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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 2 - Chapter 3

The pointer of the clock continued to move mercilessly, while the time for me to replenish my credits continued to decrease as well.

For me, who sighed in the campus that had a hint of coldness, numerous troubles were hidden in my heart.

For instance, this person.

”Danger! Segawa-kun!”

Ignoring the troubled people passing by, Sako-senpai rushed into the classroom while shouting.

The first years who gathered in the class gradually looked over in curiosity because of senpai’s voice as well.

”There’s not much time left! Look, the presence of the school festival is already filling the campus.”

Sako-senpai said anxiously in front of me and Nimura who was sitting beside me.

”Nimura-kun, who is this bespectacled fatty?”

”Segawa-kun, I had never seen a specky fatty like this as well.”

”Wai……! What’s with your reactions!”

Nimura and I looked at Sako-senpai as though we were looking at someplace far away.

”Oh? The specky fatty seems to have said something just now.”

”Segawa-kun, it’s very dangerous. I think it’s better if we distance ourselves from him. After all, it’s not good if he dirties our houses. And it’ll be troublesome if things mysteriously disappear from our fridges as well.”

”Ohhh!? You— You’re bearing a grudge, aren’t you! About the matter before this! No! But there’s no time for us to discuss these matters anymore! Be more mature! Face the crisis in the present! This is the time for the Road Observation Research Society to gather our strength!”

”What does he mean by bearing a grudge? I don’t really understand, Segawa-kun.”

”And by the way, why do I have this feeling of ’Having done such a thing, this guy actually still has the nerve to appear before us’? Nimura-kun. And also, it meant that I broke my promise to Sora-chan and the others that day.”

Forcibly dragging me away in the name of having a meeting, but starting to play the fool in the end— that person would be Sako-senpai.

The person who asked us to think of a way next week, but then forgot all about it to do other things was also Sako-senpai.

Just like that, of the two weeks that should have remained, only one week was left.

”By the way, the time for designing a party last time probably could be used to do a lot of other matters, isn’t that right, Segawa-kun?”

”Is that so? Shouldn’t we have some other things to do before gathering the Judo Club and asking Raika-san to do all those strange things?”

Even we couldn’t stand it anymore when things turn out like this. And actually, though Nimura is a considerate person easy to get along with, it might be because of that that he snapped when his carefully tidied comfortable lodging was messed up.

Facing our anger that was out of his anticipation, bean-sized beads of sweat kept appearing on Sako-senpai’s forehead.

”It is all my fault! I’ve let down the both of you!”

Finally, Sako-senpai could only use his secret technique • Begging for Mercy while Kneeling.

In the end, we still went to a coffee shop during lunch break to have an emergency Road Observation Research Society meeting.

Blending in with the numerous students looking for a cheap lunch, we occupied a table, undergoing our meeting while eating lunch at the same time. The only thing that made me rejoice was the fact that Raika-san came with us as well.

”Anyways, there isn’t any time left! Time!”

Sako-senpai, who caused Nimura and I to give in with his grand apology that caused everyone in class to look in disbelief, now seems like he had forgotten all about what happened before, shouting loudly while stuffing the pile of fries on his face into his mouth.

Senpai’s way of eating by gushing curry, fries and fried chicken, three types of food that is seriously imbalanced in nutrition, with coffee, is extremely unhealthy. I felt full just by looking at him eat.

”I will not refuse to help at this critical moment, but not having enough time is an undeniable fact. And we don’t have enough people helping out as well, as we’re the only ones after all.”

”Mnn, Nimura-kun is correct. Your focus is spot on. Here’s a reward.”

Sako-senpai threw a french fry into Nimura’s bento. No matter how you look at it, he’s really too much of a cheapskate.

By the way, Nimura’s lunch was smoked salmon and bagels made from onions, along with basil sauce.

Of course, all of them were made by himself. He’s meticulous, as usual.

”…… Impossible.”

Raika-senpai said in a soft voice.

”Oda-kun, this is the time when we have to rack our brains to think of a way, so don’t give these negative comments. As punishment, I will confiscate your mini hamburger……”

”Think again.”


Sako-senpai’s hand that was extended because of a malicious intention was stabbed by Raika-san using a fork without even batting an eyelid.

After that, senpai took out a new fork and continued her meal indifferently. It seems like senpai prepares a spare just for these situations. No matter it’s about this or her harisen, Raika-san is a really unpredictable person.

Ignoring Sako-senpai who was rolling around in pain beside us, we continued our discussion.

”I agree with Raika-san as well. It’s impossible for us to finish if we start now.”

”…… But it’s a pity for the freshmen next year if they’re unable to join the school festival.”

Things are indeed as Raika-san said, though the prerequisite is that there are freshmen willing to join Roary.

”Oda-senpai. By the way, is there anything that Roary can give out during the school festival in the first place?”

Nimura’s question was quite reasonable, however……

”Yuuta’s observation reports.”

”Errr, and that is……?”

”Yuuta likes breasts. He kept staring at breasts during the period of observation. Should we report about this?”

Raika-senpai adjusted her shirt on her chest while speaking expressionlessly.

Naturally, the gazes of the people in the student’s restaurant were focused here, but not sure if it’s lucky or unlucky, senpai wore a T-shirt below her clothes, so not too much of a problem was caused. However, the blow that I took was another story.

S- Senpai noticed!? M- M- My love…… Is facing a crisis!?

”But that isn’t anything special for men, so it’s probably meaningless even if you report this.”

”Is that so, what a pity.”

With a wry smile on his face, Nimura helped me stop Raika-san, thanks a lot…… My gratitude for him is worth about two servings of Häagen-Dazs, I suppose.

”D- Don’t mess around! Let’s do something that has more of a festival feel! I have always wanted to start a students’ takoyaki stall or something like that! A haunted house designed for couples sounds nice as well!”

”It’s probably too late for us to start preparing for that now. Besides, the place that we requested for is a classroom.”

”The events that we’re planning are first come first served, while not clashing events with the other clubs is an iron rule.”

That was how Raika-san explained it. Errr, does that mean that all the things that we could possibly do were all taken by other clubs?

Reaching a dead end would refer to a situation like this. Nimura and I exchanged gazes and shrugged.

’Bam’ Just at that moment, the sound of someone banging the table rang in the restaurant.

”Hmph! You guys don’t understand at all! If there’s no time, then just think of something that can be done in the remaining time!”

The people near the table were speechless, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at Sako-senpai.

”Ah…… Err……”

For a moment, I felt that Sako-senpai seemed to have said something of a maxim, but when I thought about it carefully, it was just an extremely irresponsible conclusion.

”Does that mean you want us to do things sloppily……”

”No, no! Absolutely not!”

Sako-senpai denied in agitation.

”How can you deny my wish to do my best in a limited time by saying that I want you to do things sloppily?”

Sako-senpai pounded the table and stood up, saying in a loud voice.

”That’s right. For example, art is refined because of the existence of strict constraints. Which means, it could be said that our current situation is an excellent opportunity!”

It was like Sako-senpai turned into a dictator for a certain country, giving a speech in agitation.

”However, it was Kaichou who wasted our time in the first place.”

”Ohh!? That’s absolutely correct!”

The extremely spirited Sako-senpai was defeated by Raika-san’s one sentence.

”Uuu~…… I admit my mistake, I won’t do it next time…… So let us think of a way together……”

Seeing senpai’s pathetic look while he cried lying on the table, it really makes people sympathize with him.

”We understand, senpai.”


”Let’s think of something that can be prepared in a week.”

”A- Are you willing to? You are willing to help a detestable and ugly fat pig like me?”

Errr…... You really don’t need to reproach yourself like that.

”We’re in Roary together after all.”

Declaring something that felt too optimistic, even to me, really felt rather embarrassing.

”Se…… Se…… Segawa-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!”

”Gyaaaaaaaaaaah! Snooooooooooooot!”

Being publicly embraced tightly by senpai who was almost moved to tears, I immediately regret saying what I said just now.

That evening.

”Hello? This is the Takanashi residence~♪”

The phone in the living room of the Takanashi residence rang, while Sora who was reading silently in the living room heard Miu politely answered the phone.

”Ah! What~ It’s just Oji-saaaan~”


At the instant when she found out that Yuuta was on the phone, Sora got anxious immediately.

”Mnn, mnn…… Eh~ Yet again~?”

”W- Wait, Miu!”

Being unable to frankly say ‘Let me talk’, Sora was burning in anxiety behind her sister.

”Fine, got it. That’s all.”

Though Miu was aware of her sister’s reaction long ago, she still hung up directly.

”Ah…… Ahhh……”

”Oji-san said that he can’t come back today as well.”

Miu declared to her crestfallen sister.

”What a pity, Onee-chan.”

”W- What pity!”

”Well, since we finally finished the curry yesterday, haven’t you been thinking of what to make next while giggling?”

”I did not giggle!”

”Then what does the book say?”


Sora hurriedly hid the cookbook that was stuck full of memos.

”T- That’s not important! Miu, did you take out Onii-chan’s clothes that have to be washed again?

”Well, it feels strange to wash the clothes along with Oji-san’s undergarments.”

”Don’t be so stubborn! Wouldn’t we be wasting water if we wash it a few times?”

”That’s why I said that it’s better to wash it in one go after Oji-san’s clothes pile up……”


”Uuu~ Okay, fine.”

Miu who was berated by her sister looked rather unsatisfied.

”Listen, if you do it again, I’ll ask Onii-chan to reduce your pocket money.”


It seems like the deduction of Miu’s pocket money troubled her quite a lot. Thus, disregarding her displeasure, she still assented by saying: “Alright.”

”For some reason~ I really feel like you’re becoming more and more like Yuri-san recently.”

”Eh…… I- Is that so?”

”Yes, you look exactly the same as her when you said ’wasting water’ just now.”

Though Miu wanted to tease Sora with her statement, Sora was unexpectedly happy with that, and even looked rather shy.

”Ah…… Is that so…… I’m becoming more and more like Yuri-san…… Ehehe.”

”Wait a minute, Onee-chan, why are you so happy?”

”Eh? I- I’m not happy.”

Though she said that, Sora still couldn’t refrain from a smile surfacing on her face.

”Really…… I’m like Yuri-san…… Ehehe……”

As though she was looking at an alien species, Miu looked at her giggling sister.

”Alright! Hina, let’s go out to buy something.”

Being called all of a sudden, Hina who was busy playing with her bunny doll looked rather confused.

”Buy stuff?

”Mnn. Today, as long as it’s something that Hina likes, I’ll buy anything for you.”

”Really! Hina wants a hanburger!”

”Okay~ Then let’s go.”


In a good mood, Sora immediately prepared to go out.

”Miu, you have to go as well. Hurry up and finish your preparations.”

Miu could only shrug in helplessness as she understood that saying anything to her sister right now would just be a waste of breath.

It seems like she flipped a certain switch in Sora’s heart.

”Okay, okay……”

It seems like dinnertime would be hectic yet again.

After contacting Sora-chan and the others, I walked back to the clubroom with heavy footsteps.

We planned to undergo our meeting until daybreak.

As I already said to Sako-senpai that we’re ‘doing it’, naturally I can’t just finish things sloppily.

”We must have a general theme by daybreak, and then we must list out the items that we need…...”

Just thinking about it made me feel that there is a mountain of tasks for us to do.


When I was about to step on the staircase leading to the club building, Raika-san called me.

”Eh? What is it?”

”Kaichou told us to buy some things along the way.”

”Ah, that’s right.”

Since we’re going to have a meeting until daybreak, naturally we would need snacks and beverages.

”Then let’s go.”

Raika-san nodded slightly without an expression on her face, and then she walked forwards.

In the campus where the sun is setting slowly, only a few people were left, giving people a slightly lonesome feeling.

”Is it really okay letting Hina-chan and the others stay home like this?”

Raika-san asked suddenly.

”Ah…… To be frank, I’m a bit worried.”

I answered honestly.

”Even so, Sora-chan put in a lot of effort in helping out with the housework, so……”

”Is that so……”

”Ah, that’s right, that’s right, Hina can bathe and wash her hair herself now, though she must still wear a shower cap and would leave a lot of bubbles. Even so, she is still determined to bathe herself……”

Unknowingly, I was already happily chatting away about Hina.

After that, I mentioned that Sora-chan’s cooking is getting better and better, Miu-chan is actually scared to be alone, and often sneaks into Sora-chan or Hina’s room to sleep together at night.

On the road leading to the convenience store, I kept chattering on.

In some people’s eyes, those must be some rather unimportant matters. However, Raika-san still quietly listened to me speak.

We, who have to burn the midnight oil yet again, and must discuss about the event with Raika-san joining the discussion as well, found an answer in our lethargy and sleepiness, and the answer was a truth found through the elimination method.

Now that most of the clubs and societies had already decided on their activity, our options were extremely limited.

”Here are the results of our discussions…… Probably, the ones left that we can do are only these.”

First, a cafe. (But since both maid café and jazz café had been chosen by someone, so we can’t do them)

Second, a free of charge statement of our research, showing the controversial photos that Raika-san collected in the school.

Third, Raika-san’s cosplay photography session.

”I personally think that the third one is the best! And we can replenish our financial status as well!”

As the person who suggested the photography session, Sako-senpai kept puffing air from his nose while giving his opinions, but Raika-san’s answer was quite crisp as well.

”It’s not that I can’t, but the clothes are expensive.”

That’s right, from the results that we found from the internet when we were in discussion, most of the clothes used in cosplays were very expensive. Added to the fact that Raika-san’s figure is too great, it seemed like almost none of the ready-made clothes would fit.

”Uuu…… We probably don’t have enough time to order tailor made ones……”

Though Sako-senpai moaned at a side in pity, I fell in a bad mood just imagining Raika-san surrounded by countless people like Sako-senpai, so that’s why it’s a good thing for me that the proposal couldn’t be accepted.

And by the way, I must say something necessary as well.

”As for the second proposal, I would like to object with the reason of portrait rights.”

”Why? I have a lot of photos of Yuuta.”

With her expression calm, not even moving her brows, Raika-san looked at me while saying that.

Well of course, they include me staring at a cat’s ears H book, me all tied up and so on.

It’s no big deal if they just stay in Raika-san’s own collection, but I think it’s better if they’re not made public.

”Then…… We can only choose the café. But we must think of a gimmick for something like this.”

”This is a more unproblematic way, so let’s use this then.”

When Nimura and I reached a consensus with senpais’ consent, we roughly reaffirmed the contents of the activity.

The crisis of a lack of time because of Sako-senpai was finally solved, while the senpais then decided to look for the school festival committee members to hand in our documents.

And I originally planned to go for my classes as well, however……

Raika-san unexpectedly stopped me.

”Yuuta, it’s best if you go home first. Hina-chan and the others would worry about you.”

”Just leave the matters of your attendance to me. Don’t worry, just remember to send my regards to Miu-sama for me.”

Sako-senpai promised to help heartily as well. Though it’s inevitable that there would be a hint of unease in my heart, about matters like this, senpai probably…… can be trusted.

Just like that, I went on my way home after handing all my problems to the bespectacled fatty.

After walking out from the Ikebukuro station and climbing the small slope in front of my house, the familiar rooftop of my home came into view. At the same time, I saw three silhouettes walking out of the entrance as well.

It seems like I barely made it home before they went to school.


The first person who noticed me was Hina.

Hina ran over to me, hugging me with her whole body. It was a reunion that moved me slightly.


Ah~ How incredible, HIna’s dazzling smile could actually let my exhausted body feel vigor as well.

”Oi-tan! Welcome home!”

”I’m back…… Oi-tan is serious…… Very serious……”

Though I felt like I could barely stand, I still supported myself with all my effort.

”Oji-san, thanks for your hard work.”

”M- Miu-chan……”

”Ah! Oji-san, you didn’t bathe yesterday, right? Don’t come too close to me~”


Reality is merciless. Even so, since they’re welcoming me home with a smile, a small thing like this doesn’t matter.

”Oi-tan, Oi-tan!”

”Hmm? What’s the matter, Hina?”

Hina pressed her face closer, while I hugged her neck.

”A kiss for you~”

After saying that, she kissed my cheek just like last time.


I was so moved that I almost fainted right on the spot.

That was a genuine surprise. Even though it’s something that an immature kid called Takashi-kun taught her, I’ll forgive him for now. And because of a change of kindergarten, Hina won’t see that kid again anyway!

”Hina likes Oi-tan the most!”

I couldn’t help but embrace Hina tightly, rubbing my cheek against Hina’s.

Hina laughed cheerfully as well, with a smile that would evaporate all lethargy in the world.

”Oh please, when are you going to stop?”

Sora-chan’s icy gaze put a stop to this extremely happy moment.

”Good morning, I’m back.”


Though I just wanted to brightly greet Sora-chan, she just turned her face away in displeasure.

”Miu, Hina, you’ll be late if you don’t hurry.”


”Oi-tan, bye bye~”

Hina waved to me while holding Sora-chan’s hands.

Ah, they’re going out now. When I thought about that, I couldn’t help but feel a hint of loneliness in my heart.

”That’s right.”

Sora-chan suddenly stopped and turned around to say.

”The dishes leftover yesterday are kept in the fridge. Eat them if you feel like it.”

Sora-chan left quickly after saying that.


In the end, it seems like Sora-chan still kept a portion of dinner for me.

I’m really too happy.

Ah~ I couldn’t refrain a smile from reaching my face.

But at that moment, I shivered all of a sudden, feeling the presence of someone at my back as well.


When I had a closer look, I saw a silhouette looking at me with a sharp gaze.

It was the high school girl that gave people a traditional feel that I met before this.

Her gaze was even fiercer than before, glaring at me as though she wanted to curse me to death.

What to do? Should I greet her……? Or……

At the moment when I hesitated on what to do, the high school girl marched towards me with large steps.

And after she glared at me even more ferociously……

”You pervert! I will definitely look for evidence, saving the children from your paws!”


I had completely no idea what she meant by that.

When I was still stunned in confusion, the high school girl had already walked far away.

”W- What’s with this……?”

Did my fuzzy brain cause me to see an illusion? But it doesn’t seem to be the first time that this happened……

I forgot to walk into the house, standing blankly without moving. But even if I stand there like that, I was still completely clueless, and couldn’t think of anything.

After that time, I often saw the silhouette of the high school girl near my house.

Sometimes, she would look like a maid eavesdropping on her employer’s secrets, while she would look like a sister hiding somewhere to cheer on her brother who dreams of being a professional baseball player…… In any case, her behavior was like that of a stalker.

Plus, after something like that happened last time, she probably wouldn’t talk to me anymore.

I tried to discuss with Nimura about the matter.

”If that’s so, she is probably in love with you.”

And that was how he answered me. If it were to be him, things might really be so.


I, who wore black pants in place of my usual jeans, denied Nimura’s opinion without further ado.

”Besides, her expression when she glared at me was extremely fierce, so it’s impossible for things to be like that.”

”I beg to differ. After all, the girl kept paying attention to you, didn’t she?”

”That’s not wrong, but……”

”Then it’s certain that she cares for you especially.”

While buttoning his shirt and putting on a black vest over it, Nimura tied a black sash on his waist. On Nimura, instead of saying that that his attire fits very well, it’s better to say that it’s tailored exactly to suit him.

”I’m done. Segawa-chan, what do you think?”

”Wait a minute, my tie just refuses to get tied properly.”

”Let me have a look.”

With Nimura’s help, I finally managed to tie my tie neatly.

If someone asks us why we’re dressing up like this, I can only say that these are all preparations for the café that Roary is going to have during the school festival.

”Segawa-chan, you look pretty good in this.”

Nimura gazed at my appearance of a waiter while saying.

”It feels ridiculous when you’re the one who says that.”

”How can you say that? It’s true.”

Though this guy talks somewhat frivolously, he’s still quite a handsome man when he’s not talking. Having a tall, slim figure, his good looking appearance as a waiter is breathtaking even in my eyes as a male.

After saying all that, I think I must explain a bit about our situation right now in order.

Firstly, what is this place?

We walked west from the Hachiouji station, turning into a small alley at a place full of pubs.

Walking further into the alley that gave people a dangerous feeling, we reached the coffee shop that we are at right now. The shop owner here seems to be an old friend of Sako-senpai’s, and thus we came here to work part time, getting some experience of working at a café for the school festival along the way.

When I put it that way, people might think that Nimura and I actively wished to do so, but as usual, we were led here while knowing nothing, and were requested to put on a waiter’s uniform after a very brief explanation.

”You’re too slow.”

As soon as we walked out from behind the shop, Sako-senpai immediately complained to us.

”It can’t be helped, it’s my first time wearing something like this……”

Just when I was about to rebuke him……

”Well! Well well well well well!”

A man who kept repeating the word ‘Well’ approached us. That’s right, a man.

No matter in whose eyes, that person is a man, a tall, burly man with thick stubbles.

”They fit you two very~ well[1]!”

Even so, this person spoke in an extremely feminine manner, having lipstick on his large mouth and mascara painted above his eyelashes as well. Though the style his clothes was similar to ours, there were some embroidery added on it, giving it a glittery feel.

And the strange burly man is the owner of this shop, Hiromi-chan.

I don’t know his surname, and am not even sure if Hiromi is his real name, as I only knew of his name after he winked at me while saying ‘Just call me Hiromi-chan’ the instant when we met.

”What do you think, Hiromi-chan? These two have potential, right?”

”That’s true, both of them are fine men. As expected of Shun-chan, you have fine tastes.”

By the way, I only found out that Sako-senpai’s given name is Shuntarou just now as well. Though this is completely irrelevant.

”And so, I hope that Segawa-kun and Nimura-kun will learn how to be a true waiter at Hiromi-chan’s shop here.”

”A question!”

”What is it, Segawa-kun?”

”Assuming that I give in a hundred steps and treat this as waiter training…… But if you really have to say it, this shop, err…… opens at night?”

”That’s right, the shop is open from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. the next day.”

Hiromi-chan answered unhesitatingly.

”Plus, instead of saying that this is a café, isn’t this place more like a pub?”


Sako-senpai started to chuckle all of a sudden.

”That is exactly my main selling point!”

”Selling point……?”

”Mnn, most of the people who are known as college students longs to embrace the adult world, drink booze, smoke, work part time, and so on! That’s what I’m aiming for! If the café that we Roary are starting gives off a more mature feel, customers would definitely keep flowing! And our pockets will go ‘ka-ching, ka-ching’ as well!”

Sako-senpai made a circle with his thumb and index finger, speaking words that were long outdated. By the way, what kind of café is senpai planning to do……

”And also, we have a rare talent like Nimura-kun as well. If we use him as our attraction, female customers would definitely flock to the café!”

”I’m very~ clear about Sako-senpai’s thoughts now. If so, it’s okay even if I don’t work h……”

”You dimwit! Since Nimura-kun has to serve the customers, work like making the coffee and tea would of course land on you, Segawa-kun!”

Oh, I see now.

Nimura would be a panda used to attract customers, while I would be the one doing odd jobs.

Even so, considering the acceptance of females, I am not Nimura’s match even if you turn me upside down, so this is still a reasonable distribution of work.

Looking from another perspective, being in charge behind the scenes might be easier as well.

”Be more confident. I believe that you can fare quite well after some training as well~”

”Err…… Can you please stop touching my chest here and there……”

After shifting my attention from Hiromi-chan’s warm gaze, a question suddenly surfaced in my heart.

”That’s right. If so, what do Sako-senpai and Raika-san have to do?”

”Mnn, we are refining a plan distinguished from other cafes.”

”…… Plan? What plan?”

”That’s a secret.”

Is it possible that…… The said secret actually means he didn’t think of anything at all? It might turn out to be a butler café in the end.

When I think about it, senpai might just slip away to the maid café of the Manga Club in the name of inspection.

As Sako-senpai can’t be trusted, I turned around and looked at Raika-san’s, trying to ask for her assistance.

At that moment, Raika-san was eating the cake that Hiromi-chan just served her in small mouthfuls.

Raika-san noticed my gaze, and then……

”Not for you.”

She expressionlessly moved the cake again. Is the food in this shop actually unimaginably delicious?

”Err, I don’t mean that……”

Now that it seems like Raika-san was bribed, though I’m not sure what Sako-senpai is up to, we have no other alternative but to work at Hiromi-chan’s shop for now.

”Oh well. Let’s do our best, Segawa-chan.”

Nimura said optimistically.

”Ho~ Hohoho! Don’t worry. I(atashi) will definitely~ teach • you • well ♪”

Do you have to keep fondling my chest……

Hearing Hiromi-chan’s laughter that was like the tinkle of a silver bell, it seems like a night of suspicion is just starting in Hachiouji.

At the same time Yuuta’s chastity is under danger……

Sora is feeling a similar sense of crisis as well.

In a deserted music room after school, there were silhouettes of two delicate girls present.

”Um, err…… Please don’t do this…… Okae-senpai.”

”It’s okay, Sora-chan. Just leave everything to me……”

”B- But……”

”Here, hold this. That’s right, gently…… But you have to hold it firmly…… Ahh, just like that. A bit lower…… Right, there, just there…… Put your name……!”

”Wa- Wait a minuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!”

Just when the two were going to cross the final line, Maeshima Daiki rushed inside after kicking the door open with a force that almost broke it.

While Sora hurriedly covered her chest as though she suddenly came to her senses, cowering in the arms of the Choir Club president, Okae Kiyomi.

”What do you think you’re doing, Maeshima? Stop meddling.”

Kiyomi said while shrugging.

”W- What meddling, and what do you think you’re doing, Buchou!”

”As you can see, I am requesting someone to sign the club application form.”

”The atmosphere just now doesn’t seem to be like that no matter how you look at it.”

As Shuuji said, Kiyomi was hugging Sora from behind, trying to force Sora to sign the club application form with a rather rough method. Add extraordinary brute strength to a thought pattern incomprehensible to the common man, and you would get the club president before our eyes. The more troubling issue is, Kiyomi’s action did not have even a hint of malice, while Sora admires the motivation and personality of the club president, and that resulted in the situation where Daiki came to the rescue.

”I don’t think a matter like forcing someone to sign is right!”

”Don’t put it that way, I’m just wishing for the matters done to be unable to be undone.

”Isn’t that the same! And wasn’t the person who said that we can’t do things recklessly you, Buchou! And also, you’re a bit too close to Takanashi!”

”Heh heh~ Are you jealous?”


Looking at Kiyomi who was wantonly stroking Sora’s body, Daiki could only grit his teeth.

”I’ll just use this chance to make this clear, I like cute girls the most!”

Even so, the declaration wasn’t really surprising, while everyone who heard those words wore an expression saying ‘Fine, fine’. That is because the fact that this club president is an oddball is similar to the fact that we must stop when the traffic lights turn red, a fact known to all.

”It was because I wanted a lot of cute girls like Takanashi-san to stand in a row before my eyes that I became the president of the Choir Club. However, the cute Takanashi-san had left, leaving dumb things that don’t even have a hint of cuteness like Daiki in the club! Daiki even got out of control recently! If so, isn’t it best if I just bring the cute Takanashi-san back here with my own hands! After all, she is so cute!”

Every time she heard the word ‘cute’, Sora who was in Kiyomi’s arms would blush and cower.

”So sorry for not being cute! And also, you became the club president just for a reason like this!”

”Can there be any other reason!”

Completely ignoring Sora’s presence, Kiyomi and Daiki continued their meaningless argument.

Finally, Sora spoke after being unable to hold herself back anymore.

”Erm…… I think…… I still can’t rejoin the club……”

”Why!? Is it because this idiot troubling you!?”

”Is it because you hate Buchou’s sexual harassment!?”

Daiki and Kiyomi said at the same time while pointing at each other.

Sora shook her head.

”My departure caused everyone a lot of trouble. If I wish to return yet again, a thing like this…… I can’t do it. When I left, I only decided…… after mustering a lot of courage.”

Sora said in a weak voice.

Seeing Sora’s forlorn appearance, even Daiki and Kiyomi couldn’t force her anymore.

Having the timid and shy Sora to muster her courage and say all these, it caused the two to be unable to say anything in rebuttal.

”And also, I’m already busy with matters at home.”

”…… Takanashi-san, are you still living with your uncle right now?”

Not saying anything before this, Youko inquired.

”Erm, yes.”

”What is your uncle working as? Is he still unmarried?”

”Err, well…… Onii-chan is…… Wait, that’s not right! Oji-san is still a college student, that’s why……”

”C- College student……?”

The one who reacted to her words was Daiki.

Uh oh, was what Sora thought in her heart due to Daiki’s reaction.

Aside from her teacher, this matter was originally a secret to everyone, but because of Sora’s unwillingness for other people to have meaningless worries for her, and she doesn’t wish for…… Other people to have inappropriate delusions. If so, it might cause trouble to Yuuta, after all.

If this goes on, Yuuta’s matters would be thoroughly dug out by the others, so Sora could not conceal the wavering in her heart.

”S- Sorry!”

After shouting loudly, Sora dashed out of the room, while the speed of her escape caused almost all of the Choir Club members present to be dumbfounded.

”An uncle who is a college student……”

”And also, she called him Onii-chan just now.”

Shuuji and Youko said in turn. Something is fishy, the thought surfaced in each person’s mind.

”Well…… We’ll have to do some detailed investigations about this.”

Kiyomi spoke as though she was representing all of the people present who held doubts.

At the same time when the bell signifying the end of classes rang, I woke up from my state of dozing off as well.

I, who worked at the coffee shop until late night yesterday and missed the last train because of that, unceremoniously refused Hiromi-chan’s invitation for me to stay overnight at his shop, and I slept at Nimura’s place in the end.

Just like that, I went for class after taking just a short nap.

After the long day ends, I can finally go home now.

No matter what, I must get hope first. Period! I vowed to myself in my heart when I walked out of the classroom.

”Segawa-ku~n ♪”

As soon as I walked out of the classroom, I straightaway bumped into Sako-senpai, who wore a smile that anyone would find suspicious at first glance. Sako-senpai pressed his face that gave off an oily glister, and spoke to me:

”I want to ask you for a favor……”


”That quick!? At least hear me out!”

”Utterly refused.”

”Darn…… If so, then I’ll kidnap you as usua…… Guwagh!?”

Just at the moment Sako-senpai was planning to blow on his whistle to summon the Rugby Club members, what came to my rescue was a harisen…… No, it was Raika-san.

”Yuuta, leave this place to me.”

”Raika-san, thank you!”

”Don’t mention it. To repay me, let me go out with Hina-chan for a day.”

”…… I will consider it.”

In the end, Raika-san did it just to fulfill her selfish desires. Even so, her condition could be said as favorable to me. As for the date, I hope to add the condition of letting me tag along as well. While thinking about all these in my mind, I stepped on the road leading home. In any case, I just want to have a nice long sleep after seeing the three sisters at home.

When I reached Ikebukuro after an hour’s journey, it wasn’t the time for the sun to set yet.

I immediately sent a message to Sora-chan and Miu-chan.

’I’m reaching home soon.’

I explained my current situation with just a short sentence.

I am actually not that good at doing things like writing emails or letters, so the contents of my writing always have that feel to them. Of course, I don’t know how to use various emoticons as well.

I received a reply message not five minutes after I sent it.

”It’s Miu-chan’s…… Hmmm…… Let’s see……”

The message that Miu-chan sent was labeled with a title of ’Emergency Situation!’.

It made me open the text message in anxiety, and the contents were—

Right now, Hina would be sent to a small kindergarten at the outskirts of the Ikebukuro district.

Though the kindergartens at Hachiouji could be said as top notch, the kindergartens here are first class as well.

I, who came to fetch Hina, walked past the unexpectedly wide kindergarten forecourt, heading to the classrooms.

”Sensei, good~ bye~”

I saw a boy turning around to wave vigorously at the young caretaker as he was about to leave.

On the other hand, there was a female that seemed to be the boy’s mother waiting outside the door, and she hugged the boy who ran towards her.

It was a scene that would make people smile naturally.

With her gaze full of pleasure, the young caretaker watched the boy leave as well.


I greeted the caretaker somewhat nervously.

”Ahh, Segawa-san.”

The caretaker directed a smile at me.

She is the teacher in charge of taking care of Hina at the new kindergarten after we moved to the Takanashi residence.

Though I feel bad for Hina because of the frequent moving, so that HIna would be able to blend into a new environment successfully and go for her classes happily, the caretaker over here probably put in a lot of effort.

”It seems like Oji-san hasn’t been fetching Hina for quite some time now.”

”Mnn…… Yeah……”

Lately, the job of fetching Hina home almost always falls onto the shoulders of Sora-chan and Miu-chan.

People might think that I, who keep letting a primary schooler and a middle schooler to do all this, am a terrible guardian.

As for Miu-chan, it seems like she is in a situation when it’s hard for her to leave school as well.

Because of that, she sent that message asking me to fetch Hina.

I even thought that something terrible happened because of Miu-chan labeling it as an emergency situation.

Even so, it’s fortunate that I’m able to come home earlier today as well……



As soon as she saw me, Hina rushed over like a cannonball.

”Hi- Hina…… Didn’t I tell you that it’s dangerous dashing here like this……”

”Ah! I forgod.”

Well, people do make mistakes, after all. I’ll disregard this matter this time.

”Oi-tan is fetching me today?”

”Oh, that’s right. We’ll have to buy some things before going home as well.”

”Buy stuff! Hina’s tweats!”

”Not really, we’re buying the materials needed for dinner.”

That was what Miu-chan asked me to do as well.


When she heard that we’re not going to buy her treats, Hina’s face immediately fell.

”Relax, Oi-tan will buy Hina’s treats as well.”


I’m really a guardian who spoils his kids.

But thinking of the various troubles that arise daily, it made me feel like satisfying Hina’s small wishes as well.

I brought Hina to a supermarket nearby.

To buy the things that we would need in the near future, the items that I placed into my shopping basket were mainly discounted food and frozen food.

The amount food that a family of four needs in a week is quite considerable.

Though I forgot all about it before this, for me, who almost didn’t sleep from yesterday, the weight is quite difficult to endure.

Plus, Hina kept pestering me to let her sit on my shoulders, not knowing where she learnt about that. And my decision to let Hina on my shoulders in surrender is really a huge mistake, because Hina wasn’t willing to come down after that.

With my hands stuffed full of shopping bags and a three year old toddler on my shoulders, it was really a rather challenging muscle training. It really isn’t something that anyone should try after burning the midnight oil. At the moment I was about to go home after finishing my shopping, Miu-chan sent a message to me yet again.

And the content was…… Another surprising request.

’Come over and pick me up!’

It was both brief and clear. Though the instructions on it were quite simple, the more troubling matter is that the reason for it wasn’t written. Wouldn’t that be worrisome?

Naturally, I couldn’t just leave it aside, and thus I walked towards the primary school that Miu-chan studies in.

Though the dangers of a young man sneaking into the school grounds of a primary school flit past my mind, since Hina is tagging along, I probably wouldn’t be labeled as a suspicious person, alerting the police.

”Over here!”

Even so, my worries were unfounded, as Miu-chan was waiting for me at the school entrance.

Miu-chan waved at me, while I quickened my footsteps as though I was urged.

For some reason, a crowd of boys surrounded Miu-chan as well.

…… And anyways, for what reason did Miu-chan call me over here?

Before I spoke my question, Miu-chan unusually leaned on me somewhat affectionately.

”You’ve been really too slow, Yuuta-san~”

”Oh, sorry, sorry…… Um, Yuuta-san?”

That seemed to be the first time Miu-chan called me by name.

But why at this moment……

”Let me introduce to you all, this person is my, Miu’s, boy~ friend~”

Miu-chan said while hooking her arm with mine.

”B- Boyfriend…… meaning.”

”Miu-chan’s boyfriend……!”

In a flash, all of the boys gathered here seemed to have suffered a serious blow.

”Miu-san! Didn’t you tell me that you like me!”

”Of course, I like Yoshiki-kun as well. However, I like you more as a friend……”

”H- How can this be……”

Yoshiki-kun’s face fell in disappointment.

I was finally clear about the situation, more or less.

The primary school boys gather here seems to be rivals in love competing for Miu-chan.

And because the situation turned too complicated, Miu-chan called me over here.

If they realize that their true rival is a man way older than them, they can’t continue to argue…… That’s probably it.

”T- This incompetent looking man is not good enough for Miu-chan!”

”Hey! Look here, kid!”

I couldn’t help but rebut the kid who said that I’m ‘incompetent’ while cockily pointing at me.

”That’s right! An ossan with a kid like him isn’t good enough for Miu-san at all!”

”Who are you calling an ossan! And the child is……”

They probably misunderstood because Hina was sitting on my shoulders, even so…… That was really quite hurtful.

The boys present started to argue about who is the most suitable for Miu-chan.

Just at that moment, Miu-chan lowered her head looking somewhat melancholic……

”Indeed. Though this person is gentle, he is somewhat incompetent, slow and indecisive. When we went to eat sushi, he only has the financial ability to bring me for sushi-go-round……”

”Erm, Miu-chan……”

There are some things that can’t be said just because they are the truth.

”Even so, just because of this, he cannot lose me!”

Realistic acting would probably refer to a situation like this.

”I am happy because of everyone’s thoughts……. However, I am sorry.”

When I looked closer, I could even see beads of tears glistening in Miu-chan’s eyes.

Seeing a beautiful girl look like that before their eyes, the immature kids were all shocked…… Then, after saying things like ‘I won’t give up’, ‘I’ll keep waiting for you’ and the like, they gradually left, while Miu-chan called each of their names in apparent gratitude.

Errr…… Am I at the press conference for a retiring idol?

Though I’m the one present who should be the most shocked, that matter gave me a mystifying sense of heartbrokenness.

After all of them left, Miu-chan let go of my arm, lightly twirled in a circle and returned to our previous distance.

Miu-chan pressed her index finger on her cheek in slight guilt, cutely sticking her tongue out for a moment.

”Ehehe☆ Thanks, Oji-san. You helped out a lot.”

”Miu-chan, I have a lot to say to you……”

”Really. Being angry at such~ a cute lover, how mean~”

”I say……”

”Miu Nee-tan, what’s a boyfan?”

”I’ll tell Hina when Hina is older.”

As though nothing had happened, Miu-chan stepped on the road leading home in front of us. It seems like she’s already used to being confessed to by countless boys.

Though I really felt like saying a word or two, as Miu-chan naturally took one of the shopping bags in my hands, it made me lose the chance of speaking.

…… It’s easy for men to misunderstand your consideration, Miu-chan.

When the three of us reached home, we saw a few pairs of unfamiliar shoes arranged at the entrance, and casual footwear for males were among them, while Sora-chan’s familiar loafers were there as well.

”Wa~ How unusual! They’re probably Onee-chan’s friends.”

Miu-chan who saw the shoes said after thinking for awhile.

”Oi-tan, Hina is hungwy~ Let’s eat the snacks~”

I walked towards the kitchen along with Hina and Miu-chan first, and after keeping our spoils in the fridge, I gave Hina some milk and snacks.

Along the way, we could hear the chatter and laughter of boys and girls from the second floor, though Sora-chan’s voice wasn’t heard too much……

While I gradually started to mind it, especially the part about the boys’ voices.

Speaking of which, since they’re Sora-chan’s friends, perhaps I should go greet them as well. I’m her guardian after all.

That made me think about the matters that I discussed with Hanamura-senpai before this. Being clueless about Sora-chan’s condition at school isn’t good as well. And when I think about it, today was the first time I went to Miu-chan’s school as well.

If they are good friends with Sora-chan, I do wish to at least show my face there, and if I can successfully join their conversations, I might be able to know a bit about Sora-chan’s condition at school.

”Oji-san, do you want to serve Onee-chan and the others tea?”

Seeming as though she noticed my thoughts, Miu-chan handed me a tray. Miu-chan really is considerate.

”O- Okay. I’ll leave Hina to you then.”

I prepared five portions of red tea made from tea bags, and placed some still appropriate snacks on the tray as well.

I walked to the second floor and breathed in slightly in front of the door to Sora-chan’s room. After all, the first impression is very important in any situation.

”Sora-chan, it’s me……”

That was what I said after I lightly knocked on the door.

’Who is it?’

The unfamiliar voice of a girl came from the room.

”I- It’s my sister! W- Wait here for a moment!”

After that, a seam about the width of two fists appeared, while Sora-chan showed her face from behind the door.

Sora-chan’s whole face was flushed, and seemed like she wouldn’t let me see inside the room no matter what.

Speaking of which, I’ve never went into Sora-chan’s room before this, but that’s understandable.

Even with any other father, if he goes into the room of his middle school daughter without permission, their relationship would break up just like that.

”O- Onii-chan! Why do you have to pick today to come back earlier!”

Sora-chan’s voice was unusually weak, not like her usual voice at all. Furthermore, it felt like she was rather embarrassed.

Speaking of which, I am complained to by Sora-chan even though I’m back early so unusually, it really feels somewhat sad.

”A- Anyways, don’t come to the second floor! You can’t come up!”

”Err…… But aren’t your friends here as well? If so, I should at least go in and greet them.”

”No means no!”

Sora-chan lowered her voice in stubborn refusal, and her attitude was somewhat agitated as well. That’s really quite hurtful.

Even so, she’s a girl in adolescence after all. Thinking about that, the mystifyingly sense of embarrassment when Nee-san helped serve tea or fruit juice whenever I brought friends back home resurfaced in my mind. Is this what they mean by history will always repeat itself…… If so, oh well.

I’ll leave the matter of deeply engraving in my memories the appearance of the rude males who entered Sora-chan’s room earlier than me for next time. After making that decision, I handed the tray in my hands to Sora-chan.

”Well, at least take the tea. I’ll make dinner, so you can chat all you want.”

”Mnn, mnn. That’s all, thanks.”

Sora-chan took the tray and looked visibly relieved, but a hand suddenly reached out and stopped the door as Sora-chan was about to close it.

’Isn’t it the voice of a man?’

Sora-chan looked behind her in shock.

’If it’s Takanashi-san’s uncle, I want to greet him as well! I’m the club president after all!’

The clear, strong voice of a girl came from inside the room.

’That’s right, I think that it’s better if we greet him as well.’

This time, it’s a rather calm voice that seemed to come from a girl as well.

’Takanashi, isn’t it fine if we just greet him?’

Oh, it’s the voice of a boy. My body couldn’t help but shudder for a moment

’Oi! Takanashi!’

And lastly, it’s the voice of an unusually energetic boy.

”B- But……”

Sora-chan looked at me and into her room in, evidently flustered……

”…… Come in then.”

In the end, Sora-chan opened the door with her head lowered.

I’ve mentioned this before, it’s my first time entering Sora-chan’s room.

The interior of the room was rather neat and tidy as expected of a girl’s room, while there weren’t many unnecessary items. As for the things that were somewhat unexpected, they were the electronic keyboard at a corner of the room and an astoundingly large stack of mangas and novels tidily arranged on bookshelves. It was a room that reflected Sora-chan’s demure nature.

Even though I’ve lived here for a few months now, there are still a few rooms that I haven’t entered in this house.

For example, Sora-chan and Miu-chan’s rooms, and the room that can’t be opened on the second floor. Apart from that, it seems like there’s an attic on the rooftop as well, but I don’t even know where the entrance of that place is.

And on the first time I entered Sora-chan’s room, there were already four guests waiting inside.

”Nice to meet you, I am Segawa Yuuta.”

Though I didn’t really get nervous in the presence of middle schoolers, it feels somewhat strange to be stared at by them as well.

”So you’re Takanashi-san’s uncle?”

Like a representative for the others, the influential looking girl standing by the door inquired.

It looks like she was the one who stopped the door just now.

”That’s right. I’m a college student, and am currently Sora-chan and her sisters’ guardian.”

”So things are really like this…… We were quite surprised when we first knew of this today as well.”

That’s understandable. A man whose appearance is only slightly older than a high school student is actually a guardian, so it can’t be helped if people are surprised by this. Facing responses like this, I could only smile wryly.

Speaking of which, is it because Sora-chan mentioned something about me that they came to investigate?

”I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Okae Kiyomi, the president of the Choir Club.”

Choir Club!? I couldn’t help but turn to look at Sora-chan.

On the other hand, Sora-chan blushed for some reason and lowered her gaze. How should I say this…... I have never seen Sora-chan like this before.

”They are members of the Choir Club as well. And Takanashi-san was originally part of the Choir Club as well.”

Is that so. So Sora-chan was from the Choir Club…… It’s the first time I heard of it.

And I finally understood why Sora-chan’s usual cries have the power to echo through the whole town.

”Takanashi-san was originally the hope of us Choir Club as well. Whenever she sings, boys would immediately gather outside the music room, while Takanashi-san was already admired by many boys from the start as well.”

”Oh…… I see.”

The president of the Choir Club seemed to be recalling a grand occasion, saying with an enchanted expression, while Sora-chan cowered instead, looking as though she wanted to look for a place to hide in.

”N- No…… I don’t……”

That’s new. Is Sora-chan a girl like this? Even though she usually gives people the impression of being extremely blunt……

Not noticing my surprise, the club president pointed at the short-haired boy whose face was still somewhat boyish for a middle schooler while saying:

”That loud-mouthed fellow joined the club because of Takanashi-san as well.”

”I’m telling you that’s not it!”

Though the middle school boy protested with his whole face red, my thoughts were only on Sora-chan.

The thing that surprised me was the fact that Sora-chan was like a tame lamb in front of her friends.

No, instead of saying tame, it feels more like shyness. How can this be?

”That’s right, oji-san. You should help us convince her to stay in the Choir Club.”

”Err…… Stay in the Choir Club?”

”Okae-senpai, please stop this.”

Sora-chan said in an almost inaudible voice.

”Oji-san, if you’re at home, Sora-chan shouldn’t have any reason to give up on the club, isn’t that right?”

”Give up? …… Ah!”

I finally understood the situation, and realized the reason that the president kept saying things in past tense.

After Nee-san’s accident, I’ve heard about Sora-chan leaving her club when the three sisters moved to Hachiouji. So the club that Sora-chan left was the Choir Club……

”Sora-chan didn’t return to the club.”

”…… I’ve left now, so I can’t go back.”

”Why! Isn’t it fine if this ossan is here!”

”Daiki, stop that.”

The boy started to shout, while the other prim looking boy berated him.

On the other hand, the gloomy looking girl who kept staring at us without a word before this said immediately:

”I’m just helping out in the Choir Club, and am not planning to force her to come back. However, since she said that she can’t go back, that would indicate that she probably wishes to.”

It seems reasonable. I get it, it seems like these kids are here wishing to bring Sora-chan back to their club.

…… That would mean that there are people worrying for Sora-chan at school as well. Thinking about that, it gave me a slight sense of relief.

”Wouldn’t it be okay if this ossan takes care of Takanashi’s sisters? Since this ossan already moved here specially, then just leave things to this ossan and have fun with us in the club!”

Three times, he said it for a total of three times now. Kid, a first year in college can’t count as an ossan yet.

The boy somehow~ looks as though he’s looking for trouble. Onii-san is somewhat unhappy with that, you know.

The middle school boy seemed to have noticed my hesitant gaze as well, and rudely glared back at me.

Even so, Sora-chan disregarded the two of us glaring at each other and spoke:

”…… That won’t work…… And also……”

”Takanashi, why not!”

Oi! Brat, what were you thinking when you shouted at our Sora-chan!

I refrained from acting on the impulse of wanting to teach the kid a lesson.

Even so, I want to know the reason as well. In my college life, Roary takes up quite a large part of it as well. After all, the friends that we chose ourselves are probably very precious.

”Sora-chan, I think that it’s okay if you want to go back as well…..”

After hearing my words, Sora-chan just shook her head.

Speaking of which, my unreliability might be one of the reasons as well. Though I’m not sure how long the activities of a middle school club would take, if Hina can’t be fetched on time, everyone would suffer…… A girl with a strong sense of responsibility like Sora-chan definitely wouldn’t return to the Choir Club if her family is not in a state when she is at ease.

It seems like the source of the trouble is quite complicated.

”Err…… So you’re called Okae-san?”

”That’s right.”

”I believe that all of you care for Sora-chan very much, but can you let her think about it herself? I think Sora-chan probably just hasn’t prepared herself for it yet, that’s why…… I’m very sorry.”


Sora-chan raised her head in shock.

”In any case…… Please wait for some time. Please.”

I pleaded to the club president with my head lowered.

When one can’t think of a good way to solve problems, the best thing to do is to face it sincerely.

I remember that Nee-san taught me about that before this.

Being pleaded by a person five years older than them like this, which made the club president seem unable to continue as well.

And I left the room with a now awkward atmosphere long ago.

When I walked out of the room, the boy whose voice is the loudest among the four was still staring at me unblinkingly.

No, instead of saying that he stared at me, it might be more accurate to say that he was glaring at me.

Since I couldn’t just bathe and go to sleep in a situation when guests are present, I could only while away time by watching television in the living room. After all, the matter worried me, and I wish to think of a way for Sora-chan to return to her club as well.

”Oji-san, were you chased out?”

Miu-chan asked.

”That’s not it. A guardian probably shouldn’t grab the spotlight except for greeting people in front of his child’s school friends after all.”

Sora-chan seemed quite uncomfortable as well, and probably felt rather embarrassed.

I once underwent that period as well, even so……

”…… Err, Miu-chan. I’m just asking this, but does Sora-chan…… Get along well with those kids?”

”Why do you ask?”

”Well…… I have this feeling that Sora-chan is somewhat different from usual. You might be able to say that she’s tense, or you can also say that she’s more introverted…… And doesn’t talk much.”

Usually, people would probably be more casual in the presence of friends of the same age.

”Oh! That’s because Onee-chan is an ‘uchibenkei[2] ’.” Ohh! It seems like a rather difficult word came from the primary school student’s mouth.

The said uchibenkei would refer to that, right? A lion at home, a mouse abroad.

”Does that mean Sora-chan would act gentler when she’s outside?”

Actually, even if she doesn’t act like it, Sora-chan is already a capable, kind child.

”Yes~ Instead of saying that she’s acting like that, you should say that it’s Onee-chan’s usual appearance.”


That…… Soft-spoken appearance is how Sora-chan appears to be usually!?

”Onee-chan…… seems to be rather bad at coping with men.”


I got another shock.

”But Sora-chan is rather unforgiving to me…… Is it because I don’t count as a man in her eyes?”

”Shouldn’t Oji-san be more special?”

Though Miu-chan showed me a somewhat questioning smile, I really didn’t know what she meant.

…… After all, I could count as family. And Miu-chan just said that Sora-chan is an uchibenkei, so is this how things are?

Even so, Sora-chan is bad at coping with men……. How unexpected.

So there are still so many things that I don’t know.I couldn’t help but exclaim in my heart.

”Sorry for bothering you.”

Youko said at the entrance.

”Oh, mnn……”

When the club president dashed to the house with the other members of the Choir Club using ‘locating lost items’ as an excuse, though Sora was somewhat flustered, she still managed to end the first experience of her friends coming to her house without any problems. By the way, the said lost item was the pen that Sora almost used to sign the club application form before this.

Though the excuse was somewhat forced, their thoughts still managed to make Sora happy.

When they were about to leave, Youko went closer to Sora’s ears and said:

”I saw your bookshelf. You have quite a nice hobby. And also…… Let me lend you those that already have next volumes. If possible…… I would like to see your drawers besides your bookshelves as well.”

After saying that, the corner of Youko’s mouth curled in a rare smile. It felt as though she came just to see Sora’s bookshelves. After watching Youko leave with a wry smile on her face, Sora finally relaxed.

Just like that, it seems like they wouldn’t give up on bringing her back to the Choir Club, but the rough method should be slightly improved.

”Eh…… Is there anything wrong? Miu.”

When Sora returned to the living room, she saw Miu standing in the kitchen, busying herself with something.

”I helped Onee-chan to heat dinner just now.”

After saying that, Miu pointed at the sofa.

”It seems like Oji-san was quite tired. He fell asleep after making dinner even though he hasn’t eaten it yet. I took Hina for a bath as well and asked her to go to sleep.”

”Ah, sorry. Miu.”

Sora’s gaze fell on Yuuta, who was lying on the sofa in a deep slumber.

”That’s right, Oji-san asked about Onee-chan just now.”

”Eh? A- About what!?”

”Oji-san said that Onee-chan is somewhat tense in front of your school friends, so he’s worried about that.”

”Uuu……. W- What did you say then, Miu?”

”I answered honestly that Onee-chan is bad at coping with men.”

”Uuu…… Miu……. Though it’s true, but……”

I originally didn’t want Onii-chan to know about that. Sora could only say that to herself in a low voice.

Actually, Sora isn’t good at dealing with even people of the same sex, while her introverted nature is always a matter that Sora doesn’t wish people to know of. And it might be because of that, she is the only person in the family who doesn’t really get along with Raika-san and the others……

At the moment when Sora once again fell into despair, Miu did not forget to rub salt into Sora’s wound.

”That’s right, I said that Oji-san is a special existence for Onee-chan as well.”

Sora, who was temporarily speechless, flushed in a flash.

”D- Don’t speak of these unimportant matters, Miu!”

”Oh~ So it’s unimportant~”

Miu smiled mischievously, escaping from the living room after easily avoiding Sora’s attack.

Why would the younger sister who was afraid of other people and kept tugging on her dress when she was little undergo such a large change now? In the end, a confused Sora and a sleeping Yuuta were left in the living room.

Sora looked at Yuuta’s slumbering face.

After that, she walked away and returned with a blanket.

”Seriously, Onii-chan always gives other people trouble…… How troublesome.”

Sora muttered while covering Yuuta with the blanket.

Thinking of looking closely at Yuuta’s sleeping face, Sora went closer.

Why can she only treat Yuuta normally? Even Sora wasn’t sure about that.

The members of the Choir Club who walked down the slope towards the station from the Takanashi residence were shrouded in an indescribable atmosphere.

There were a lot of reasons for that. For example, the Takanashi residence is located at an expensive land at the center of the city, and was far larger than they imagined. Sora’s sister, Miu, has long hair, and is a rare beauty. The uncle who acts as their guardian is really a young man who isn’t even twenty yet. And the most important thing is, their surprise assault ended in failure.

”How troublesome.”

Kiyomi said all of a sudden.

”Being stubborn to that extent, it seems like it’s impossible for her to return immediately no matter how hard we try.”

”Indeed…… The only thing left, is probably to wait.”

Shuuji seems to agree to Kiyomi’s opinion as well.

”If Kaichou continues to badger her at that time, the situation would only turn sourer.”

”Uuu…… Youko, can’t you be more merciful with your words.”

”W- What is this! Why are you all giving up!”

Among the four, only Daiki still shouted in unwillingness.

”Darn! It’s all that guy’s fault. If that guy didn’t say something like that……!”

”Oi, calm down, Maeshima.”

”…… I…… I’ll go talk to her again!”

After saying that, Daiki turned around and walked back to the Takanashi residence.

Daiki, who returned to the front of Takanashi residence prepared to press the doorbell once again.

At that moment, he saw Sora’s silhouette through the glass windows of the courtyard.

Daiki, whose heart surged with curiosity, finally decided to sneak into the courtyard.

The scene that Daiki saw was one that he definitely didn’t want to witness.

Sora was covering the slumbering Yuuta with a blanket.

If that’s all, it wouldn’t be anything special.

However, Daiki unfortunately noticed one thing.

He noticed Sora wearing an expression that he had never seen before……

Noticing the slightly shy, but extremely sweet radiant smile.

It might be because Daiki kept yearning for Takanashi Sora since he started school that he could perceive that truth.

”That guy…… It’s because of the presence of that guy……”

Daiki gritted his teeth, as though he wanted to break his teeth to pieces.

Actually extending his evil paws to a middle school girl, that guy is definitely a hentai!

I must snatch the girl that I love from the hands of this hentai! He secretly vowed to himself in his heart.

At the same time, a high school girl whose heart was filled with justice watched the actions of those people from far away.

”There weren’t any cries today…… And perhaps, those children perceived the same truth as me……?”

Are they planning to journey into that den infested with evil? I might not be the only person who wishes to save the three Takanashi sisters from the claws of the hentai. Thinking about that, it made her feel as though she obtained a thousand comrades.


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