot go, and would do anything to check on Sora’s condition immediately, but his opinions were mercilessly rebuked.

”I’m telling you……!”

”Well then, let us continue on our practice. I don’t wish to waste time as well.”

”Yeah. The problem of the idiot being troubled is solved as well, so let us continue to practice!”

The three nodded in turn.

”…… Y- You guys!”

Being trampled like weeds, completely excluded from the situation, Daiki could only shout with his face and neck red in agitation.

After the club meeting that did not allow him to return early ended, Daiki walked on the road back home alone.

”Those guys aren’t clear of the situation at all.”

Daiki walked while complaining.

Speaking of which, even Daiki wouldn’t be so impatient even if Sora took leave for just a day in the past. However, things are different now.

The unreliable looking guy actually proclaims himself to be a guardian, living together with them as well.

”It’s definitely because of him making Takanashi overwork that she fell sick.”

While he was being worried, an unpleasant emotion surged in his heart at the same time.

When Daiki ran to the Takanashi residence before this, he saw Sora with an expression that he never once seen before.

The Sora that time was like a completely different person compared with the person Daiki sees at school. Sora would directly complain, vent her anger, and have the slightest trace of a smile on her face while she was with the man that is said to be her uncle.

”…… What the heck!”

Daiki did not dislike the gentle Sora, and it could be said that it was because of that, it made him feel more protective of her. On the other hand, the cheery Sora looks very cute as well. That was what Daiki thought. Furthermore, the smile that Sora gave when she covered the guy with the blanket……

”Takanashi’s smile…… So cute……”

But when he recalled that the smile was not directed at him, but that annoying man, it filled Daiki with annoyance.

Daiki decided to vent his strong unwillingness on the electric pole beside him.

And of course, the one that would be hurt was Daiki’s leg. The feeling was quite similar to his troubles of love that can’t be expressed to anyone.

”Stupid hentai!”

Just thinking that Sora might be suffering because of illness alone at the hentai’s house made Daiki uncomfortable.

”Though Buchou and Hanamura said that it’s lacking in common sense like this……”

Just taking a look at the situation is probably okay.

”That’s right, yeah!”

Daiki turned around and walked towards the opposite direction. It was because his emotions are too direct that he does not have the remaining energy to think for the others. Just like that, Daiki ran towards Sora’s home without further thought.

The house felt unnaturally silent.

As the house was located at a residential district some distance from the hubbub in Ikebukuro, it was usually like that.

However, wails or laughter could always be heard in our house, so we usually can’t feel such a silence.

After having lunch, Sora-chan returned to her bedroom to sleep.

Though I wished to change new wet towels or cooling gel sheets for her, getting in her room and seeing Sora-chan’s sleeping look without permission will definitely cause me to face a crisis of cutting off all ties with her. Though it filled me with uneasiness, I still didn’t have the courage to barge in by force.

So that I could hear immediately when Sora-chan speaks, I walked to the second floor.

After that, I walked into Nee-san’s room that is already not a ‘room that can’t be opened’.

In the space where Nee-san’s presence could still be felt, a large amount of clothes were still scattered on the floor without being cleaned up yet. I pushed the clothes to a side slightly, making some space.

Books completely unfamiliar to me filled the bookshelves, and I lost the courage to flip through them after I thought that I might be berated by Sora-chan.

”…… Ahh.”

I found a large photo album between the cabinet and the bookshelf.

The time when the photo appeared was as though Nee-san gave me a hand by my side.

I took the photo album and flipped it open.

…… I became speechless in shock.

Nee-san, what on earth are you……?

Among the large amounts of fancy photos comparable to artists, there were also cuttings of Nee-san on magazines, most probably done by Nii-san. Isn’t he a bit too obsessed with Nee-san?

However, I saw Nee-san’s smiling face, and her happy appearance when she was with her friends as well.

I really…… Couldn’t suppress the smile on my face.

My sister, who lost her parents at an age even younger than me right now, raised me single-handedly.

Even after she married, she chose a man with kids. To be honest, I actually thought for an instant that Nee-san doesn’t really love him, but just married a rich man who can afford my school fees.

As for how much happiness Nee-san actually had, this matter made me feel uneasy in my heart.

”Haha…… As expected of you, Nee-san.”

A person like Nee-san really doesn’t need me to worry for her.

However, I think that I own happiness not inferior to you right now, Nee-san.

That’s why, Nee-san, please help Sora-chan get well soon.

In the photo album, I found a group photo of Hina, Miu-chan, Sora-chan and Nee-san when they were much younger. Probably because he had to take the photo, Nii-san wasn’t in it.

I took out the photo from the photo album, slitting it inside the notebook that I usually bring along.

Feeling that Nee-san is much closer to me than before made my spirits rise.

The area around my eyes is really hot.

That was the thought that first surfaced when Sora awoke.

”Haa- haa……”

Sora opened her blurry eyes. She slowly looked at her surroundings and found that she was in her own room.

”Ah, that’s right, I came back to my room to sleep.”

As my body temperature seemed to have rose, I went back to my room so that Onii-chan wouldn’t notice.

But at the same time that she lied down on her bed, her originally suppressed discomfort lost control immediately. Though she fell asleep at once, her fever did not have any sign of fading after she woke up.

What a headache. And my body is sticky because of sweat as well.


My head is spinning. The ceiling swirled slowly like a whirlpool.

”But…… I have to…… Change my clothes.”

I slowly got off my bed, grabbing the change of clothes prepared beforehand.

As I didn’t want Onii-chan to notice that my pajamas were drenched in sweat, I frantically pushed my weak body.

”…… If my cold worsens, it cause more troubles for Onii-chan instead…… Seriously, I’m an idiot.”

But when I was sleeping, I seemed to have heard Onii-chan’s voice. While humming something, Onii-chan was doing something in the kitchen, making me laugh. I definitely can’t let Onii-chan know about this, and his humming was somewhat out of tune as well.

”Uuu, it’s such a huge failure this time. Though it’s the first time I did cosplay during the school festival, it turned out like this in the end. When I recover from my illness, I should cook a good meal for them in return……”

One day, I will make an impressive dish, giving Onii-chan a large surprise. One day, it will definitely be possible.

”One day…… I will definitely succeed……”

As I was muttering to myself while taking off my pajamas, I noticed that the ceiling seemed to be swirling.

I picked up a towel used to lower the temperature of my forehead, dabbed it in the washbasin, and immediately felt much better after wiping away the sweat on my body. Though my body was actually hot, a chill came over my back.

…… I just feel…… So cold……

My throat seemed to have turned swollen, even breathing made me feel pain.

While suppressing the feeling of my painful breathing, I lied down on my bed once more. As soon as I closed my eyes, my consciousness faded immediately.

After she went back to her room, Sora-chan didn’t come out.

It was almost time for Miu-chan and Hina to return.

I think I’ll ask Miu-chan to take a look in Sora-chan’s room after she returns.

But since I handed the job of fetching and sending Hina to Miu-chan, it made me worry about her condition as well.

Miu-chan and Hina probably worked too hard for me as well.

If they collapsed because of sickness as well after catching Sora-chan’s cold, what should I do then……? If Hina is sick, the kindergarten would probably inform me, but Miu-chan might just force herself to go on, hiding things from me.

I should have asked Miu-chan to return immediately while I fetch Hina.

The worry in my heart could not be suppressed on the instant when regret welled up. I tried to call Miu-chan’s phone, but I couldn’t get through the line.

That intensified my uneasiness. If Sora-chan is suffering because of her worsening fever as well……

Miu-chan, Sora-chan and Hina.

If all of them are together, I might not be so worried……

Right now, the thing that I am wishing for most is for Sora-chan to recover quickly, seeing the smiles of the three sisters together.

I stood in the corridor where both Sora-chan’s room and the entrance was visible to me and paced anxiously.

Right at that moment, footsteps came from the entrance.

”Miu-chan! Hina!”

I couldn’t help but run towards the entrance, opening the door immediately.


”…… Huh?”

The person who stood at the entrance was neither Miu-chan nor Hina.

”I recall that you are Sora-chan’s classmate, Maeshima-kun, right?”

The boy who specially ran to my house, saying that I’m the reason that Sora-chan couldn’t go back to the Choir Club.

”So sorry, is there anything wrong?”

The reason that my tone was somewhat stiff wasn’t because I’m holding a grudge for the matter before this, mind you.

Yes, I’m not vengeful at all. Of course not! Hahahahaha!

”Because Takanashi took leave, so…… Erm, I’m here to visit her as a representative of the Choir Club.”

Visiting her? So in the middle school nowadays, people would visit the others if they take leave for just a day?

In our time, taking leave for a day or two might even make people suspect that you’re skipping school.

”T- Thank you, but Sora-chan is sleeping right now. Can you come again another time?”

I explained to him in a steady way.

”I want to see her.”

The unyielding boy before me wore a strangely stern expression on his face.

But if you’re speaking of stern expressions, the me right now probably isn’t inferior to him.

”I told you just now. Sora-chan is sleeping right now. Can you please go back?”

”…… Does that mean you’re not letting other people see her?”

”No, I will tell her that you visited.”

”…… That wouldn’t be enough.”

The short haired boy glared at me with what seemed to be a furious gaze.

”Is her illness so serious that you can’t let people visit her? If so, isn’t that more worrisome? I heard that it’s just a slight fever.”

Why is this boy so agitated when he’s speaking to me?

”I’m telling you that she’s sleeping. I can’t just let anyone see a girl’s sleeping face, can I?”

My reasonable explanation seemed to have misled him into a completely mistaken direction instead.

”Y- You saw Takanashi’s sleeping face before this?!”

…… If you really want me to say it, we even slept together in the same room once.

Though Sora-chan wasn’t even willing to let me take care of her in her room today…… I really didn’t wish to talk about that.

Added with the fact that this child scolded me for the Choir Club before this all of a sudden, causing me to have ill feelings for him, more or less, my tone turned sour as well.

”Well of course, we’re living together. I’ve seen her sleeping appearance loads of times.”

Though it only lasted until two months ago!

”U- Unforgivable! Dratted hentai!”

As expected, I seemed to have rubbed him the wrong way.

”You indeed took unforgivable actions on Takanashi, taking advantage of her introverted nature of not knowing how to refuse other people! Stop pestering her!”

His perplexing syllogism made me speechless, but that wasn’t the end of it.

”Since her parents passed away, it was really hard on Takanashi! She always looks tired, and even her grades weakened! She was originally bad at talking with other people, but she actively took part in the activities of the Choir Club! Many people joined the Choir Club just for a chance to talk to her! But she left! Takanashi is so popular that half of the boys in class like her, but she doesn’t know about it at all! Give us back our Takanashi who is beautiful, cute, gentle, listens to the others though she isn’t good at talking, and would smile shyly once in a while!”

Tears glistened in the eyes of the boy who said all that in one go.

Is that true? My view of the boy before me changed completely.

This child likes Sora-chan very much, but he doesn’t know what to do.

But he actually cares for Sora-chan so much.

Relief and guilt welled up in my heart.

Indeed, I cannot provide Sora-chan with a life that is the same as the past.

In the past, Sora-chan didn’t even need to worry about cooking.

She probably didn’t need to take care of her sisters so painstakingly as well.

And matters about money, taking out the trash in the morning, there are so many problems when they are added together.

To Sora-chan, who didn’t complain even once for going to school from Hachiouji, what were her feelings when she left her club? Do I really understand this matter?

For any other middle school students, they don’t need to shoulder a burden like Sora-chan’s at all. Even if their parents pass away, as long as they have a good, reliable guardian……

As I didn’t speak, the boy continued as though he was in pursuit:

”You were the one who gave Takanashi so much trouble! Give Takanashi back to us!”

The voice pierced through me.

Is that true? That shouldn’t be right.

However, even if my mouth tore, I could not say that I took perfect care of her, as I was talking about my cute niece who fell sick because of my incompetence.

Unable to say anything in my defense, it felt like I was the most shameful person in the world.

Sora opened her eyes in the biting frost. Is it so cold at these times? While thinking about that question, the assailing coldness caused her body to tremble repeatedly.

—Ugh…… Why do I feel so cold……?

Feeling uneasy about the situation, Sora tightly covered her body with her blanket, but it could not eliminate the chill completely. Though she covered herself so much.

Perhaps my body temperature is falling as my fever is fading?

While suffering because of the chill and her uneasiness, Sora curled up her body.

She felt like her ears were starting to ring, as though someone were talking from far away.



It was not her ear ringing. There were really people talking.

Sora tried to recall the familiar voice with her fuzzy mind, and she only spoke a sentence in the end.

”…… Onii-chan, it’s so noisy……”

Among the two voices that Sora heard, one of them was indeed Yuuta’s voice.

Though Sora was suffering, she felt relieved on the instant that she heard Yuuta’s voice.

Her Onii-chan is still at her side although he can’t be seen. Thinking that Onii-chan is at a distance where he will approach if she speaks made her feel quite reassured.

Even though Sora is embarrassed of speaking something like ‘I want Onii-chan to stay by my side’, she still wishes to listen to Onii-chan’s voice. Thus, Sora tried to listen to the conversation while thinking of that.

That moment, the voice came into Sora’s ears.

Maeshima Daiki’s accusations intensified.

”I know it all! You’re no uncle at all! You’re just an outsider whose sister married Takanashi’s dad!!”

He is absolutely correct, however……

”But you came here after the parents of the Takanashi died! You’re trying to take advantage of the fact that there are only kids here, winning over the Takanashi who couldn’t refuse you, and then claiming the house for yourself, aren’t you! Isn’t it because of you forcing Takanashi to do chores like cleaning the house and the like, causing her to fall sick in exhaustion!”

”How would I possibly think of something like that! Indeed, I did let Sora-chan cook and so on, but that’s because……”

”See! You’re indeed using Takanashi! You jerk!”

Using…… I did not think of that, and that’s absolutely true.

We are a family who share the same fate, promising to live together.

But the words that this rude boy— Maeshima said, are assessments of the others on me as well.

Perhaps I might seem to be like that in other people’s eyes, as I can’t count as an adult yet. I am also anticipating my birthday, but will things change if I’m over twenty?

”Wait a minute, listen to me, calmly wait until I finish……”

My words. As I was about to say so, a voice came from behind me.

”…… Why is Maeshima-kun over here?”

With her whole face red, Sora-chan stood on the stairs, looking at us in surprise. Her footsteps looked somewhat unsteady. Is she having a fever again?

”Hey! You still can’t get up right now!”

Sora-chan ignored me as I hurriedly ran to her side, and stared directly at Maeshima-kun at the entrance.

”What did you say just now? Maeshima-kun?”

The boy hesitantly shifted his gaze, and then…… He spoke as though he made a strong resolution:

”Takanashi! It’s fine now! You don’t need to care about that guy who made you sick in exhaustion, and just say it directly if you feel dissatisfied!”

”What do you mean by dissatisfaction? Besides, what did you say about an outsider……”

Probably because of her fever, Sora-chan’s appearance when she supported herself on the railing made me worry a lot.

To ease the atmosphere, I tried to interject.

”That doesn’t matter right now. Your cold will worsen if you don’t lie down on your bed, Sora-chan.”

”I cannot lie down now…… Because he spoke of Onii-chan like that just now……!”

Sora-chan walked down the stairs weakly.

”I won’t permit you to speak badly of Onii-chan, Maeshima-kun.”

Sora-chan said while gazing in Maeshima-kun’s eyes, making him visibly troubled.

He probably never saw Sora-chan like this before.

Sora-chan can only relax when she is with her family, while she is extremely introverted outside. But to my knowledge, she is a responsible, tough person who is rather reliable among the three sisters.

”B- But…… This guy is just an unrelated outsider……”

”…… That’s not true!!”

Sora-chan dashed down the stairs while interrupting and ran by my side.

”When the three of us were almost torn apart to be adopted separately, only he was willing to let us live together, and even move to the place he is living! At the moment that we did not know what to know, only Onii-chan was willing to say that among our relatives!”

Sora-chan, who was always gentle in front of her classmates, was then glaring at Maeshima. Her eyes were red, tears welling up as well.

”Onii-chan sheltered us in his cramped apartment meant for one person…… That was the reason we could stay together. As we couldn’t return to this house that time, that was why Onii-chan brought us to his place! He treats us as his family! Because of that, he was even reproached by Oba-san, and kept suffering…… However, even so, Onii-chan didn’t give up on us!”

Sora-chan’s mouth that always seemed rather cute was then showing her displeasure.

Having reddened cheeks and bright eyes gleaming with tears, the angry Sora-chan was both mysterious and beautiful.

”It was all thanks to Onii-chan that…… We- We could return to this house, living a life of four together like this. Though Miu and I are indeed unrelated to Onii-chan by blood, even so…… He is not an outsider! I know that he kept doing odd jobs no matter how much he suffered! I know that he kept working hard just for us! Today, he stayed at home without going to school just to take care of me, just for me! Why must such a great Onii-chan be scolded by you like this! Onii-chan is one of my beloved family members! That’s why…… That’s why…… If you say such a thing like that again, I definitely won’t forgive you!!”

”Ta- Takanashi……”

Facing such an agitated Sora-chan for the first time, Maeshima-kun couldn’t help but take half a step back.

”Maeshima-kun…… I definitely, definitely won’t forgive you!”

Sora-chan shouted with tears in her eyes.

I’m very happy, I’m really very happy. Having Sora-chan say that I’m her family made me really happy, but……

”Takanashi…… I- I don’t mean that…… I……”

Maeshima-kun fell into a daze in shock. Sora-chan, he’s actually worried about you as well, though his way of doing it isn’t too good. I think that I can understand how he feels more or less. Since he’s a boy after all, he wishes to protect the things that he treasures. But compared with that, compared with anything else, the most important thing right now is Sora-chan’s health……!

”Huff! Huff……!”

Sora-chan’s breathing was extremely ragged.

”Sora-chan, please calm down for a moment, you’ve just recovered from your illness.”

”It’s okay, I…… Ahh!”

Before even finishing her words, she became unsteady. She suddenly collapsed as her legs went limp!


”…… Huff! Huff…… Ahh.”

I hurriedly dashed forward to catch her a moment before she fell on the floor.

”…… Eh?”

Wait a minute, what’s with this!

”Sora-chan! Why are you so hot!”

I placed my hand on her forehead, and realized that she was overwhelmingly hot. How can this be? When did this start?

”Onii, chan……”

Sora-chan called me weakly in my lap. Her burning body didn’t even have the energy to support herself, and she could only lie down weakly on me.

”Sora-chan! Oi! Sora-chan……!”

As though she was answering me, she gave me a faint smile while looking in my eyes, closing her eyes right after that.

”So- Sora————!”

I carried Sora-chan’s light body, and dashed towards the streets that had already descended into darkness after bumping the boy away.

That moment, I didn’t have time to consider anything else.

Kitahara Shiori opened her front door, secretly observing what occurred outside.

Because what seemed to be a middle school boy entered the house where a beast dwells.

Being curious, Shiori took a look from the seams of the door and immediately heard sounds of argument.

”…… That guy really can’t be trusted!”

At the moment when Shiori said those words……

The door of the Takanashi residence opened suddenly.


The scene before her made her cry out loud.

”Sora-chan, I’ll bring you to the doctor’s right away!”

She saw the man shouting something while dashing outside with the girl in his hands.

Perhaps…… The beast finally extended his evil claws towards the girl?

”A- A thing like this, I definitely won’t let you go free!”

I understood my helplessness once more.

”Hospital! Where’s the closest hospital here!”

Though I was asking myself about that, I never once checked out the location of the nearby hospitals at all.

Ahhh! Blast! How can I be so stupid!

When Sora-chan first fell sick, shouldn’t I have checked out about these matters first? It’s because of that that I can’t be a competent guardian of the three sisters.

However, this isn’t a time for me to repent. Even though I’m so shameful, Sora-chan who was in my lap still chose to depend on a person like me. I must save Sora-chan! I must save her no matter what.

”Hospital…… Doctor! Where are they!”

Although I dashed out of the house, should I turn right after this? Or is it left!?

Since this place is at the center of the city, bringing her to a hospital nearby would definitely be faster than calling the ambulance.

Just when I was biting my lip, looking around me……

”This ends here! You beast!”


A girl suddenly appeared before me. It was the neighbor who lives opposite to us.

”Let go of that child———! Beast—!”

”Just as well, hurry up and tell me! Where’s the nearest hospital!?”

The both of us spoke at the same time, and our voices overlapped.


”I said, the hospital!”

I didn’t hear clearly what the girl said just now, but I didn’t have the mood to care about that as well.

”N- No, what I’m saying is, you extended your evil claws to the child…… Errr, eh?”

”Say it some time after this, just tell me where the hospital is right now! Sora-chan is having a serious fever! Please! Hurry up and tell me!!”

Holding Sora-chan in my lap, I questioned the high school girl that I saw only a few times.

”Err…… W- Well…… As I was saying…… Errr. That’s why…… Isn’t that right?”

”I’m asking you where the hospital is! Right? Left? Which way should I go!?”

”No, what are you planning to do with her……”

”Didn’t I already say that I’m bringing Sora-chan to the hospital! Please, hurry up and tell me where the hospital is!”

Bearing Sora-chan’s weight made my shoeless feet suffer on the asphalt road.

But I did not have the time to care about that, as I was just worried of Sora-chan.

”Huff! Huff……”

The pained breathing from Sora-chan tightly tugged at my heart.

Please, hurry up and tell me where the hospital is!

The girl whose eyes were widened in shock before me finally spoke after looking at my and Sora-chan’s expressions in turn.

”I- If you’re looking for the hospital, go straight from this road, turn right when you reach the entrance of the hotel, and then…… Look to your left…… A- Anyways, just look to the alley on your left, and you can see the signboard!”

”Go straight and turn right at the hotel! Then look for the signboard of a hospital in an alley on the left, right?”

”Mnn, that’s right!”

”Thank you!”

I immediately dashed forward without looking back.

Go straight, turn right, go left.

I ran with the speed that definitely broke the fastest record in my life.

Sora-chan’s body was light as a feather.

It was with a body like this that she supported me until now?

I never thought that Sora-chan would cause me so much discomfort just by falling sick.

I ran with my life.

Just at that moment, I heard a weak moan.

”Mo…… ther……”

That was the first time I heard the word from Sora-chan.

My first time.

Just now, she called for her mother.

That’s quite reasonable! She’s just fourteen!

I tried to suppress my tears that almost trickled down my face.

Just imagining about Sora-chan’s emotions……. Imagining the emotions that she kept suppressing, my whole heart tightened.

How long did she suppress it?

I tightly hugged her light, slender body.

”Sora-chan…… I- I will definitely protect you!”

I can only help Sora-chan do one thing for Nee-san and Nii-san.

That is— never release my hands.

While being immersed in a fluffy feeling, Sora had a dream.

A dream that she had from the time she was little.

I arrived in this world, but my biological mother already passed away when I was little.

My new mother got along with me quite well, and then Miu was born. We were very happy, but……

My second mother left without saying anything one day, not returning ever again.

After that, I met Yuri-san.

Her age was closer to me than my father, and was a beautiful person easy to get along with.

It might be because of that that I did not call her ‘Mother’.

On the day when we met for the first time, Yuri-san already told me:

”Call me mother in the future.”

However, I never did do that.

After that, I never had the chance to call her that as well.

Even though she treasured me so much.

And I couldn’t even thank her for the cosplay costume.

To compensate for all this, I hope that I can become someone like Yuri-san.

So that everyone would not cry anymore.

After all, I am a person who is already used to not having a mother.

That’s why it’s fine for me, I can go on.

Isn’t that right? Mother…… Mo……ther.

The touch of the arms hugging me gently.

The heartbeat, panting and smell that she likes the most.

All of it gave her a strange sense of comfort, a mystifying sense of happiness.

Because she knows that someone is protecting her.

Her mother who looks after her from heaven, and her Onii-chan who is somewhat unreliable, but still very considerate.

The high school girl might be a defender of justice who always cared for us.

That was probably the first time in my whole life that I was thankful for such a simple news. When I saw the signboard of Ikebukuro Kumagaya Hospital appear before my eyes, I dashed over with a speed that broke my fastest record yet again, rushing into the building.

”I’m sorry— She- She’s having a serious fever!”

I arrived at a place that seemed to be a district hospital, dashed towards the counter and said to a female that looked like a nurse.

”Err, wait a minute, and you are……?”

”She’s burning up! She collapsed yesterday as well, and although she was somewhat energetic during noon, it turned out like this now……! Please, please save her! I will do anything if you will save her!”

”Are you her brother? Please calm down. Can you first fill in the form and show your medical card?”

”Dawdling like this, what if anything happens to Sora-chan—! Hurry up and call the doctor! Please!”

”Err, no, please listen to me……!”

”Can’t you just hurry up! She already lost consciousness!”

Ugh, why did I meet such an unreasonable person!

”It’s useless even if you feel that I am unreasonable, that that’s my line, seriously! You’re just like the father of the Takanashi family…… Err, eh? Isn’t that child Sora, daughter of Takanashi-san?”


”Oi, oi, what’s with the ruckus in the waiting room?”

An old man clad in a white robe walked out from the door behind the counter.

”Are you a doctor! You probably are, aren’t you!”

In such a situation, if he’s only a geezer who likes to cosplay in white robes, I will definitely go mad!

”Please take a look at Sora-chan! She just fainted! It might be a very serious illness!”

”In any case, please calm down , mister. I really wish to say that you’ll have to go through the necessary procedures first, as this is a hospital after all, however…… Since I looked after Sora-chan from the time she was little, so I’ll make an exception this time.”

After saying that, a smile appeared on the old doctor’s face, and slowly extended his hands towards Sora-chan in my hands. The doctor made Sora-chan open her mouth, and looked at into her throat.

”Let’s see, ahh~”

What do you think you’re doing to our child! Old geezer!!

”The tonsils are swollen, so it’s probably that.”

”W- What is that!”

”—— It’s just a normal flu.”


My jaw dropped in shock.

”B- But she suddenly got weak and collapsed, and she’s burning up as well!”

”She has fever because her tonsils are swollen, while of course she will feel weak when she’s having a fever. And when you said suddenly, it probably isn’t a drastic change that happened a minute or two before this, is it? Is it because she forced herself to do something, and had slight anemia? Do you have any impression of this?”

”…… Errr, ahh.”

Actually, Sora-chan did say that she was tired, and went back to sleep…… Perhaps her temperature got up from that time!?

And she got down all of a sudden, and was so agitated as well……

”Sora-chan, look at me. Can you speak of your condition right now?”

”…… Uuu……. Uuu.”

Sora-chan made a noise.

”Sora-chan! Are you okay!?”

”…… Mnn, I’m fine.”

Though her breathing was somewhat ragged, Sora-chan still answered clearly.

”In any case, I’ll do a proper diagnosis on Sora-chan first. Can you help carry Sora-chan to the doctor’s room?”


I tightly held Sora-chan and followed the old, white-haired doctor.

The time that the doors of the hospital were roughly pushed open was after over ten minutes.

”Is Onee-chan okay?”

”Huff…… Huff…… Primary students right now, run really quickly…… Uwaa!”

The ones who forcefully pushed the doors open and dashed inside were Miu-chan and the mysterious high school girl before this.

”Nee-tan! Oi-tan!”

And also Hina.

”…… Why is the runt so heavy! Since you’re a runt, shouldn’t you be lighter! And also, shouldn’t you wait for me a bit! I’m not familiar with this area after all!”

Apart from that, the sweaty Maeshima-kun who carried Hina here on his back was present as well.

”Come here, Hina.”


Using Maeshima-kun’s back as a springboard, Hina pounced at me. Okay, I caught you. And also, a mid air hug like this has a large impact, so don’t do that next time.

”Cough! Cough! Don’t step on my back! Runt!”

Actually calling our cute Hina a runt, this guy is really impolite.

”Oji-san, seriously. We saw that the front door was wide open as soon as we returned, while Onee-chan’s classmate was standing there in a daze, and Shiori-san was standing in front of our house, flustered, as well. You should be calmer when you go out next time.”

With her hands on her hip, Miu-chan berated me. Having her say that to me made me remember that I did forget to lock the front door, and I seemed to have left Maeshima-kun over there as well. And also, did I just hear the name of the high school girl for the first time?

”Shiori-san who lived opposite to us told us that you’re bringing Onee-chan to the hospital, so that’s why Hina and I came over here…… How is Onee-chan right now?”

After her scolding, Miu-chan asked with worry.

”Sorry for causing things to turn out like this…… It seems like Sora-chan is okay.”

While holding Hina, I apologized to Miu-chan with my head lowered.

From various aspects, I already let them down.

After all, I was the one who caused them to overwork, and also…… Even if I was stopped by Sora-chan, I should have confirmed her condition in her room before this.

”Then how is Onee-chan’s fever……? She doesn’t need to stay in the hospital, does she?”

”She’s not in such a serious condition. I gave her an injection to lower her temperature, so she can go back with you after a small rest. Taking two or three days of medicine will make her as fine as a fiddle.”

Having finished his diagnosis, the doctor came to our side and explained to us. That person seemed to have started the hospital here from a long time ago, and was Sora-chan, Miu-chan, and Hina’s family doctor as well.

”Is that so….. That’s great.”


Miu-chan and Hina held each other’s hands happily.

On the way from the house to here, they were probably quite worried.

As soon as I thought of the bond between the three sisters, I understood how heavy the situation this time was as well, as a guardian.

”Sora-chan is already awake, so you can go in and see her now.”

After hearing the doctor say that leisurely, we walked towards the ward.

”E- Erm……”

Having a look of hesitance and naivety on his face, Maeshima-kun halted me.

After that, he lowered his head while facing me as though he made a strong resolution.

”E- Erm…… Very sorry for just now, and for the time before this as well.”

It seems like his misunderstanding on me lessened slightly.

”C- Can I…… This time, can I…… visit her as well?”

His wording became steadier as well.

That’s not really strange. Being berated by Sora-chan like that, he probably can’t go to sleep this night if I let him go back like this.

Sora-chan as well, though she did it for my sake, she really did say too much……

It can’t be helped, I’ll spare him today then!

I nodded to Maeshima-kun, and he brightened immediately.

…… What an innocent child. Well…… Being upright to this extent, it’s hard for me to bear a grudge on him as well.

However, it’s just for today.

Starting from tomorrow, all the guys that have evil thoughts cannot get near to our Sora-chan!

Sora-chan rested in the small lounge by the doctor’s room. Probably because she heard our voices in the waiting room, she was not surprised even though so many people appeared before her.

”Errr…… Sorry for giving everyone so much trouble. It seems like my cold worsened because I did not rest properly.”

”That’s why~ Seriously. Though you might be very happy while being alone with Oji-san, you still have to be more careful, Onee-chan.”

”W- Wait a minute! Miu!”

”Indeed, it’s because I wasn’t careful enough as well. Sorry, Sora-chan.”

”…… That’s not it, this isn’t, Onii-chan’s fault……”

Sora-chan’s cheeks reddened slightly, and she lowered her head.

At that moment, Maeshima-kun walked before Sora-chan.

”Takanashi…… Erm, I……”

”Just now…… Erm…… I’m sorry for shouting at you so loudly.”

After seeing Maeshima-kun, Sora-chan’s head lowered even more.

”S- Something like that…… Doesn’t matter. I- I was…... at fault as well.”

”Erm…... Mnn, since you know it…… It’s fine then.”

Sora-chan smiled somewhat shyly.

”You’re here to visit me, right…… Thank you, Maeshima-kun.”

He brightened just because Sora-chan called his name.

…… Wait a minute, Sora-chan, aren’t you treating him a bit too kindly?

After that, the mysterious high school girl who was looking at all this by us spoke:

”Erm…… I have a question, who is this person?”

”Ehh……? Shiori-san, you don’t know?”

Both Sora-chan and Miu-chan looked rather surprised.

To me, knowing that everyone knows this girl made me more surprised instead.

”Erm…… He’s my relative…… A person equal to my uncle……”

Sora-chan shortly explained the situation to the girl.

”I- Is that so…… I- I even thought……”

Seeing Shiori-san’s embarrassed look made Miu-chan even more mystified.

”…… What did you think?”

”Ah, Ahaha…… N- Nothing much. B- B- But it was really hard on you three!”

Shiori-san, who seemed to have known Miu-chan for a long time now, gently stroked her head.

”…… Sora-chan, speaking of which, if you are suffering or feel tired, you can’t force yourself like this, just tell me honestly. You can keep secrets for me in many aspects, but…… If you keep even a thing like this secret, I will be very troubled.”

”…… Mnn, I’m sorry.”

Sora-chan said with her whole face red and head lowered.

I think that we can all have things that we can say and can’t say.

But if that causes us to be unable to understand each other, it will definitely not be something good.

No matter how many secrets that shocks the others we keep, we will definitely not be separated…… I think, that is how family should be.

”Secwet? Nee-tan has a secwet! Hina wants to know!”

Hearing our conversation, Hina said while catching hold of Sora-chan.

”…… The thing is, Onee-chan likes Hina and Miu the most.”

After hearing Sora-chan say that, Hina started to laugh happily.

”That’s not a secwet. Hina knows that! Hina likes Sora Nee-tan and Miu Nee-tan, and likes Oi-tan the most as well!”

Hina clasped Sora-chan and my necks and pulled us together.

”Ah~ That’s so sly~”

After saying that, Miu-chan hugged Hina as well.

This feeling…… Makes me feel so happy.

However, I forgot that two defenders of justice were looking at the happy scene at a side.

” “So he’s really a hentai!?” “

The two exchanged gazes and reached a consensus.

The doubt that gradually faded in their hearts blazed once more……

They decided to form an alliance to protect Sora and the others from the hentai’s evil claws, but that would be a story some time after they left the ward.

After the touching scene of the family reaffirming their love for each other ended, the doctor approached and said:

”That’s right, it seems like the matter has ended now. Can you allow me to say something?”

”Ah, is there anything wrong, doctor?”

”Mister, it seems like you were in somewhat of a hurry just now.”


”Isn’t it about time for you to take a look at your feet?”

After the doctor said that with a smile on his face, I hurriedly shifted my gaze to my feet. What I saw were my own feet.

”…… Gah!”

My feet were absolutely filthy, being wholly stained black.

That’s right, as I hurriedly ran out of the house that time…… I forgot to wear any shoes.

Of course, since asphalt had been spread on each road, they weren’t dirty to the extent of being muddy, but basically, running on the road in only socks still wouldn’t do.

If so, the legs would be extremely filthy, just like my feet are right now. Furthermore, the aftereffects of wearing pitch black socks indoors are shown on the corridors before me.

”Sora-chan’s brother, here, take this.”

The nurse handed me something with a smile, while I reflexively took it. It was……

”So I’ll count on you to mop the floor clean then~”

”Oji-san, you should have at least wore shoes. And also, you have to bring the medical card when you go to the hospital.”

After saying that, Miu-chan took out a medical card from her pocket.

I really embarrassed myself completely.

”Oi-tan’s socks are dirty!”

Yes, you’re right. My apologies.

Just like that, before I brought Sora-chan and the others home……

As a punishment for dirtying the hospital that should be clean, I worked hard to clean up the corridors with a mop.


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