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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 2 - Epilogue

After a few days of not going to school, the school felt like a completely different place.

The reason that I feel that it’s different, is probably because of a change in myself as well.

Thinking of that, courage slightly welled up inside her heart.

”…… Okay.”

After encouraging herself in a low voice, Sora opened the door to the music room.


As soon as she saw Sora’s silhouette, Kiyomi cried out in surprise.

Kiyomi quickly ran towards Sora.

”H- How are you!? Are you fine already?”

”Yes, thanks to everyone, I’ve recovered from my illness already.”

”Is that so…… That’s great. I was so worried about you.”

Kiyomi said with relief.

”Didn’t someone just plan that she’ll drag Takanashi-san back to the club in the name of visiting her if she takes leave for another day? Saying something like it’s easier to make her sign when she’s having a fever.”

”Shut up, Tani!”

Shuuji did not care about Kiyomi’s appearance of wanting to pounce on him at any moment, and continued:

”During the time that Takanashi-san wasn’t here, Daiki was quite restless.”

”Sh- Shuuji!”

Hearing Shuuji’s words, Daiki who was at a side hurriedly flailed his arms in protest, and the more surprising thing was, Sora actually walked to Daiki herself. Her expression seemed to be somewhat different from the past.

”Maeshima-kun, thank you.”

”Ehh…… Why……”

”Because you kept worrying for me.”

”N- Not really, I wasn’t really worried or anything.”

Daiki turned his face away in slight embarrassment.

”If you are willing to return to the Choir Club, I……”

Daiki suddenly fell into a daze. The one that came into his view was Sora, who was bathed in gentle sunlight, wearing a smile on her face. It was a very natural smile that was even gentler than the sunlight.

For some reason, the Sora today is different from the past, the shy atmosphere surrounding her completely disappeared.

However, the Sora right now is far more natural than before…… And compared with the past…… Far more beautiful.

Daiki suddenly forgot what he was about to say, blankly staring at the smile before him.

Can anyone fall in love with the same person for the second time?

But that moment, Maeshima Daiki did indeed fall in love.

”Even so, thank you…… Thanks to you, I’ve decided now.”

Sora turned around, saying to everyone in the music room:

”Please allow me to join the Choir Club once more.”

Today, I decided to dine outside with everyone to celebrate Sora-chan’s recovery.

The reason that I decided to do that was because I think that the time when a family gathers and heads to a place is very important.

That’s why, after we waited for everyone to return home, we went to a nearby family restaurant to have dinner.

”Ah, so you returned to the Choir Club. I’ll try to return home earlier then.”

”Everyone told me ‘Welcome back’, it made me so happy.”

Sora-chan said with mixed feelings.

”That’s great, Onee-chan.”

”Nee-tan is gweat!”

Sora-chan looked somewhat embarrassed.

”Even so, it’s all thanks to Shiori-san being willing to help out as well.”

”Hina like Shiori-san as well!”

That’s right. For some reason, Shiori-san furiously came to our house for some reason, agreeing to fetch Hina when we can’t do it, and was willing to take care of Hina until someone returns as well.

Though we refused adamantly as we didn’t want to trouble them, we still accepted her kindness in the end as her parents agreed strongly to it, visiting us to give advice as well.

We found out along the way that the parents living opposite to our house felt lonely after their children grew up, and Shiori-san’s mother was a kindergarten teacher as well, she likes to play with children and seemed to have a good relationship with Nee-san as well.

”Really…… Because of everyone’s help, we finally found a solution.”

My heart was filled with gratitude.

”However, that troubled someone as well.”

Sora-chan said that with a wry smile. I shifted my gaze towards her, hoping for her to continue.

However, she just smiled meaningfully while saying:

”…… That’s a secret. I will lock up Onee-chan’s room again, and let the secret stay a secret……I’m counting on you.”

Since Sora-chan said that, that’s that. After all, girls are always full of secrets.

Sora’s secret is actually like this.

”Ehhhhhh!? Why do you have this!”

”My brother got this from his kouhai. He’s somewhat useful sometimes.”

Hanamura Youko said while waving the photo in her hands.

The photo was of the first cosplay that Sora did.

”W- Wait a minute! A- At least don’t take it to school……”

”Why? It looks great. You can definitely become a top cosplayer at a national level.”

”I’m not interested in that……”

Just resolving to battle her introversion and returning to the Choir Club gave Sora a headache.

On the other hand, Youko smiled deviously as though she saw through all of that.

”Then let’s make a deal, Takanashi…… No, Sora-san. How about you join my club as well?”

”Eh? Your club?”

”I joined both the Literary Club and the Choir Club. I won’t ask you to show up at the Literary Club every day, just recess time would be enough.”

”T- That’s not a problem, but…… Why a person like me……”

”Hoho, the Literary Club wants beauties as well…… That was a joke. Because you seem to be one of us.”

After saying that, Youko took out the continuation of a manga on Sora’s bookshelf.

”Let us build a good relationship. I will teach you much more after this.”

It seems like a person who teaches Sora information about cosplay and manga in place of Yuri appeared just like that.

We returned home after dining at the family restaurant, and when I opened the door happily—

”Welcome home, Yuuta-san.”

That person appeared before my eyes.


I couldn’t help but moan. Sigh…… It was the person that I did not want to meet the most.

And also, a visible frown was on Oba-san’s face, whose appearance was already stern usually. It made me feel like escaping to a deserted island in the south.

”It seems like there is a reason for the house being empty.”

Oba-san said after glancing at Sora-chan behind me.

”I agree that it was a very hassling situation, but…… How can you explain the house being as messy as this!”

Oba-san’s finger was pointed at the living room messy because of the various objects scattered there. During the few days that Sora-chan fell sick, the house was indeed quite messy, though being busy taking care of Sora-chan is one of the reasons, it was also retribution for causing Sora-chan to overwork.

”Oba-san, please let me explain, this is actually…… Err……”

“Stop that nonsense and clean up immediately!”

My excuse was shot down like paper before Oba-san’s scoldings.

”Sigh…… What was I thinking……”

While mopping the floor, I couldn’t help but sigh.

”It had been awhile since we were so happy as we went for dinner together……”

”Onii-chan, it’ll be bad if Oba-san hears that.”

”It’s okay, nothing would happen.”

Besides, Oba-san should be checking on Miu-chan’s performance in the bathroom as well.

Thinking that Miu-chan had to wash the bathtub while being stared at by Oba-san from the back made me pity her.

”That’s right. I have something I want to tell you, Onii-chan.”

”Mnn? What is it?”

I frantically washed the stains that I could see on the floor while saying leisurely.

”Thank you, Onii-chan. And also—“

”Eh? What did you say just now……”

The words that I did not hear clearly caused me to turn around and ask.

And the smile that I saw that moment would probably be the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my whole life.

”No, nothing. Hurry up and finish it. If we loaf off, we’ll get scolded again.”

Seeing the sweet smile that Sora-chan gave me like never before, my heart couldn’t help but race. So that Sora-chan wouldn’t notice it, I could only try to bury myself in the cleaning. It seems like I have another secret as well.

”Onii-chan is an idiot.”

After saying that, Sora kept her most important secret that hasn’t been noticed yet in her heart, locking it up. That’s right, about Yuuta, Sora is actually—


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