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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 2 - Chapter 5

”Please have some tea.”

Seeing me serve her some tea, Oba-san thanked me and sipped some tea with slow movements.

After awhile, Oba-san spoke:

”And the boy just now is……?”

”Ah…… Err, he’s Sora-chan’s friend.”

It seems like Oba-san saw it all.

As it was useless to hide it, I decided to answer honestly.

”I’m not sure about what he means as well, so most of this is my own assumptions…… He seems to think that it’s because of me that Sora-chan can’t return to her club.”

”Is that so……”

After saying that, Oba-san sipped some more tea.

”In any case, let’s not talk about that today.”

As usually, Oba-san still handles things so clearly.

”Today, I am here to check the condition of your house.”

When she finished, Oba-san glanced in the direction of the kitchen.

No matter how you look at it, it’s hard to say that the kitchen is in a clean state.

The chopping board clearly displayed, unwashed cutlery in the sink, while a large pot containing too much miso soup was still on the gas stove.

”Sorry, I should be in charge of clearing away the cutlery."

I gave her a small lie.

However, I still planned to wash it after this anyways.

”Who made the food?”

”Sora-chan is making them recently. Currently, I’m somewhat busy as I have to prepare for a school festival for my college, so Sora-chan volunteered to do the housework.”

”Ah, I see……”

Oba-san’s silence scares me every time.

As Oba-san is in charge of checking on our living conditions for the relatives. She would visit our house a few times each month and sternly point out any mistakes.

”You’ll have to consider the amount of food next time. Even though it is winter, making too much will spoil before you can finish them.”

”Okay…… I will take note of it.”

”You need to take a larger role in the cleaning and washing.”


Judging from Oba-san’s reaction, it seems like we managed to pass somehow.

”Your living conditions are barely adequate, but I have another matter to speak of today……”

After saying that, Oba-san took out a piece of paper from her handbag and placed it before me.

It was a faxed paper that Sora-chan’s class teacher sent. In law, Sora-chan’s official guardian is Nii-san’s elder brother, while the documents that are sent to him would be passed on to Oba-san. From the contents of the paper, it seems like Sora-can often dozed off in class recently.

The school wouldn’t usually inform the guardians about a matter of this extent, but since Sora-chan only faced a large change in her environment recently after all, and added with the fact that she is a serious, dutiful student, the teachers are more concerned about Sora-chan than the other students.

Speaking of which, dozing off, huh…… Is it possible that Sora-chan couldn’t sleep well at all?

Recently, Sora-chan even helped out with making bento, so it might have been too hard on her.

”Yuuta-san, you have to be more aware of these things.”

”I understand.”

After finishing her explanation, Oba-san left very quickly.

After that, I headed to my college after clearing away the unwashed cutlery.

After the school festival ends, I’ll let Sora-chan rest properly for awhile.

And I’ll have to talk things out with Sora-chan about the matter of the child called Maeshima coming over to our house, and about the Choir Club.

And after that, I’ll have to consider more about the distribution of housework to reduce Sora-chan’s burden.

I’ll have to wait until the school festival ends before I can sort out the myriad of matters.

Just like that, I tossed all of the problems to the back of my mind.

A thick shroud of thick smoke and fragrance enveloped us in happiness.

”I’ll take the piece of meat then!”

Nimura nimbly took away a piece of meat that was grilled just right from the wire gauze.

”Ah! Why you! I was the one who grilled that!”

At the same time that I cried out in protest, Nimura popped the last piece of meat into his mouth as well.

On the day before the school festival, Sako-senpai suddenly treated us to roasted meat for some reason.

Of course, the three sisters were invited as well.

Though activities are held on the previous night of the school festival, the café of Roary opens only tomorrow, so it’s unrelated to us.

Perhaps it’s a reward that senpai gave us beforehand, but of course, it might be because he wants to eat it as well.

”Kaichou, more meat.”

”Oda-kun, aren’t you eating a bit too much since I’m treating? Please be more polite!”

”Say, Sako-san. Miu wants to have more meat as well~”

”Waiter! Roasted meat for three! Quick!”

”Hina, is the roasted meat tasty?”


”There are desserts here as well. There’s mocha, lychee, and vanilla. Since Sako-senpai is treating anyways, let’s just order what we want. Have you eaten almond tofu before, Hina?”

”Segawa-kun, why are even you doing this!”

”Ah~ Miu wants ice cream as well~”

”Waiter! Ice cream! Get me some of every flavor!”

Since it’s been a while since we had yakiniku, and added with the fact that it’s the anticipated school festival tomorrow, it made all of our spirits run high.

”Sora-chan, did you have some?”

”Yes, I did. Anything wrong?”


Oba-san’s words made me worry a little, but seeing Sora-chan’s appetite made me think that I might have thought too much. But still, her face was rather red……

”Kaichou, I want cold noodles.”

”Ah, I’ll have Bibimbap then.”

”Oxtail soup.”

”Y- You all……”

Nimura, Raika-san and I started to order in turn.

”I’ll have hone-tsuki-karubi[1] with rice.”

”Same as Onee-chan’s.”

”Hina wants…… Mnn~ Erm~ Hanburg steak!”

”Fuha…… Fuhahahahahaha! Come! Order whatever you want!”

In the end, Sako-senpai shouted in abandonment.

After leaving the yakiniku shop, Sora-chan and I headed towards Nimura’s place.

On the other hand, Raika-san and Sako-senpai returned to their houses as they lived nearby.

All of us were gorged, and it felt like we ate half a year’s worth of meat.

In contrast, seeing Sako-senpai take out a large wad of ten thousand yens at the counter really makes people feel somewhat sympathetic.

Our plan was to stay overnight at Nimura’s place, finishing the settings of the classroom tomorrow morning.

Thinking of that, it felt somewhat astounding that we actually could do things till such an extent in such a short time.

Plus, even Sora-chan and the others joined us.

Of course, we had the cosplay costumes by our sides as well.

”Here, welcome, welcome.”

As soon as we arrived at the doorstep, Nimura welcomed the girls into the house.

As usual, even Nimura’s small actions were unnecessarily good looking.

”Wow! It’s so nostalgic!”

Miu-chan exclaimed after looking around the room.

”Isn’t saying that it’s nostalgic somewhat…… It’s not even two months since we left this place.”

Sora-chan corrected her. She’s right.

As Nimura changed the decorations somewhat, and because we were really busy, it made us feel that everything was nostalgic that moment.

”Segawa-chan, are you fine with coffee?”

”Anything would do.”

Not long after that, coffee, red tea and hot milk with hot steam wafting from them were placed before us. Nimura skillfully added honey into the girls’ cups.

”How is it? What do you think after returning to this house after some time?”

”Uuu~ Small.”

Miu-chan said directly.

”I really can’t imagine that the four of us could actually live here.”


Indeed, it was as they have said.

Though the occupant changed from me to Nimura, the furnishing of the room changed completely, the size and partitions of the apartment did not change at all.

Although this has changed into a trendy, clean space, it was still a place that we lived at a month ago.

”Ah! Nimura-san, you’re wearing glasses.”

Miu-chan said to Nimura who was holding his own cup while sitting on the floor.

If so, does that mean that he usually wears contact lenses?

”How is it? Do I look more intellectual when I’m wearing glasses?”

”Yes, yes! You look very cool!”

Miu-chan’s reaction was somewhat excited. Well…… It’s a reaction that has no chance of happening on me……

Uuu…… That made me slightly unhappy.

”Sora-chan, what do you think?”


”Oi~ Sora-chan.”

”Eh? Ah, erm…… I think that it looks rather nice.”

Wait a minute, did Sora-chan look at it so much that she went in a trance?

I’m really unhappy.

”Hina~ Come here! Compared with the posturing specky, Hina thinks that Oi-tan is better, right?”


Oh well, it seems like it’s already time for Hina to go to bed.

”Hey, Hina, remember to brush your teeth before you sleep.”


Sora-chan brought the unsteady Hina into the washroom.

That time, even a scene like that was nostalgic.

”Well, Segawa-chan, what are your plans for tomorrow?”

”…… What plans? You are referring to?”

”You’re still so slow, huh. It’s the school festival tomorrow, right? There are activities, right? I’m asking you, who are you going to ask out? We probably won’t stay in the café to work all the time, as it’s our first festival after all.”

”Err…… No, I haven’t……”

”Ah! I want to know as well.”

Miu-chan added after Nimura finished.

”Speaking plainly, I’m asking you if you want to ask Oda-senpai out.”


That hit a sore spot.

To be frank, I did think of asking her out, but I really couldn’t muster the courage when I think that I might get refused.

”In my view, I would recommend Oji-san to ask Onee-chan out.”

”Ask Sora-chan……?”

Sora-chan was coincidentally in the washroom, absent for the moment.

Miu-chan probably took the opportunity to mention about this.

”How is it? Oji-san, do you want to pick Onee-chan, or Raika-san?”

”Segawa-chan, who do you want to ask out?”

The two pressed me like highly coordinated partners.

”I- It’s not the problem of who I want to ask out…… A thing like this……”

”It isn’t good to be so indecisive.”

”Yeah, just like video games, you’ll have to choose one of them when options pop out at a critical moment. If you don’t choose any, both of their goodwill degree will drop.”

”W- What are you talking about!”

With a smile on their faces, they slowly advanced.

”What are you doing?”

With perfect timing, Sora-chan and Hina returned to the living room.

”Okay! This matter ends here! We’ll have to wake up early tomorrow, so sleep, sleep!”

”He made it through, somehow……”

Nimura, I’ll remember you for this. While vowing in my heart to take revenge in the near future, I spread out the mattress that I am going to sleep in that night.

”Can I take a bath first?”

”Sure, Hina almost can’t hold on anymore, so I’ll take a bath after she sleeps.”

That moment, Hina was like a puppet with its strings cut, and nodded her head repeatedly.

”Then I’ll go first~”

Just at that moment, Miu-chan stopped as she was about to walk into the bathroom, turning around to look at Nimura and I.

”And what are you two still doing here?”

”What do you mean?”

Both Nimura and I were in confusion, not comprehending what Miu-chan meant at all.

”I’m going to take a bath, so will the men please get out!”

In the end, the both of us were chased out of the apartment, as in the past.

When the day of the school festival finally arrived, there were magnificent decorations and a myriad of student stalls at the school entrance. The complex designs and clothing that showed off the specialties of the clubs and societies in the school could be seen everywhere in the campus.

We, the Roary, moved the equipments and ingredients into the school early in the morning as well.

Even so, we almost didn’t do anything at all. In truth, it was as usual, four gas stoves, espresso machines, the fridge, coffee beans and other ingredients were set up in the classroom in a flash by a few people who seemed to be strong men that Sako-senpai arranged for.

”Good morning, Sako-senpai!”

”Mnn, thanks for your hard work.”

A few men about two heads taller than Sako-senpai gradually left after greeting him.

I’m really curious about Sako-senpai’s relationship with those men, but I don’t really feel like knowing too much at the same time……

”Well, let us change as well.”


After the hard work ended, it was Nimura and my turn.

This is the time for the results of our special training at Hiromi-chan’s place to be brought into play.

And actually, Hiromi-chan really took care of us.

Facing my clumsy coffee making skills and Nimura’s flirting in the name of greeting customers, not only did Hiromi-chan not get angry or complain, he even taught us cordially and attentively, paying us wages for working for him as well.

Thinking of myself feeling that he’s disgusting the first time I met him made me feel rather ashamed.

If it were to be now, I can even face his actions of liking to touch other people’s body with a smile as well.

”Segawa-kun! Nimura-kun!”

While thinking of that, he suddenly appeared before our eyes.

”Hiromi-chan, why are you……?”

”Well, I miss you two, so…… I just came here somehow.”

Somehow…… Can you stop acting like you’re shy with your hands? It’s horrifying.

”Oh! It’s Hiromi-chan, huh. You’re here as well?”

”Shun-chan, I’m here to help out!”

The two went into a tight embrace the moment that they saw each other.

It really looked nauseating. Okay, I take back what I thought in my heart. I still can’t stand him.

”What is……”

Sora-chan looked at the two in confusion.

”Oh~ Theses girls are so cute.”

Hiromi-chan noticed the three sisters.

”T- They’re my nieces!”

To avoid Hina and the others from being scared by Hiromi-chan’s unique style, I hastily dashed between them.

”U, ugu…… Guwaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

But it was to late. Hina wailed as though she was on fire.

”Oh my! I wonder what’s wrong~ Oh- Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Though he looked like that, Hiromi-chan has the heart of a kind, pure maiden.

When he saw Hina crying, Hiromi-chan immediately tried to comfort Hina.

”Muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Onee-taaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

Probably because the close-up shot of Hiromi was too frightening, Hina started to cry even louder.

”Oh my, what’s the matter?”

Hiromi-chan, who did not realize that it was all because of his appearance, was flustered for quite some time. Sigh…… I really feel somewhat bad about this. That moment, I thought of the matter of Miu-chan and the others getting snatched away by Nimura yesterday night.

That made me vow in my heart to teach Hina the fact of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover, the inside is more important’.

After that, the moment arrived.

The broadcast signifying the start of the school festival rang in the school, and noise rang in the whole campus.

There were shouts of students, visitors from outside, people who just wanted to show off in the hubbub. In the flow of all kinds of people, a lively atmosphere filled Tama Literary College like never before.

Customers arrived immediately at the café that our Roary started as well.

The first customers to arrive were two young ladies.

”Oh my~ Welcome~”

Just like that, Hiromi-chan greeted them before anyone else.


The ladies screamed and ran away, end of story. Our first customers ran away just like that, while the process only took a few seconds.

”Wait a minute, Hiromi-chan! Didn’t we tell you not to come out from inside!”

”I’m sorry, I habitually……”

”Leave it for later, Hiromi-chan. Hurry up and go there!”

I pushed Hiromi-chan from the back, chasing him inside.

”Oh my! You really are rough…… However, a personality like this, I…… Ohoho.”

Can you please stop doing this?

The following customers were females as well.

So that we would succeed, we asked Nimura to stand at the front door.


As we had expected, Nimura quickly led the female customers to their seats.

The harsh training that Nimura went through in Hiromi-chan’s shop seemed to have worked.

And it might just be because of Nimura’s good looking appearance, the two customers stared at Nimura in a daze, ordering in accordance to Nimura’s recommendations.

”Segawa-chan, two red teas, chiffon cake and cheese cake.”

”Okay, got it.”

Nimura was like a duck to water, and also……

”Uwaaa! I- It’s good! What’s with this red tea!”

”The cake is super tasty as well! Wow!? Is this club the Gourmet Club?”

The customers’ limbs shook in excitement.

Hiromi-chan gave me a wink that almost made an obvious sound effect at the temporary kitchen.

As expected of Hiromi-chan, he really is professional, while Nimura’s gigolo treatment wasn’t bad as well.

After the two customers left, not long after that, many customers gradually arrived, probably because the word spread.

When the matter turned out like that, it was somewhat hard for Nimura to do things alone.

”Has Raika-san finished preparations yet? And why is Sora-chan missing as well?”

Speaking of which, I didn’t seem to see either of them after preparations were finished.

”Is there anything wrong?”

Right at that moment, Miu-chan ran over to ask about the situation.

”Have you seen Raika-san and the others? We almost can’t handle things anymore.”

”Oh, Raika-san will be here very quic…....”

At that moment, an obvious exclamation came from the corridors.

As I was wondering about the situation, the exclamations gradually came closer.

And the reason for the screams…… Or I should say, the identity of the person, arrived before me very quickly.

”Sorry for the wait.”

It was Raika-san.

But the clothes that she was wearing were not the plain student attire that she usually wears, but what they call as a bunny costume. And it was definitely the most awesome bunny girl with huge breasts in the whole universe.

”R- Raika-san……”

I understand now. I finally understood the reason for the screams just now. She probably wore the provocative, or I should say lethal costume, walking from the dressing room to this place.

”How is it?”

Raika-san asked in a cool manner as usual.

”Ah! Err…… You look…… good.”

Giving a huge effort, I forced out those few words.

However, Raika-san seemed to be unsatisfied with my reaction, and deliberately lifted her ample breasts before me.

”Look, these are the huge breasts that you want so much, Or will only cat ears do the job?”

Raika-san…… Can you please be more conscious of the fact that you’re a striking beauty?

Instead of saying that I got a great deal, such a development was more like I was treated like a fool.

”Meow, meow, how is this?”


Wearing a bunny girl costume, Raika-san raised her hands to her ears and posed as a cat.

How can this be! This is just plain cheating! I’m almost having a nosebleed!

”Oi~ Segawa-cha~n. Please ask Oda-senpai to serve the customers~”

Nimura couldn’t help but complain.

”Okay, time for reward ends now.”

The striking bunny girl started to serve the customers, not concealing her bobbing breast.

Uuu~ Thinking that other men could see senpai’s attire really made me unhappy.

It’s a reward that I got for trying hard to convince my cute nieces……

”…… Onii-chan is an idiot.”


Suddenly feeling waves of anger nearby, I hurriedly turned around to take a look.

As Raika-san’s appearance caused me to fall into a daze, I did not notice at all that from god knows when, Sora-chan was already standing by my side, wearing her cosplay costume and a grumpy expression.

Seeing Sora-chan’s look away with her angry expression really made me feel bad.

”S- Sora-chan……”

”Hmph! I’m not a beauty like Raika-san anyways, and my breasts aren’t large……”

It seems like I completely angered Sora-chan.

I hurriedly waved my hands while explaining:

”H- How can you say that! Sora-chan is very cute as well!”

Though I didn’t notice for a moment because of the large-breasted bunny girl assault, as expected of Nee-san’s specially made clothes, the costume on Sora-chan looked really good.

It was totally a costume made just for Sora-chan.

I wasn’t too familiar with anime, so I wasn’t too sure what anime it came from, but the character that Nee-san chose probably brought out Sora-chan’s personal charm completely. Not exposing too much, I believe the introverted Sora-chan wouldn’t be too pressured while wearing it, and a male guardian like me or Shingo-san can let Sora-chan wear the costume without worrying too much as well.

To be honest, if Sora-chan wants to wear a bunny costume, I probably would have stopped her.

Wishing to see Raika-san in a bunny costume, but not willing for Sora-chan to do it, what contradictory thoughts I have.

Does this count as me starting to think as a parent?


That moment, Sora-chan lowered her head in a lack of confidence.

”No, there’s no such thing. Sora-chan, you look great in that.”

”………… Really?”

”I’m a person that doesn’t know how to lie from the start.”

”…… Ehehe~”

Though she was a bit shy, a smile appeared on Sora-chan’s face as well.

Mnn, for an expression like this, Sora-chan isn’t inferior at all when compared to Raika-san.

While Hina started to protest at a side as well.

”Oi-tan! What about Hina? What about Hina!”

”Ohh! Hina is very cute as well!”

Hina was wearing the bunny costume that she wore last time.

Accompanied with the innocence of a three year old, the cuteness of the costume was tremendous.

”Okay, Hina. Both you and Sora-chan stand at the entrance, showing off all of your cuteness.”

”Roger! Let’s go! Nee-tan!”

After saluting me, Hina grabbed Sora-chan’s hands, dragging the hesitating Sora-chan to the entrance.

We’ll probably be extremely busy now.

”Ahh! Okay, okay. It’s about time for me to change as well.”

Miu-chan said at a side. As she was helping Nimura out, she hasn't had a chance to change yet.

”Wait a minute! Miu-sama, please wait for a moment!”

Sako-senpai, who disappeared during the period of time, suddenly reappeared.

And the way senpai appeared was like he suddenly appeared out of thin air.

”Senpai, where on earth did you run off to? We’re really busy over here!”

”Okay! Please look over here!”

Sako-senpai completely ignored my words.

He just used his new digital camera to take photos of Miu-chan non-stop.

”Would that be fine?”

”Good! Excellent! Miu-sama is the best!”

Are you a photographer?

"Err~ I still haven’t changed yet.”

Though that was what Miu-chan said, she still started to pose professionally.

I really don’t know whether to say that she’s experienced or what…… Miu-chan did not have Sora-chan’s shyness at all, fully expressing a commanding presence, so people would probably believe it if others say that she’s an idol taking pictures for a photo album.

”Okay! Thank you! Please change into the next set of clothes!”

After saying that, Sako-senpai took out a huge bag.

A huge assortment of cosplay clothes was filled in the bag.

”All of these suits Miu-sama! Please choose whichever you like!”

…… Senpai, can you first explain how you found out about the size of our Miu-chan’s clothes? Probably because she felt the waves of anger I was emitting, Miu-chan said with a wry smile:

”These are probably the same size as the clothes that I borrowed during Hina’s talent show last time, right? Thank you. Well…… Which one should I choose?”

Ah, so Miu-chan told senpai that time! But don’t think I will let it go so easily, what’s with the matter of you having so many clothes of that size! This person is dangerous!

”If Miu-sama is willing to try more of the clothes, my hard preparations will all pay off.”

”…… Miu-chan, just burn the clothes that you wore if you don’t want them, or at least return them after washing them. Remember not to give it back to senpai directly.”


”W- Wait a minute! Segawa-kun, please cut me some slack!”

Leaving Sako-senpai calling fairy, angel and the like at a side, Miu-chan walked quickly away to change.

After that, a legendary prelude started.

”Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to start the photography session of the cosplay café presented by the Road Observation Club. Models, enter!”

After Nimura’s introductions, cheers gradually rang, while the atmosphere in the classroom got lively in an instant.

”Fuu…… My plan is flawless, look at this scene, this is our victory!”

If we disregard the club president who being happy alone over there, the scene before my eyes is truly touching to me.

Though Sora-chan was rather shy, she still started to pose on the stage.

Nee-san was doing the same thing as well, huh. Being bathed in the non-stop flashing lights, they looked rather happy. Miu-chan presented her perfect smile, Hina posed as a mascot, showering us with her lethal cuteness, while Raika-san who posed as a huge-breasted bunny girl stood with them as well.

The matter that was worth a mention was that Raika-san emitted an enchanting presence while being intoxicated with the cosplay of the three sisters. I should say that, senpai was so enchanting that she was like a whole different person.

Her usually expressionless facial muscles seemed to have relaxed about four centimeters, and even I could see the flush on senpai’s face.

The photography session started.

Starting from goodness knows when, people similar to Sako-senpai gathered around.

”Sorry, please look at the camera here!”

”Eh!? L- Like this?”

Click, click!

”Please look over here next!”

”Oh, okay!”

Click, click!

”O- Onii-chan! W- What should I do now!”

”Just do your best.”


Even if I want to stop them, there were just too many people. It turned into a photography session where people squeezed into a crowd.

Nimura turned into a target as well. Well…… Just let them photograph him.

”Miu-sama! So pretty! So innocent! So natural! So excelleeeeeeeeeent—!”

…… Why is Sako-senpai at the photography area as well?

”Me too, I want to join tooooooooooooooo!”

Eh! Hiromi-chan!? Wearing what seemed to be red and white clothes for a singing competition, Hiromi-chan dashed into the photography session, causing the people to cry out loud.

It seemed like the photography session was rather successful, but was somehow treated by the others as an impromptu performance.

As the word spread, the situation the following day was even more hectic, and that was how we got through the feverish two day festival.

Roary should be hosting a café, but it turned into a photography session somehow. We even became the top voted most popular event during the school festival. However, since the event differed from what we applied for at first, we were disqualified. This seemed to make Sako-senpai quite regretful as well. That’s no wonder, as we should have been one of the top stalls because of the taste of our cakes…...

Just like that, though it couldn’t be said everything ran without a hitch, the first school festival of my college life and the first cosplay in Sora-chan’s life ended just like that.

”…… Did you have fun?”

I tried to ask as Sora-chan was preparing to go to change.

After a short time of arranging her thoughts…… Sora-chan smiled.

”…… Mnn, I’ll have to thank Yuri-san for this some time.”

Sora-chan’s words caused my heart to heat up, as those words meant that she believes that Nee-san would still have a chance to reunite with us.

”We’re home.”


Being exceptionally happy, Sora-chan and Hina, who was more energetic than usual, were still rather excited when they arrived home.

That was quite reasonable.

When I think about it, in the few months that we lived together, it doesn’t seem like we had ever went out to have fun before.

To be frank, the school festival was actually quite exhausting, but I’m still happy that Sora-chan and the others took part.

”Phew~ Hina is tired~”

Hina sat on the sofa and hammered her shoulders while saying.

I really wonder where she learned all this from.

”Onii-chan, are you hungry? How about I go make something for you to eat?”

”Ah, I’m really somewhat hungry. But aren’t you tired as well, Sora-chan? Let’s just get delivery today, or eat outside……”

”No, we’ll have to be thriftier. Besides, there are still a lot left in the fridge.”

”Very well, since you say so.”

”Okay, then I’ll go change first.”

After she said that, Sora-chan started to get up from the sofa.

”Eh…… Huh?”

Sora-chan’s body wavered slightly, and she sat back again.


”Eh? I can’t use any force…… And my body feels like it’s floating……”

Sora-chan blinked in surprise.

”Onee-chan, you didn’t come up with a bout of flu or fever, did you?”


”Sora Nee-tan has a fever? Hot?”

”How is that possible? I was still fine just now……”

As Sora-chan was about to stop me, I placed my hand on her forehead. It did feel somewhat hot.

”Here's the thermometer. Onee-chan, let’s have a look.”

Miu-chan immediately took out the thermometer from the first aid kit, handing it to Sora-chan.

”Seriously, you all are just unreasonable.”

Sora-chan popped the thermometer into her mouth reluctantly.

”How is it, Sora-chan.”

”Yef, yef, I’m fofaffy fine.”

”Onee-chan, don’t talk when we’re taking your temperature.”

In between Sora-chan and Miu-chan, I could only feel flustered.

After awhile, the thermometer beeped.

”Nee-chan, look. You really have a fever.”

”Even if it’s a fever, it’s only a slight fever.”

When I had a look, I saw that the thermometer showed 37.5°C. Though I was relieved as it wasn’t a high fever, a fever is still a fever.

”Onee-chan gets fevers easily whenever she plays too much.”

”You’re saying that like I’m still a kid……”

”You’re probably somewhat tired because you were always busy. It’s better if you hurry up and get to bed.”

”Nee-tan is tired? If you don’t sweep, Hina will be angwy.”

”It’s really no big deal, and the dinner……”

Seeing that even Hina started to urge her to rest, Sora-chan threw a tantrum.

”We’ll order delivery for dinner, so just lie down!”

”Onii-chan is just too forceful.”

Though she kept complaining, Sora-chan still got up slowly, being more cautious than before.

”A- Are you okay? Do you need me to carry you to your room?”

”It’s not even a serious illness!”

”Ah, though you could use the chance to let Oji-san hug you~”


Sora-chan’s face seemed to have reddened. It wouldn’t be because of the fever, would it?

However, Sora-chan quickly walked back to her room as though she was escaping from us, who were following her in worry, and then……

”I will take a good rest, so don’t worry so much!”

After saying that, Sora-chan slammed the door forcefully.

”Is Sora Nee-tan okay?”

”Her fever will probably go down after she sleeps for awhile, Hina.”

I carried Hina to the living room.

”However, it’s better to take leave for her tomorrow……”

Though the school festival was quite happy, I actually didn’t notice that Sora-chan worked so hard to the extent of getting a fever.

My originally happy emotions receded like the tide, and what took its place was regret.

I should have taken care of them more carefully. The thought of the days that I made Sora-chan work so hard because of my credits resurfaced in my mind.

In the end, I’m still not qualified to be their guardian huh……

With my shoulders slumped, I lied down on the sofa.


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