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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 2 - Chapter 4

The world is full of wonders and mysteries.

I think this is a fact that I first experienced from the activities of the Road Observation Research Society.

Though people who know everything do not exist in this world, it seems that I only have a very one-sided understanding of other people.

Each and every matter is undergone in complex, intricate ways, and is extremely confusing.

However, even with matters that are encountered in coincidence, another truth might be hidden behind it sometimes as well.

I would never dream that Nee-san could still surprise me so much now that over half a year had passed since I heard her voice.

On the day when the school festival was only a few days away, I experienced a shock rarely felt in my life.

It all started three days ago—

When Sora-chan’s friends were still in the house, I accidentally fell asleep

After that, it might because I fell asleep at an inappropriate time it was hard for me to sleep during late night, and could only wait for sleepiness to descend on me while turning restlessly in my bed. About three in the morning, I, who noticed an unidentified sound in the house, crawled out of my bed with the attitude of ’I can’t sleep anyway……’

The doors and windows in the house were all closed, and added with the presence of the security devices installed using a hefty sum of money by Nii-san who dotes on his daughters, the possibility of burglars getting in is small.

Thus, it’s probably Miu-chan who is staying up late, wandering the house.

As her guardian, I should caution her against this. With this thought in my mind, I softly walked on the stairs leading to the second floor.

”Eh? Sora-chan?”

Out of my expectations, the one who was staying up wandering the house was actually Sora-chan.

I coincidentally bumped into her while she was leaving the room.

”Onii-chan!? W- why!?”

”Err, I’ve heard some sounds coming from upstairs, so…… Eh? What’s that?”

I pointed at the square package in Sora-chan’s hands while asking.

”T- This is…… Nothing at all!”

Sora-chan hurriedly hid the package behind her in a panic.

”This doesn’t seem like nothing to me……. Whatever, it doesn’t matter anyways. And also, don’t stay up too late, you have to go to school tomorrow as well, don’t you?”

”Mnn, mnn, sorry.”

After saying that, Sora-chan slipped back to her room in a flash.

I only noticed one thing after Sora-chan disappeared from my view.

The room that Sora-chan came out from was the innermost room on the second floor.

That’s right, the ‘room that couldn’t be opened’ that I minded so much before this, and also Nee-san’s room.

The room was locked, while Sora-chan told me that the key was lost.

Sora-chan expressed an abnormal refusal when I approached the door in curiosity before this as well.

”According to Sora-chan, shouldn’t the things inside be unneeded?”

I tried to reaffirm once more, and realized that the door was still locked.

After all, Sora-chan seemed to be locking the door when she left the room, so that wasn’t much of a surprise to me.

”What should I think about this?”

Saying that the key was missing is a lie.

Thinking that Sora-chan had a need to lie to me to conceal the truth, it was quite a huge blow.

”Well, this feeling…… How depressing.”

Am I still not to be trusted?

No, no, perhaps there might be something that she doesn’t want me to know, looking from the perspective of a girl……?

Then what would that be! I scolded myself in my heart.

I think that it would be fine if she just tells me honestly about that, and there’s no need to lie. If she just explains to me the whole matter, I wouldn’t mind it especially……. Probably.

Though I’m saying that…… Even I, myself, put in a lot of effort just to find a place to hide H books, so there’s actually not much difference between us.

That night, the matter ended just like that.

However, I, who am just an ordinary person, had no way to know that it would actually be a shocking start.

As expected of one of the few metropolises in Tokyo, shopping is quite convenient in Ikebukoro.

To buy the items required for the school festival café, and because of the ’plan distinguished from the other clubs’, I did not go to school today, and prepared to welcome Nimura and the other members of Roary home. As the school festival was fast approaching, I was allowed to skip the classes today as well.

Regarding these matters, I’ve mentioned this to Sora-chan and the others as well, and they decided to return earlier in the end. Though the fact that Sako-senpai is coming gave Sora-chan some displeasure, as she brought her friends home just recently, she could only agree reluctantly. While on this night, I plan to let everyone enjoy a happy dinner like the steamboat we had last time.


”What does this mean! Miu-sama isn’t here at all! This is not what you’ve promised! Segawa-kun!”

Allowing a person who says things like that as soon as he arrives at another person’s home, is this really okay?

”I sure didn’t make any promises. And senpai, primary school students should be at school at this time in the first place.”

”What! That’s serious! Though the wearing of bloomers had been banned recently, I can’t miss Miu-sama in sports attire as well! No! From the view of a collector, this is absolutely mandatory! Let’s go! Segawa-kun, we must go to the primary school field for a spin! Miu-sama’s beautiful legs…… Guwagh!”

The person who used a harisen attack to collapse Sako-senpai in a pool of blood was no other than Raika-san.

With a calm expression on her face as though nothing had happened, she started to confirm the items she brought.

”This is an orgel for Hina-chan, these would be hairbands for Miu-chan, while these are silk ribbons that seems like they would match Sora-chan, and then……”

…… Wait a minute, then what about things for the school festival?

As I was staring in shock, Nimura lightly placed his hand on my shoulders.

”Segawa-chan, I understand. I understand your feelings very well. I actually don’t really feel like saying this, but though I came here with the others from Hachiouji, Sako-senapi didn’t mention the plan about the café at all.”

W- What!

”Then what did you buy at Ikebukuro?”

”Just presents for Sora-chan and the others, perhaps? Though Sako-senpai bought quite a lot as well, it feels like they’re completely unrelated to a café. We’ve went to an anime merchandise shop and a bookshop…… And then the supermarket.”

Well, Sako-senpai just seems like his mind is full of his own selfish desires.

”Raika-san! Don’t you two have a secret plan!?”

”That’s Kaichou’s business.”

…… Raika-san probably came just to see Hina and the others.

On the other hand, Sako-senpai was collapsed on the floor, looking like a dying whale that was flushed on shore……

”I say, Nimura, would we be any trouble if there aren’t any customers at our shop tomorrow?”

”Nope, probably not. The expenses are all paid by Sako-senpai anyways.”

We shrugged in helplessness.

The school festival is on the day after tomorrow, and we can’t do anything more now.

It seems like the main activity today is for the members of Roary to have dinner with Sora-chan and the others after some time.

However, it seemed like Sako-senpai did not have the same thoughts.

”Relax, just leave everything to me.”

After senpai recovered from the attack, he started to play games on his phone without a trace of worry on his face.

He was pressing the keypad non-stop while seriously sweet talking the girls in his game.

I really don’t understand him……

On the other hand, we used the ingredients bought by Nimura and the others and started our cooking preparations.

In this rare chance, Raika-san was planning to cook western dishes using luxurious butter stew as the main dish. Nimura and I were just in charge of the preparations.

”Ah! This is bad~”

Nimura, who was silently peeling the vegetables for some time, seemed to have made a mistake, unusually,

It seemed like he accidentally spilled the dirty water used to wash the vegetables on himself.

”…… Seems like the stains can’t be removed easily. Take it off. I’ll wash it for you.”

”Segawa-chan, I don’t have any other clothes on me.”

”I’ll let you borrow my sports wear.”

After that conversation, I tossed Nimura’s shirt into the washing machine and walked upstairs to my luggage upstairs.

At that moment, I never thought that the juncture of a sudden situation would occur.

It was something that happened in front of Nee-san’s ’room that can’t be opened’.

Though I knew that Sora-chan sneaked inside yesterday, I didn’t notice that something was different from before in front of the door.

”…… What’s this?”

I suddenly noticed what seemed to be a paper slip poking out from the seam below the door.

Curiosity killed the cat— there’s an idiom that says just that, while the actions that I took after that proved that.

The item below the door was a photo, and some notes were jotted down behind the photo as well.

’Taken by Shingo-san at Big Sight.’

The words were written behind the photo, while a date was on it as well.

At the instant when I saw the front part of the photo, I was speechless for a moment.

”This is……!?”

In the photo, wearing a piercingly vivid wig and unusually tight fitting clothes, Nee-san was posing for the camera. She wore a professional level smile, making a pose that definitely underwent a lot of practices.

…… What the heck?

My brain crashed.

I never saw Nee-san like this before.

Of course, as a modern college student, naturally it’s impossible that I don’t know what this is.


A recreational activity where one wears clothes from a video game or an anime and acts out the character.

When Sako-senpai suggested a photo session of Raika-san before this, we once searched online and found out that countless of people are undergoing this activity, while quite a lot of beauties are among them as well. There are even shops selling these especially. It’s a recreational activity popular overseas that everyone knows of…… That was my understanding about it.


Knowing that Nee-san was actually a cosplayer would be a whole different story.

Plus, I lived together with her for nineteen years now, and I was actually ignorant about it.

Speaking of which, what’s with the revealing clothing!?

As an acclaimed beauty, it looks good on Nee-san, and she looks exceptionally sharp when compared with the other cosplayers on camera, that’s right…… And the photographer was Nii-san.

It was like I was suddenly pulled into a foreign world, having a huge shock.

With my sports clothes, I blankly walked back to the washing machine.

”What is it? What took you so long?”

How should I explain this matter to the embarrassing looking Nimura, who had only a shirt and underwear on? Even I, myself, haven’t finished gathering my thoughts yet.

”Err…… How should I say this……”

When I think about it, even if Nee-san cosplayed as her hobby, it isn’t something illegal anyways.

It was just too big of a blow for I, who was kept in the dark these nineteen years, so I was just somewhat shaken.

”Actually, it’s nothing…… It’s probably nothing, right?”

”Err…… Segawa-chan, can you first give me the clothes?”

”Ah, sorry.”

Since it’s this time already, I’ll just tell him. Nimura once met Nee-san anyways.

And I will feel more at ease if I confide in someone as well.

”Actually…… I found this just now……”

I waved the photo before Nimura’s eyes.

And I started to explain the matter.

”I never thought Yuri-san would have such a hobby……”

Nimura’s response was calmer than I thought.

He was indeed somewhat surprised, but did not have the prejudice of some people towards otakus. Even so, I only decided to tell him because I know that he’s trustworthy as well.

”Segawa-chan, you didn’t know at all?”

”Mnn, though Nee-san liked mangas from long before, and had a lot of books by her side, there wasn’t any sign of anything like this when she lived with me before this.”

No matter how I thought back, I couldn’t find any impression that Nee-san likes to cosplay.

”Even so, it might be an interest that she found later, perhaps when her friends went with her one time, and she got addicted or something like that.”


Indeed, it’s not impossible. Nee-san is rather easygoing, and she wouldn’t refuse when other people ask her for favors…… No, Nee-san’s personality is that of one that ‘couldn’t refuse’, and she doesn’t reject getting in the spotlight as well.

”If so, isn’t the mystery solved then?”

”What mystery?”

”Did you say this before? Saying that you don’t know how Yuri-san met her husband.”


Their jobs were different, and their ages were over ten years apart. The mystery of their common point that troubled me in the past finally got an answer.

The one who takes photo, and the one who had photos taken. In any case, that would be their common interest.

If so, another question would pop out.

Do their three daughters know of their parents’ interests?

Disregarding the young Hina for a moment, but what about Sora-chan and Miu-chan?

”I say, do Sora-chan and the others know of this matter?”

”How would I know? Why don’t you just ask them directly?”

”Err…… But, well…… That’s somewhat……”

”Well, for some people, this might be an interest that they don’t want other people to know of.”

Hearing my vague words, Nimura immediately realized my worries.

Speaking of which, Nee-san didn’t mention that to me as well.

”I’ve decided, I’ll pretend I never saw this thing.”

Just when I was about to take the photo back, another hand snatched the photo from behind.

”Not bad…… This isn’t bad at all!”

It was Sako-senpai.

Why is he here?

”Hmph! Oda-kun said that you guys had disappeared, and asked me to look for you, but you two are actually admiring such a good thing by yourselves! So mean! It’s too mean of you! Pretty things should be shared with other people!”

Senpai stared at Nee-san’s photo, saying while breathing raggedly.

Even I, who had long got used to senpai’s usual manner, couldn’t help but feel somewhat disgusted.

Speaking of which, didn’t this person address the fourteen year old Sora-chan as an oba-san before this……

”Erm…… Sako-senpai……?”

”Segawa-kun, this is it! This is a divine revelation! My gray colored brain cells were indeed correct!”

Turning around to say all this, the lens of Sako-senpai’s glasses were covered in a layer of mist because of his excitement.

Uh oh. When the thought flashed past my mind, it was already too late.

It seems like this flipped a certain switch in Sako-senpai’s heart.

”This is the time to reveal things to you! The plan that us Roary has!”

Sako-senpai started to explain his idea in earnest, while Raika-san rushed over after hearing the hubbub as well.

Unexpectedly, the person who was the happiest after knowing of senpai’s plan was Raika-san.

…… But the most shocked person would definitely be me.

As promised, Sora-chan and Miu-chan came home slightly earlier than usual.

”I’m back~”

The one who gave a cheery greeting and returned first was Miu-chan.

”Eh? Only Oji-san is here? Where are Nimura-san and the others?”

”Err, I’m letting them stay in my room for a moment.”

”Eh? Why not the living room? There are even video games and the TV there……”

”T- There are some reasons.”

As we were in conversation, the door opened yet again, and Sora-chan returned as well.

”I’m back. Ah, everyone’s here……”

Probably because she saw the shoes arranged at the entrance, Sora-chan walked into the living room somewhat cautiously.

”Eh…… Where’s Raika-san?”

”Haha, they’re in my room right now. Sora-chan, can I have a moment with you?”

Actually, I was the one who convinced them to stay in my room.

I told them that this is our own family’s business.

After all, I really couldn’t predict how things would turn out like this.

Apart from Nee-san’s cosplay photos, I have to mind the feelings of the uchibenkei eldest daughter as well.

Confusion filled Sora-chan’s face, while I breathed in deeply.

”Sora-chan…… Erm……”

I showed the photo to Sora-chan and Miu-chan.

”W- Well…… I found this thing.”

”Eh! Ehhhhh!? K- KYAAAAAAAAAA!”

Sora-chan screamed with her face pale, while Miu-chan hugged her head with an uh oh expression on her face.

”No! Was the room opened!!”

She even skipped another scream.

Sora-chan dashed out of the living room like the wind up the stairs, and the sounds of a door handle turning could be heard after a second. It seemed like Sora-chan was confirming that the room that couldn’t be opened was locked or not.

After that, Sora-chan ran back to the living room with a quick pace once more.

”It’s not open! Why is the photo here!”

”…… It was in the seams of the door. Sora-chan, you entered the room yesterday, didn’t you?”

Hearing my words, Sora-chan lowered her head in despair.

”A- Ahhh…… I’m sorry, Yuri-san.”

”Onee-chan, you can only speak the truth now……”

Miu-chan consoled Sora-chan.

It seems like they are going to explain things to me.

The photo was placed in our center, while Sora-chan, Miu-chan and I sat by the table.

By the way, Hina is still at the kindergarten.

We planned to fetch Hina home after this meeti…… Or I should say communication ends.

However, we maintained a silence for five minutes or so.

In that time, only the faint sound of the clock ticking could be heard.

The three of us were probably thinking of how we should speak.

Sora-chan’s despaired expression was especially pitiful.

”Oji-san finally…… realized……”

The person who spoke first was Miu-chan.

Miu-chan cautiously observed my response.

”Err…… That’s right, I realized.”

Even I, myself, think that the answer is stupid.

Perhaps the heavy atmosphere caused me to be somewhat abnormal.

On the other hand, Sora-chan suddenly spoke in agitation at this moment.

”L- Listen to me! This is…… Erm, well……. That’s right! A celebration! It’s for a celebration!”

The excuse was really too forced.

Actually, I really don’t understand for what reason they have to hide things from me until this extent.

”You don’t need to hide things from me. This is Nee-san’s hobby, isn’t that right?”

”O- Onii-chan knows about this?”

From the responses of the two, it seems to be an interest known to the whole family.

”No, I didn’t know before this. This is probably the second most shocking thing to me in my life.”

”Indeed, we knew it from the first time we met you.”

That should be true.

Parents having the same hobby but keeping it secret from their children, that would be really strange.

”Err…… So Nee-san and Shingo-san knew each other because of this hobby?”

Sora-chan nodded silently. So things are really like this.

”It seems like they met at a Comiket. Having a photographer date a cosplayer is rather unusual, while Yuri-san was a charismatic cosplayer as well. It is said that dad’s photographer friends hate him quite much for this.”

”P- Photographer? Cosplayer?”

Miu-chan’s explanation was filled with too many terms unknown to me. Anyways, from the situation, it seems like Shingo-san won the hand of Nee-san through rare effort or luck. Things were probably like that.

”Err…… Charismatic……? Was Nee-san that famous?”

”Yuri-san is really amazing!”

Sora-chan was the one who said that instead.

”Not only is Yuri-san beautiful, she knows anime very well as well. Even with minor roles, she would make her clothes herself. No matter what type of clothing, her works resemble the originals much more than other finished products. There were even people from different organizations and groups who wish for Yuri-san to make their clothes!”

Sora-chan was quite agitated. Indeed, Nee-san was always making clothes and things like that.

It’s just that I had no idea that they were clothes for cosplay that time.

I recall that Nee-san would buy fashion magazines sometimes and make clothes exactly the same as the ones in the clothes. With her amazing techniques, it saved us a lot of clothing expenses.

And because of that, I once thought that Nee-san wants to work in fashion-related industries.

In the end, Nee-san’s skills were all trained out from making clothes for cosplay.

”I originally thought that I know everything about Nee-san, but things aren’t so……”

Answers for the mysteries long buried are surfacing one after another.

However, I couldn’t just feel happy about this.

”But why did Nee-san hide this from me? Though we’re siblings.”

Seeing that Sora-chan tried to hard to hide it from me gave me a huge blow as well.

Not wanting to let me know about some things, isn’t it unreasonable for a family?

Sora-chan and the others know about it, while only I was in the dark. It’s just too unfair.

”This is……. Quite understandable.”

”Mnn, yeah, that’s right.”

And for some reason, it seems like the two feels that it’s reasonable as well.

”After all, it’s the most embarrassing when one is seen by his or her family when doing cosplay or attending a doushijin event.”

”Yuri-san once said herself, ’This definitely can’t be known to my brother. If he is aware of this, there is no other choice but to kill him, or drag him in this as well’.”

”What the heck……”

Nee-san seemed to have planned two horrifying choices to give me when I wasn’t aware of it.

Saying that she can’t let her brother know no matter what, I really can’t understand it.

”…… Ah, since you’re so clear about this, perhaps you’re cosplaying as well?”

”Err, ahh…… About that……”

After I asked her that, Sora-chan suddenly started to stammer.

”Not at all. However, I might have a slight interest in playing the roles. But I have completely no idea where the character comes from, so I’m just the type who ’just likes to dress up’. Even so, I am probably not against people taking cute pictures of me.”

Not against people taking photos of her, this indeed matches Miu-chan’s image.

Judging from Miu-chan’s personality, she might really become a model or an idol one day.

”Actually, Onee-chan is much more engrossed with it compared with me.”

”M- Miu!”

Sora-chan blushed after her sister said that.

”Is that so?”

”Err…… Mnn, mnn, just a little.”

Sora-chan spoke with her head lowered, looking rather embarrassed.

Well, it’s really quite surprising. I’m not sure if it’s because of her father’s or Nee-san’s influence, Sora-chan actually has an unexpected interest like this as well. Even so, I didn’t know that she wasn’t good at dealing with men as well……

Perhaps girls just have a lot of different faces.

I never thought that a small house like this could hide so many secrets…… How astounding.

”I’m not doing cosplay…… If you really want me to say it, I’m more interested in the conventions ……”

”Conventions? Errr…… About the thing called doujinshis or something like that?”

Sora-chan nodded.

Knowing Sako-senpai for half a year or so, it would be stranger if I don’t know about these things well.

Besides, many special, thin books are stored in the clubroom of Roary as well.

I have an impression about the activity that is called a doujinshi convention. As I recall, they are held each summer and winter.

”According to Yuri-san, I can’t join any conventions before I’m fifteen. On the other hand, I can ask for her help to buy any books that I want.”

”Ahh, that’s why……”

I understood yet another thing. So it was because of this that Nee-san asked me to her house during last summer?

”Yuri-san said that she would bring me to a convention next year.”

”And Yuri-san said that she wants to let Onee-chan cosplay as well.”

”…… I’ve said that I’m unwilling to. However, Yuri-san said that doing so can change my introverted behavior…… And she said that she would definitely make good looking clothes for me…… Not caring for my opinion at all……”

I couldn’t help but smile wryly. Stubborn Nee-san would indeed do such a thing.

Tears glittered faintly in Sora-chan’s eyes.

This is a fact that Sora-chan understood all along.

But when she speaks it out in reality, it might have made her feel that it is a promise that can’t be kept.

Because Nee-san isn’t here anymore.

No matter it’s Sora-chan or Miu-chan, both of them looked downcast, a similar dark expression on both of their faces.

All of a sudden, the family meeting was filled with sorrow.

”If so, I’ll accompany you there. To the…… convention or something.”


”Mn. Though I can’t be the same as Nee-san.”

”N- No no no no no! Definitely not!”

”Eh? Why?”

”No means no!”

It’s fine with Nee-san, but not with me?

The blow on me is quite huge as well.

”After all, how could Onee-chan buy those books that expose her interests without an exception in front of Oji-san~”

”B- Be quiet!”

Though I wasn’t that sure about things, it feels like this is a part that Sora-chan cannot give in.

Having cosplay, dojinshis and the like, the world of the otakus seems to be quite complicated.

”The said interests…… refer to……?”

”You can’t ask more about this part, Oji-san. To some people, it’s a thing harder to say than being asked the color of their underwear. Oji-san, to understand the heart of a girl, you have to be more tactful.”

”Wait a minute! Don’t phrase things in that misleading way! I’m very normal!”

Even though I wasn’t too sure, it seems like it’s better not to delve too deeply into things.

”I- It’s about time! I’ll go fetch Hina!”

After saying that, Sora-chan used her full speed once again to dash out of the house.

Hmm…… I understand that Sora-chan is embarrassed, but…… In reality, the person who is cosplaying is my sister. Though I can understand Sora-chan’s feelings, shouldn’t I be the one who is the most surprised?

”Ah, I have to change as well…… Oji-san, shouldn’t it be about time for your friends in Roary to come out from your room?”

The thoughtful girl said that for me.

”Err…… Actually, that’s not the only thing I had to say.”

However…… I don’t feel optimistic about the things that I am about to say.

I have no way to judge how this would fare on Sako-senpai’s devilish plan.

Sora ran out of house with her face flushed.

Would Onii-chan think that I’m some kind of an odd girl……? Actually, Sora couldn’t meet Yuuta’s gaze half through the conversation.

Because of her father’s interests, Sora grew up naturally in contact with animes and mangas. To Sora, who grew up seeing photos of beautiful cosplays, these things are her interests that she is quite familiar with.

To Sora, who was somewhat introverted from the start, it matches her interests somewhat, and that was why Sora naturally got interested in the matter as well.

However, Sora wasn’t so enthusiastic that she even joined cosplay herself, and cannot do something so embarrassing as well. The clothes would only look good on someone as beautiful as Yuri-san, and for instance, Raika-san……

Beads of tears welled up in Sora’s eyes. Though nobody was doing anything wrong, Sora started to feel sad for some reason.

I, who have to fetch Hina, cannot wear an expression like this. Thinking of that, Sora was about to take out her handkerchief. But it seemed like she forgot to keep it on herself, and couldn’t find it at all. At the moment when Sora sighed in helplessness……

”…… The hanky, use it.”

Someone handed a squarely folded white handkerchief to Sora.


”You don’t need to worry about this, Sora-san.”

”…… Shiori-san.”

Seeing a familiar face made Sora sigh in relief. So it was the onee-san who lives opposite to her house that Sora always meets at the waste disposal area.

In the city where even neighbors don’t have much interaction, the high school girl who lives opposite to the Takanashi residence is no exception, and does not have much ties to the Takanashi family.

The most that they knew about each other would be their names, and would greet each other when they meet.

However, those were only Sora and Miu’s thoughts.

The female living opposite to the Takanashi residence is called Kitahara Shiori.

She appears to be a fresh, staid person, and radiates the aura of one born in a good family. However, compared with the image of a ‘lady’ born in a high class residential area at the center of the city, her personality is slightly more unique.

In reality, the school that Kitahara Shiori studies at is a traditional star girls’ school where daughters of wealthy families gather.

Having good behavior and the experience of joining the Student Council, she, who can be said as a classic good student can count as a person who has too much of a sense of justice and responsibility, looking from another perspective.

Plus, her personality is that of one who sometimes…… No, it should be said as one who always jumps to conclusions.

While the matter that caught her eye right now would be the three sisters living opposite to her house whose parents were said to have died in an accident.

Just when she felt that it was a long time since she saw the three sisters, a young man suddenly brought them back home one day.

She heard that the young man is still a college student as well.

And he frequently returns home only in the morning.

Is it possible that the three sisters are deceived by a bad man……?

Without further ado, such a thought surfaced in Shiori’s heart.

That’s because she would often hear Sora’s cries.

From that day on, Shiori’s innate personality of always jumping into conclusions ran out of control. In her heart, the matter had long developed to the situation of ’The three sisters were deceived by a man who proclaimed himself as a distant relative after their parents passed away. Not only does the man has his eyes on their money, he even lusts after the bodies of the young girls that still have a hint of youth!?’

At the same time, this triggered a mystifying obligation of ’I must save the three sisters!’ in Shiori’s heart.

”Are you crying? If you have any trouble, you can confide in me any time.”

She grabbed Sora’s hand and said all of a sudden.

”Err, okay……”

”Don’t worry, I’m on the same side as you all.”

That made Sora feel somewhat trouble. Having someone say such a thing to her all of a sudden caused her to be unable to give a response.

Sora dabbed the handkerchief at the corners of her eyes, and returned it to Shiori after thanking her.

…… Shiori-san probably wasn’t saying that she is actually a cosplayer as well, is she? Though Sora thought in confusion, she still knew that Shiori was actually caring for her.

”Erm…… I’m fine. Something got into my eye.”

”Really? If you have anything to say, you can look for me any time. I have always kept an eye on everything.”

After hearing her words, Sora smiled meaningfully and walked towards the kindergarten once more.

When Sora turned around to have a look, she noticed that Shiori was still looking at her with an agitated gaze.

”Actually making a young beauty like her cry…… Unforgivable! I must vanquish that scum!”

The soul of justice in Shiori’s heart finally confirmed her true enemy.

At the same time, another play was acting out as well.

A certain boy was looking at Shiori and Sora’s interactions from afar as well. That boy would be Maeshima Daiki.

As Sora’s classmate and member of the same club, the boy did not miss the handkerchief that Sora dropped at the classroom entrance as she immediately ran out of the classroom as soon as classes ended.

Just when Daiki picked up the handkerchief and was about to give chase, Hanamura Youko said coolly:

”Maeshima, can’t you just put the hanky into Takashima-san’s drawer?”

”But…… Isn’t directly giving it to her better?”

”In medieval times of Europe, deliberately dropping their hankies for other people to pick up seemed to be a way for females to express love. However, making a fuss out of a hankie would just annoy other people.”

After a light ‘hmph’, Youko turned around to look at Daiki.

”Takanashi-san will be here tomorrow anyways, so just leave it there.”

Youko, who said all that with a cold smile, actually believed in her heart that Daiki would definitely give chase.

Though Daiki felt displeased because of Youko’s attitude, of course, he still decided to hand the handkerchief back to her himself.

That’s because Daiki thought, I might have to protect Takanashi from being bullied by the hentai.

However, the job was unexpectedly snatched by an unfamiliar high school girl.

”…… She’s crying?”

Seeing Sora’s action of wiping away her tears, a bout of pain descended on Daiki’s chest.

Daiki only realized that he had scrunched the handkerchief in his hands into a ball after he came back to his senses.

What can I do? For my silent, gentle, kind, delicate, cute and pure classmate, what can I do for her?

Before Daiki found the opportunity to speak to her, Sora already turned around and ran to the opposite direction.

Daiki could only look in vain while Sora left.

”The person who made her cry…… was that guy, huh.”

It’s definitely the hentai’s fault. Having a middle school girl live together with a person who is just a college student…… It’s too strange.

The innocence of the boy started to blaze in a somewhat biased direction.

At this moment, nobody knew that the wishful thinking of him and a high school girl was actually directed at a wrong direction.

After Sora-chan ran out, I could only explain to Miu-chan the task that senpai and the others gave to me in helplessness.

”That’s too difficult~ It’s just impossible.”

Miu-chan’s reaction was just as I expected.

So that the café would suit his tastes more…… No, so that the function would be more successful, Sako-senpai thought of a plan ‘distinguished from the other clubs’.

In short, the plan would be a ‘Cosplay Café’.

Senpai came to Ikebukuro to look for clothes and data so that he could prepare for waiters who would dress up as characters in animes and games.

Plus, I feel that senpai was planning to reel the three sisters in from the start.

I understand now. With Raika-san, if Sora-chan and the others are willing to help, the seats would definitely be full.

Nimura would handle the female customers, so the plan is absolutely perfect.

As expected of Sako-senpai’s usual style, his idea totally depended on other people.

Usually, I would definitely refuse the suggestion on the spot, but even I have no other choice but to accept it this time.

After all, the school festival is on the day after tomorrow.

We don’t have any time to think of new ideas right now, and also…… I just found out that my own sister was actually a cosplayer, so I would be lying if I say that I am completely uninterested in cosplay, as I at least want to know more about Nee-san. In this aspect, I think that this is quite a good chance.

”Please, you’d just need to serve tea.”

”Hmm~mmm…… Actually, I’m fine with that.”

”Really! Miu-chan!”

”Yes. But in return, I want some payment.”

Miu-chan said some materialistic words.

”Ah, the payment can’t be paid by Oji-san, because that would be the money of our family. If it were to be paid from the profits of the shop, I’ll probably accept it. Coincidentally, I have some clothes that I wish to buy as well.”

”Of course there’ll be payment! And also, Sako-senpai would definitely be willing to buy anything!”

Though senpai didn’t make any such promise to me, if Miu-chan requests it, it feels like it would be okay no matter what she wants Sako-senpai to do. If so, it’s about time to ask senpai and the others out.

”…… Phew, now my aim is half complete.”

Miu-chan did not miss my relieved mumblings.

”Oji-san, what are you aiming for?”

”Uwaa! You heard it!”

It seems like I’ve accidentally blurted it out.

”Hey hey, what is Oji-san aiming for?”


Miu-chan seemed to have noticed something, and kept inquiring.

”Acutally…… Raika-san said that she would join as well if all three of you take part……”

And if we couldn’t find clothes in time, she would arrive wearing a bunny girl costume.

Sako-senpai said that he can borrow a bunny girl costume using relations with Hiromi-chan, while those words were the critical point that made me agree to this plan.

Of course, I had some reservations about this before knowing that Nee-san was a cosplayer, but…… Since it’s something that a person like Nee-san would like, it probably contains some happy parts.

On the other hand, an expression of disbelief appeared on Miu-chan’s face.

”Seriously, Oji-san just wants your cute nieces to help out just because you wish to see Raika-san doing cosplay. Aren’t you a bit lacking in tact?”

”You really don’t need to say tha…… No, you’re right.”

Seeing Miu-chan peering at me with her slanted gaze that played out the nature of a little devil, I could only surrender directly.

Seeing my response, the young beauty whose appearance rivals that of an idol, laughed softly.

”I wasn’t against this from the start, so it’s fine, really. But it’s best if you don’t let Onee-chan know of this, because it will definitely make her unhappy.”

”…… Why?”

Miu-chan did not answer my questions.

”Hehe! Why is it, I wonder? And also, I won’t join if Onee-chan isn’t joining as well, so do your best, Oji-san.”

”Eh? I- Is that so? But it would be a huge help even if only Miu-chan is willing to help……”

”Hoho! Ah, ah, Oji-san, remember to buy the new lip balm for me in exchange for me not saying anything to Onee-chan. There was a commercial on TV as well, so Oji-san should probably know, don’t you?”

”Miu-chan~…… Fine, fine.”

Though Miu-chan’s cuteness rivals that of an idol, being made to dance in the palms of a ten year old girl feels……

By the way, I’ll have to make things clear more or less before Sora-chan returns.

I walked up the stairs back to my room.

”That’s how things are.”

Though the bedroom that was modified from Nii-san’s room was slightly drab, I still think that I’ve made everything quite convenient. There’s a table, a calculator, bookshelves, a bed. My collection of H book would be hidden under the bed.

However, my H books that should have been carefully hidden were all displayed on the floor.

”Fourteen books of large breasts, four books of normal sized, twenty three mangas. Yuuta indeed likes large breasts.”

”What the heck are you counting!? Raika-san! Please don’t search other people’s rooms!”

I hurriedly grabbed my books and stuffed them into a drawer, glaring at Raika-san after that.

”No~ Don’t look at me with that beast-like gaze.”

Raika-san said while covering her breasts with a cold, unchanging expression on her face.

”Nimura, you should at least help to stop her~”

”Ahaha, don’t you think that it would be just a waste of effort?”

I have the same thoughts as well, but this is really too hurtful. It just feels like my love is collapsing bit by bit……

”A thing like that is completely unimportant, Segawa-kun!”

Sako-senpai pounded on my desk and said with an agitated tone.

What do you mean by unimportant? Shouldn’t you guys have at least shielded my H books?

”I even prepared a brand new digital SLR camera and camera lens for the photography session!”

”Ah, when you mention it, we did go to Yamada Electronics and Big Camera as soon as we arrived at Ikebukuro.”

Judging from Nimura’s testimonies, it seems like the cosplay café was indeed planned beforehand.

Plus, though it should be a café, it suddenly turned into a photography session. That’s probably just the gears in Sako-senpai’s brain turning.

Even so, those items were just bought today.

Though I wasn’t familiar with cameras, those would at least need at least a hundred thousand yen.

The impulse, or I should say enthusiasm, that caused so much money to be used up just for the school festival is really admirable. Though I have no intention to follow suit.

”Hmm, if so, I’ll go convince them myself! Where is Miu-sama!”

”I think it’s better if senpai doesn’t do that. Besides, Miu-chan already agreed to it conditionally.”

”What! Why didn’t you say so earlier? You ill-mannered fellow! Even so, as expected of our rare talent who is nominated as our next president! Now us Roary is invincible!”

”I don’t want that nomination at all, thank you very much. And didn’t I say that it’s ’conditional’? Miu-chan’s condition is that Sora-chan must be willing to join as well.”

”What!? Well then, hurry up and convince her to join. If not, let’s summon the Rugby Club members to catch her, and tickle her until she agrees.”

”If senpai dares to do such a thing to Sora-chan, I’ll immediately hand you in to the police. If so, senpai, you will have to continue your life bearing the tarnished name of a sex offender. I should say that I wish to call the police even now.”

What a meaningless dispute.

”I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna! I wanna see Miu-sama and Hina-sama cosplaying! I- want- to- see!”

Senpai lied down on the floor, saying while flailing his limbs. It might be better to say that he was like a child flailing on the floor, but in reality, he looked more like a dying beetle. I imagined senpai as a person using his whole body to wipe my floorboards, refraining myself from caring about him.

”It’s the same even if you throw a tantrum, Sako-senpai. In any case, I would have to discuss things once more with Sora-chan when she returns. I wish to know more about Nee-san’s cosplays as well.”

”Yuuta, I want to see Hina-chan and Sora-chan doing cosplay as well.”

With a tinge of red on her face, Raika-san approached and said to me.

”I- I get it, I’ll tell Sora-chan about it.”

”I’m counting on you, Yuuta. If Sora-chan and the others are willing to cosplay as cute characters, I’ll do anything you want, even posing as a bunny girl that gives you a good view of the huge breasts that you are so fond of.”

Though I have a lot to say about this, her words of doing anything I want gave me an unknown sense of excitement.

However, I never thought things would turn out like that……

”Sigh! Isn’t the oba-san back yet! I think it’s better if I go convince her!”

The agitated Sako-senpai immediately got the harisen treatment from Raika-san.

”Guwagh! What are you doing, Raika-kun!”

”Kaichou is getting in the way.”

”W- What nonsense are you spouting! If I just use my Secret Technique • Prostration to beg her……”

”It’s useless, things will take a turn for the worse if Sako-senpai appears. I’ll make this clear first, Sora-chan remembers the matter that happened before this quite well.”

Sako-senpai, who called a fourteen year old girl an ‘oba-san’ and was unmoved even though a rare beauty like Raika-san is by his side, is really a man engraves his lolicon behavioriron will into the depths of his very soul. His state could be said as a state of calmness for a man, but for Sora-chan who was deemed an ‘oba-san’, senpai is her undeniable enemy.

Even in this house, Sako-senpai’s name had already become forbidden words.

”Hmph! Words of the people who already shed the supreme shell of a young girl and walks on the evil road of womanhood does not affect me no matter what.”

Senpai does not care about it, but I really don’t know how I would get scolded by Sora-chan after this.

What a headache.

No matter it’s for Roary or for Raika-san, I really wish that Sora-chan would agree, but……

In reality, I cannot imagine Sora-chan agreeing to this at all.

Though it’s somewhat pitiful, I don’t think that Sora-chan, who was already harsh on me and Roary, but was extremely introverted before her classmates, and being said by Miu-chan to be bad at coping with males and having an uchibenkei personality, would easily agree to this.


Sora-chan’s response was as I had expected.

Sora-chan, who brought Hina back home, didn’t have any intention of hearing me out at all.

Disregarding the matter of convincing her, when I mentioned the matter about cosplay at the entrance while using ’I have something to discuss with you……’ as an opening, Sora-chan immediately gave me that answer. Saying that there’s not even a chance would be an overstatement.

”Oi-tan, what’s a cospway?”

”Hina, Nee-san…… No, didn’t Mama sometimes wear clothes from animes?”

”Ah! Hina knows! Mama was cool!”

I see now. As expected of her daughter, Hina knows of it as well.

It seems like only I was in the dark.

It might be because she noticed my feelings, Miu-chan helped me out a bit.

”Well, well, Onee-chan. Since Oji-san didn’t know of the cosplay matter at all, why don’t you just consider it, okay?”

”Well, Miu, it’s because you look good no matter what you wear, and you like others to take pictures of you as well, so of course you’re fine with that. I feel uncomfortable even when people take notice of me!”

It’s actually quite reasonable that Sora-chan would be so angry.

”Hmm~mm…… That’s true.”

”And though the fact that Yuri-san did cosplay is a fact, I never did take part! I refused when Yuri-san asked me about it as well!”

It seemed like Sora-chan, who grumpily refused, had no intention to give in.


In the heavy atmosphere, Hina pulled at my sleeve.

”Hina is hungwy~ Nee-tan, Oi-tan, where’s dinner?”

T- That’s right! When I think about it, it was already quite late.

”A- Alright, let’s have dinner first. Dinner!”

While consoling Sora-chan, who still seemed rather unhappy, we walked towards the living room.

A galore of exquisite dishes was placed already placed there.

The dishes on the table looked as though they were carefully designed, and were dishes of the highest quality made by Raika-san. The main dish of dinner was stew added with chicken meat made for the ease of Hina’s consumption, and coupled with homemade roasted beef and other cold dishes, it seemed quite formal.

”Uwaa……. Awesome.”

Miu-chan’s eyes lit up, while Hina cheered.

”Gweat! Nee-tan, it’s gweat!”

”Mnn, mnn……”

Unable to conceal her shock after seeing the sudden scene before her eyes, Sora-chan’s gaze drifted in the air.

”Do you like it? My precious darlings.”

Raika-san stood in front of Sora-chan and the others and said with a red flush on her face.

Though the words that she spoke were rather affectionate, she still spoke without an expression on her face in a monotonous tone, as usual.

However, seeing her flushed appearance would make other people understand that she is trying hard to express her thoughts as well.

”Nee~-tan! All of them were made by Nee-tan~? Waa~ Gweat! Just like a cook!”

Hina said while repeatedly hitting Raika-san’s large breasts. Hina, remember to shake hands with Oi-tan before you wash your hands. While I was having wishful thinking about the contact, a voice pulled me back to reality.

”Can you people hurry up and get to your seats? I’ll start eating first if not.”

For some reason, Sako-senpai was sitting on the living room floor. Using a cardboard box in place of a dining table, he was eating meat in large mouthfuls. When I had a closer look, it seemed like tears were glimmering in senpai’s eyes as well.

”Wait a minute, why are you eating already! And why are you sitting on the floor?”

”Ha ha ha, Segawa-kun, you are so silly. The chairs aren’t enough after all. Raika-kun that it’s fine if my portion is just placed on the floor, so that’s why I thought that I should at least get a cardboard box…… *sob*…… *sob* *sob*……. Hmph! Even if it’s one second quicker…… I wish to finish it quickly! Urgh, just hurry up and eat already!”

Though I wasn’t sure about the situation, I just feel like treating Sako-senpai like this is a wise decision.

”Well, well, just ignore that person. Hina-chan, why don’t you sit here. Miu-chan, you too.”

”Ahh! It’s the cool onii-tan! Tank you~”

”Nimura-san, ufufu, since you’ve helped us already, thank you very much.”

The two younger sisters sat by the dining table with Nimura rather affectionately. Nimura didn’t even forget to praise Miu-chan’s hair when he was taking care of Hina with experience by spreading a napkin and pouring milk.

Well…… If you were to be a host at a night club, you would probably earn so much that you’ll get on TV.

”Hina-chan is always so cute…… Yuuta, it’s best if you give Hina-chan and the others to me.”

On the other hand, Raika-san who was looking at Hina with her face red suddenly made that worrisome declaration.

The people who had steamboat together before this gathered once more.

As for Sora-chan, her whole body radiated frightening waves of displeasure while she glared at me in indignation.

”Is there anything wrong, Sora-chan?”

”…… Nothing. I’m just thinking that I’m a far cry from Raika-san, who is both pretty and good at cooking.”

”Nonsense, Sora-chan is very cute.”

Raika-san earnestly interjected with a serious expression on her face, but that made Sora-chan’s head droop even more.

”Here, hurry up and eat.”

The observant Nimura led Sora-chan to the dining table, and we could finally start our dinner.

After trying the excellent taste of Raika-san’s homemade western dishes, everyone developed a very good appetite.

Only Sora-chan didn’t eat much…… Even so, she still managed to finish the portion for one person.

The only thing different from last time is that there isn’t so much conversation and laughter this time.

Though Sora-chan looked normal, her eyes were full of anger, while Sako-senpai did not notice it at all. The combination was really bad. Silence and tension filled the whole living room.

When the desserts were served, Sako-senpai spoke:

”Sora-kun, there’s something I would like to ask of you. In our school festival, can you join our co—“


”Can you join our co—“


”At least let me fini—“

”I refuse.”

Senpai’s attacks were all deflected.

”Segawa-kun…… What is with this situation?”

”I don’t know what to do as well.”

I was already refused, and am currently thinking of our next step.

”Sora-kun, you probably don’t dislike cosplay, right? Isn’t that true?”

”I dislike you.”

Sora-chan said curtly.


”Senpai, stop complaining to me. Sora-chan, disregard senpai for the moment, can you help us out? You can just choose a character that you like.”


Even Miu-chan couldn’t stand it anymore and chose that moment to help out.

”Oji-san already asked you so nicely, so why don’t you just help them out, Onee-chan?”

”That’s right, since Sora-chan is so cute, she’ll definitely be a huge hit.”

After that, Nimura continue the attack.

Even so, Sora-chan still refused to agree.

”I’ve decided to never do cosplay in my whole life.”

And got even more stubborn.

Her obstinacy might not be caused by embarrassment alone.

As senpai and the others were unable to look for an opening, and were silently thinking of a next plan……

”E~rm, Hina will do cospway! Oi-tan, Hina will do her best!”

Not knowing if Hina felt lonely or was unexpectedly good at observing the others, she broke the heavy atmosphere with her naïve, cute personality. Those were the words that the energetic three year old said.

Hina…… You’re a really good girl, I’m almost going to cry.

”Ohh, Hina-sama’s cosplay would be a supreme consolation for the people on eart…… Guwagh!”

As Sako-senpai was about to waste Hina’s efforts with a bunch of nonsense, his forehead was first hit squarely by a harisen, while the person who threw it would naturally be Raika-san. Sako-senpai’s head smashed right onto the plate that he just finished.

”Hina, thank you.”

Raika-san and I stroked Hina’s head, and that made Hina somewhat happy as well.

”Hina- Hina can do cospway! Nee~-tan! Nee-tan as well!”

Hina walked to the side of Sora-chan’s legs after jumping down from her chair.

”Hina…… Onee-chan doesn’t like it so much…… Understand?”

Sora-chan didn’t even look at Hina’s face when she spoke.

So it’s still impossible in the end huh…… If she dislikes it so much…… I actually don’t want to force her.

”You~ are~ lying~ Hina knows!”

However, Hina’s cheery voice dispersed the heavy atmosphere by Sora-chan’s side.

”Hina wants to do cospway with Nee-tan!”

It seemed like Hina connected her sentence with a shout.

After that, she ran out of the living room quickly.

”Ah, Hina!”

”Let me do the honors.”

Raika-san gave chase to Hina. Oh well, since they’re in the house anyway, so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Though it was somewhat mystifying, Hina’s actions still broke the heavy atmosphere.

Sora-chan looked at Hina’s leaving silhouette with her eyes widened.

We heard the sounds of Hina and Raika-san walking upstairs at first, and then there were sounds of rummaging, and after awhile—

We started to hear a song.

”Bunny~ bunny~ bounce~ bounce~ ♪”

”Bounce bounce.”

Hina’s cute singing voice caused the tension just now to evaporate completely.

While the person who was singing along would naturally be Raika-san.

”Bunny, bunny~ ♪”

”Bunny, bunny.”

”Bounce, bounce~ ♪”

”Bounce, bounce.”

What appeared before our eyes along with the song that lacked tension would be the aforementioned bunny.

”Hina, why are you dressed up like that?”

”Ehehe~ Aren’t~ I~ cute~?”

Hina was wearing a bunny costume for children.

From the light, fluffy bunny costume, only Hina’s face could be seen.

I really never thought that such a thing could exist in our house.

If it were to be much earlier, I might have been more surprised, but now that I’ve accidentally known about Nee-san’s interest, I’m starting to feel that it’s not strange even if such a thing is here. Probably.

However, Sora-chan responded with much shock for some reason.

”Hina! That is……”

”Eh~ Mama made it for Hina~ There’s one for Nee-tan two~ Hina knows!”

”If so…… Is it possible……!?”

Sora-chan covered her mouth with her hands in shock.

”Wh- Where did you find it!?”

”At the innermost side of a wardrobe.”

That was how Raika-san answered.

”Wardrobe…… Ah!”

Sora-chan suddenly dashed out of the living room.

Naturally, we immediately followed her.

Sora-chan ran into the ‘room that couldn’t be opened’.

It seems like Sora-chan unlocked the room when she confirmed if the room was entered or not, and forgot to relock it after that. That was why Hina could enter the room.

Though the room was somewhat messy, it was probably due to Hina and Raika-san searching in the room before this. An astounding amount of clothes was piled up on the floor.

The door of the large wardrobe further in the room was already open, while Sora-chan was standing right in front of it.

”…… Sora-chan?”

”So…… It was already done……”

Sora-chan unblinkingly stared at the clothes in the wardrobe and said blankly.

Inside, there were two cosplay clothes placed together.

”Sora-chan, this is……”

From the size, most probably it is one made especially for Sora-chan.

While the one by its side…… Would probably be Nee-san’s.

Though the design was similar, there were still some slight differences.

”Yuri-san promised me that she would bring me to a convention to do cosplay when I’m fifteen. Though I refused her…… Yuri-san said that she already told her friends that she would attend with her daughter…… Because Yuri-san refused to give in, I.......”

Sora-chan suddenly spoke.

”But I understand as well, Yuri-san was just worried that I would be too introverted…… That was why she chose a co-ed middle school for me, and asked me to do cosplay…… It was all for my sake…….”

Sora-chan kept saying in a low voice.

”But I felt embarrassed. Because…… I am not as beautiful as Yuri-san.”

These are probably precious memories between Sora-chan and Nee-san.

”That time…… Yuri-san handed this to me, saying that it’s a part of the clothes. She said that it looks good on me, saying that I would definitely be able to muster the courage. Though I’m already embarrassed when I’m wearing this……”

Sora-chan said while pointing at the silk ribbons adorning her hair.

From what Sora-chan said, the silk ribbons and the clothes should probably be in a set.

”Yuri-san probably wanted to hide this until my birthday. Since she hid it so well, I might never have found it.

The two sets of clothing placed together looked just like a mother and a daughter.

No, because this is the proof that they are mother and daughter.

Though Nee-san couldn’t hand the clothes to Sora-chan herself, Sora-chan still found out about it now. When I think about it, it’s like even Sako-senpai’s stubbornness was arranged by Nee-san. And I finally understood why Sora-chan was so unwilling to help out by doing cosplay all along.

”Sora-chan, why don’t you try it on?”


Sora-chan looked back at me in surprise.

The reason that I said so because I think that it’s something that Sora-chan would do naturally.

”Though it’s still some time before your fifteenth birthday, I think Nee-chan will definitely be very happy.”

Miu-chan, Hina, Nimura and Raika-san all nodded silently.

It’s so fortunate that Sako-senpai is unconscious at this moment.

Sora-chan looked at us with her face red, and then—

”…… ‘Kay!”

Sora-chan smiled and nodded.

We waited in anticipation during the period of time when Sora-chan returned to her room to change.

Of course, the set of clothes fitted Sora-chan extremely well.

The shy expression on Sora-chan’s face when she makes a pose charmed everyone.

”So cute. Yuuta, give her to me. I will treasure her very much.”

As Raika-san looked like she wanted to keep Sora-chan for herself, I hurriedly grabbed Sora-chan’s hand and snatched her back.

”No, not giving you.”

”W- Wait a minute, Onii-chan!”

Sora-chan flushed because of my actions, but I ignored that.

Though the slender body that I was hugging was still quite small, not having the volume when hugging Raika-san, she is still an important girl that I have to support with all my efforts.

”Oi-tan! Hina wants it two!”

Hey! Hina, don’t climb on me.

It seemed like Hina planned to ride on my shoulders forcibly.

Fine then, come on!

Carrying Hina on my shoulders with my left arm around Sora-chan’s shoulders, I waved at Miu-chan.

”Miu-chan, why don’t you come over as well?”

”…… Mnn~nn. I’ll pass, there’s not a camera now anyway.”

Miu-chan laughed softly after saying that.

”However…… Does this mean that you agree to the cosplay now, Onee-chan?”

After Miu-chan said that, Sora-chan turned around to look at me. Meeting Sora-chan’s gaze at a close distance made me smile.

Mnn? Isn’t Sora-chan’s face…… a bit too red? Is it because of flu……

I couldn’t help but start worrying.


”S- Seriously…… C- Can’t be helped, then. A- After all, the clothes that Yuri-san made me……. Can’t be wasted like this, and I can’t go to a convention with Onii-chan as well……”

Sora-chan’s mumblings would mean that she already agreed to us.

Raika-san gave me the thumbs up.

”Good job, Yuuta. Anticipate what I’ve promised you that day.”

After hearing Raika-san say that expressionlessly, Sora-chan, whose face was originally red, trembled for a moment.

”Onii-chan…… What does that mean?”

”Whooooooaaaaa! Where is Miu-sama and Hina-sama’s cosplay!”

Sako-senpai chose that terrible moment to awaken.

”…… I’ve changed my mind, since I already wore it today.”

”N- No, Sora-chan~”

Consoling Sora-chan’s bad mood gave me a huge headache after that.

Though it was already late night, since the school festival was soon approaching, the Hachiouji team returned to the college…… As for us, it was as though we were in the grace period after a hurricane.

”Alright, we’re going in.”

Hina and I were happily bathing in the bathtub.

”Splash! Ahahaha!”

Seeing the hot water splash out of the bathtub made Hina rather happy.

Though I don’t dislike a small bathroom, large ones are indeed better.

After all, it’s only like this that Hina and I can have the space to go in the bathtub together.

”Hina, you’ll have to soak your shoulders as well.”


Hina obediently soaked her body into the water, and then her whole body sank.

”Stop playing, I said till your shoulders.”

”Puhaa! Oi-tan, come pway too!”

”No, I’d rather not today.”

Actually, I have something to mull over today.

”Eh~ Why?”

”If you soak for too long, gills will grow near your throat.”


”That’s right. Aren’t there holes by a fish’s eyes? Those are gills.”

”Mnn~ Is gwowing giws bad?”

”Of course it’s bad. Think about it, things will fall out of it when you eat.”

”Uwaa! That’s bad! Oi-tan, let’s go out quick!”

Whoops, it seems like it’s too large of a bluff.

”Relax, Oi-tan knows a useful magic.”

”A magic?”

”That’s right. First, you have to soak your shoulders into the water and count till a hundred. You won’t grow gills if you do this when you bathe.”


Luckily, Hina is an obedient child.

And it looks like I successfully made Hina develop the habit of counting to a hundred when bathing as well.

”One~ Two~ Twee~ Four~ Five~……”

While listening to the comfortable rhythm of Hina counting, I fuzzily pondered about something.

About cosplay, the school festival, and what comes after that.

Though Sora-chan still agreed in the end, however……

I was actually completely clueless about Nee-san’s hobbies.

I even stayed together with her for so long now.

Miu-chan and Sora-chan probably know a lot more than me.

Would Hina, who would laugh and be scared of my nonsense right now, have things that she is unwilling for me to know, or say things like not willing to wash her clothes along with my underwear?

Speaking of which, the times of bathing together probably wouldn’t last long.

Uuu…… Even thinking of it gave me a blow.

”Will Hina stay Hina forever for Oi-tan?”

”…… Hmm?”

Hina looked at me in confusion.

After bathing, I have to dry Hina’s hair.

Since Hina’s hair is as long as Miu-chan’s, and there is a lot of it, the job is quite a long one.

”Uwaa~! Hot~”

”Hey! Hina, don’t move.”

To avoid Hina from getting a cold, I used the hair dryer to carefully dry Hina’s hair from the roots.

Having to take care of a girl’s hair like this makes me think that being a girl is really quite tough.

Just the hair would take such an effort when little, so it’ll be even worse when they’re older.

I couldn’t stand it even when I imagine it.

”Oi-tan, Hina is thiwsty~”

”Wait a moment more…… Okay, that’s about it. That’s fine.”


Hina immediately rushed out of the washroom.

On the other hand, after I sloppily dried my hair and changed into my cotton shirt used as pajamas, I walked out after Hina.

In the living room, there were Sora-chan who looked somewhat exhausted, and Miu-chan whose face was full of smiles.

”Hina is already done, so you two better go as well.”

”……. Mnn.”

Sora-chan, who already took of her cosplay clothes, seemed somewhat down.

”…… What is it?”

”Mnn~ I’m just a bit tired. I think I won’t take a bath today and just sleep.”

Is that so. It’s really hard on Sora-chan. And her face still seems red as well……

”Though she said that, she’s actually wishing not to forget the touch while she was embraced……”

Miu-chan said some incomprehensible words.

”…… Miu!”

Sora-chan shouted while raising her fist. Though I wasn’t too sure of what they meant, Sora-chan’s face was indeed quite red.

”Sora-chan, why don’t you take some cold medicine before sleeping? The school festival is on the day after tomorrow after all.”

I couldn’t help but start worrying. Did I tire Sora-chan too much?”

However, Sora-chan and Miu-chan both looked at me with a look of surprise on their faces…… And then they sighed.

”…… Thank you, but I’m fine…… Good night.”

”Mnn, good night.”

”Hina too! Hina wants to sleep two! Today…… Hina wants to sleep with Oi-tan!”

Hina is such a good girl. I stroked Hina’s head.

”Then we’ll go to sleep as well. Miu, hurry up and take a bath.”

”…… Fine~ Sigh~ Tough luck, Onee-chan.”

After saying yet another incomprehensible sentence, she walked towards the bathroom.

…… What were they talking about? Girls have quite a lot of secrets. After I thought of that, I sighed in the living room and turned off the lights.

”Onii-chan! Wake up!”

I was woke up by Sora-chan’s loud voice.

”Uuu…… What time is it……?”

”It’s seven. I made breakfast already, hurry up and eat.”

”Oh, mnn……”

I noticed that Miu-chan and the others were already by the dining table when I arrived at the living room.

”Good morning, Oji-san. It’s awesome today as well. Your hair.”

”Eh…… Is that so?”

”Oi-tan, afwo hair! Afwo hair!”

Whoops, I should’ve gone to the washroom first.

”Fine, fine, hurry up and sit down. Breakfast is ready now.”

”Err…… But I want to comb my hair first……”

”Deal with it after this!”

In the end, I ate breakfast in the state of having an afro.

”That’s right, thank you for yesterday. Things happened so suddenly.”

”It’s okay, things have already been decided anyways.”

Recently, Sora-chan’s efforts already helped me out a lot, so now that I have to trouble Sora-chan even with the matters of the school festival, I’m really quite sorry for this, to be honest. Even so, the problem is almost completely solved thanks to Nee-san’s clothes.

Thinking of that made me thank Nee-san in my heart as well.

”That’s right, Onii-chan. Here’s your bento.”

Sora-chan handed me a large package.

”Onii-chan, you’re going to prepare for your school festival today, right? I made a lot, so share them with your friends.”

”Why did you think of doing this?”

”Because Raika-san made dinner for us yesterday, so…... This is a gift in return, and includes the portion for Nimura-san and the others as well.”

Sora-chan said in slight embarrassment.

”Though they’re just frozen food and onigiris, I’ve tried them all!”

…… Indeed, Sora-chan is quite hardworking in this aspect. Unknowingly, her cooking skills improved a lot.

However…… She looked so exhausted yesterday, how worrisome……

As I was about to tell Sora-chan not to force herself……

”Nee-san, there seems to be an odd smell coming somewhere.”

”Eh…… Ahhh!”

After Miu-chan said that, Sora-chan hurriedly ran towards the stove.

”Ahh…… I messed up.”

A few completely charred fishes laid on the grill.

It seems like Sora-chan’s cooking still needs improvement.

Because of that, I took back the words that I was about to say.

Thinking back after that, I really regret my choice that time.

After sending Hina to the kindergarten, Sora went to her school as well.

Recently, Sora shouldered all the housework because of Yuuta’s business, so she was somewhat deprived of sleep. In reality, she would always feel sleepy at school.

And because so many things happened yesterday, I really couldn’t sleep…… So that’s why I woke up to make bento.

It’s all because Onii-chan did something like that…… Just thinking of that made Sora’s cheeks burn.

However, the school festival is soon approaching.

Will the time for me to be together with Onii-chan increase after the school festival ends…… While thinking of that, Sora-chan read cookbooks alone in her class, trying to increase her cooking skills.

”Takanashi-san, can I have a moment?”

The person who said that would be Tani Shuuji.

Though he is in the same class and club as Sora, he always gives the others the impression of always staying behind Daiki, and doesn’t usually stay in the spotlight.

”Err…… Is there anything wrong?”

Sora said somewhat nervously.

It seems like though Shuuji was somewhat favorable among the girls, he is still a male that she is bad at coping with to Sora.

”It’s about Daiki…… The fellow is acting strange lately. Do you know what is causing this?”

The completely clueless Sora shook her head.

”Is that so…… Sorry for asking you such a strange question.”

After saying that, Shuuji left from Sora’s seat.

Speaking of which, Daiki still has not come to school yet today.

Usually, Daiki would make trouble by saying ’Come back to the Choir Club!’ whenever he arrives, causing a huge hubbub…… But no matter what Daiki said, Sora did not have any intention of going back to the Choir Club.

Of course, it’s not because Sora dislikes the Choir Club.

It’s just that to Sora right now, compared with the choir, or even anything else, there is something that she should give more priority to.

”Will this make Onii-chan happy……”

While sticking labels on the cookbook, Sora said happily.

After sending Sora-chan and the others out, I walked out not long after that as well.

Tomorrow will be the big day, so we’d probably need to be very busy because of the preparations.

Thinking of this, it’s really thankful that Sora-chan made me a bento.

After I locked the entrance door and was about to set out, I noticed a familiar face standing at the entrance.

”Ehh…… You are……”

I remember that he’s one of Sora-chan’s classmates, and…… His surname seems to be Maeshima or something like that.

”Is there anything wrong? If you’re looking for Sora-chan, she’s already at school.”

”No. I’m here to look for you.”

Maeshima-kun said with a fierce expression on her face.


”What do you think of Sora?”

”How do I…… Wait a minute, I don’t understand what you mean.”

”Stop faking it!”

Maeshima-kun suddenly grabbed my collar.

My collar was grabbed my a middle schooler, and I was pressed on the entrance door.

”Takanashi, she- she is……!”

”M- Maeshima-kun……?”

I’m really confused.

Even so, I could understand that he is angry at me.

”It’s all your fault!”


”It’s all because of you that she can’t come back to the Choir Club!”

”Because of…… me?”


Maeshima-kun pushed me away and ran off.

As for me, I stood in front of the entrance, blankly watching him leave.

”What is with this……?”

How puzzling. But he’s still Sora-chan’s classmate, and worries for Sora-chan from the bottom of his heart.

At least that is right.

Then as he said, is it my fault that Sora-chan cannot return to ther club?

”Yuuta-san, what are you doing here?”

Oba-san was standing at my side from goodness knows when, looking at me, whose face was full of confusion.


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