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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 2 - Chapter 1

I opened my eyes in surprise, and a white bunny came into my view.


I tried to use my still fuzzy mind, trying to understand the current situation.

I remember that I returned home after sending Hina to the kindergarten. After that, I quickly cleared away the cutlery from breakfast and prepared to go to classes…... And then I lay down on the sofa. I planned to snooze for a while on the sofa, and that was how I fell asleep, while I seemed to have grabbed Hina’s favorite bunny doll in my sleep as well.

”Oh no……! My class!”

By the time I understood the current situation, I found that I had skipped the whole first period as well.

”Whoa…… Not again……”

It’s useless even if I regret it now. No matter how hard I hug my head in repentance, time cannot be turned back.

Arriving at the campus located at Hachiouji would take me an hour no matter how smooth the traffic is.

It wouldn’t help even if I go out hurriedly, as it’s largely different from when I lived in the room that I rented.

”Ugh…… How many times has it been now……?”

Among the subjects that have a grand total of twelve classes each, if one fails to attend one third of the classes, it would be treated as a lack of attendance.

To put it in simpler terms, it means that the credits for the subject would be automatically lost if one skips them for four days.

This means, if I’m not mistaken, this class is the third time, meaning that I’m near the borderline right now.

As the college lets students of various faculties accumulate credits by choosing their own classes in a tetris-like manner, they must go for other classes or even repeat the same class next year if they don’t have enough credits for a certain subject.

Though I thought ‘I ruined it’ in my heart, I still had the mindset of ‘Oh well, there will probably be some other way’

Since it’s just my first year, there are probably still a lot of chances to redeem myself. Probably.

And I have more important matters to take care of right now.

Starting a new, smooth life at the Takanashi residence after breaking free from the three tsubo room near the college…… Though it wasn’t until this extent, it’s all thanks to Nee-san leaving us this large house that was spacious even for the four of us, eliminating a lot of unnecessary troubles for Sora-chan and the others.

I have no other wishes about this now. If I still want anything more, it would just be wishful thinking.

But to be honest, I find myself wishing for a little bit more of a guardian’s dignity recently…...

In any case, my new life had a pretty good start…… Though I want to say that, there is still a truth that cannot let me take things so easily.

It was something that happened when we went to visit Nee-san and Nii-san’s graves after experiencing a lot of trouble.

”Ten million!?”

My cracked voice echoed in the silent cemetery.

Ever since that unfortunate event occurred, after we underwent the overwhelmingly busy days, I finally found time to visit Nee-san and Nii-san’s graves.

The accident happened in the middle of summer. Even so, summer had long passed, and it is already late into fall now.

Usually, only gray tombstones could be seen in the cemetery, but the piled up fallen leaves turned it into a place with a profound sense of autumn. Of course, there is a reason that I shouted out such materialistic words that doesn’t match the solemn location that was full of fallen leaves.

”Yuuta-san, you’re in front of a grave.”

Hearing Oba-san’s words, I hastily shut my mouth.

Even so, the person who made me cry out loud like that was none other than Oba-san.

”Errr…… As you were saying just now……”

I really hope that I’ve heard wrong. With such an expectation, I asked yet again.

However, words of hot pursuit came from Oba-san again.

”The amount of money required for raising a child from primary school till he or she graduates from college is ten million yen or so. Of course, this sum of money is only the school fees, there are still other expenses required in your daily life— For instance, meals, transportation, medication, pocket money, and of course, women spend a lot on their clothes. Do you understand?”

Oba-san listed out the possible expenditure that we might have to spend in the future in a rapid fire manner.

I could only admire her foresight…… As expected of Oba-san, having raised two children single-handedly, she is not even a little vague in these aspects.

Coupled with the fact that Oba-san seemed to be a rather experienced staff of an insurance company, she is very clear about the various aspects related to matters about money. This woman, who can count as my only relative, had promised to give sudden spot checks on our living conditions each month.

If she finds out any problems, I might even get separated from Sora-chan and the others immediately, being forced to live in different places. Just thinking about that made me nervous, but she even reminded me about important matters that people easily overlook, while the lesson today is another huge shock, I felt as though I was heavily punched in the stomach.

”…… In any case, you would need around that sum of money, and because there are three of them, you can roughly triple it. Apart from that, Yuuta-san, you need to pay your fees as well, so no matter how much you’ve saved up, it won’t be enough.”

When Oba-san stopped temporarily to rest, my mind was already about to explode from thinking about the sum of money that I might need. At the same time, I wished that Oba-san wouldn’t just pour cold water on us when we just started our new life. Even so, I am very clear about what Oba-san wishes to express by mentioning all this.

”To be frank, the inheritance that was given to you is a hefty sum of money. However, if you consider ten years after this…… No, considering the time until Hina graduates from college, about twenty years are still required. If you think about it that way, the money is definitely not enough.”

”…… Mnn, I understand.”

Though I didn’t plan to use the inheritance that Nee-san left us, reality is crueler than I expected.

It seems like raising a child until adulthood is indeed an arduous task.

As parents are willing to raise their children till adulthood, it is clear how profound their love is…... Nee-san who raised me until now is probably the same.

While the three sisters who are busy cleaning up the grave for Nee-san and Nii-san right now cannot be bathed in their love anymore. Hina couldn’t even comprehend the fact that her parents had passed away.

If so, I have only one choice.

”The reason that I’m telling you all this is because I believe that your resolution is strong enough.”

After saying ‘Do your best now’, Oba-san continued to clean up the grave.

Just like that, at the same time that I started my new life at Ikebukuro, I put in more effort in my work as well, vowing to impose a strict regime on the management of my money and life.

The assets that are now under Sora-chan and the other’s names are now under the care of the Takanashi family as their official guardians, while a small amount of the money is taken out for our daily expenses and school fees, and is kept by me. In this aspect, Oba-san and the relatives of the Takanashi family handled it for us. Nobuyashi-san, Shingo-san’s brother, really seems to be a civil servant working in the National Tax Department. Because of the extremely strict document that he made for us and an account book so detailed that it’s almost too much, there is a safeguard against the other relatives using up the money.

And the help made me understand even better how difficult it is as an adult, as a parent.

The only thing that I bought especially recently was Sora-chan and Miu-chan’s phones.

In the conditions that we are the only ones living together, it is something that is absolutely necessary, and thus the expenses were paid directly from Sora-chan and the other’s accounts. Having a new cell phone seemed to have made them quite happy, and they always keep their phones by their sides. Though there are some who owns cell phones in middle school, there aren’t many children in primary school who has cell phones, so it’s no wonder that Miu-chan is so happy.

Thanks to the cell phones, we were able to contact each other very easily, so it’s a huge help to me.

Just like that, among the carefully thought out plans of the people surrounding us, we started our new life.

And right now—

I am now late for school because of oversleeping, and I might even lose my credits…... Furthermore, this isn’t the first time that I did this.

If Oba-san finds out about these matters, it wouldn’t be strange even if I’m viciously berated for six hours. Well, it’s my own fault for this.

”Wait, it’s probably okay, I’ll probably be able to make it, barely.”

That was what I told myself.

It is now a few minutes to ten. If I set out right now, I am able to attend the third period…… Probably.

To be honest, I want to just sleep until the time to fetch Hina, but of course I can’t do that.

When I stood up and was about to walk out, I suddenly felt as though I forgot something.

”…… Ah, the trash!”

What am I doing! Sora-chan did remind me about it quite a few times.

But when I poked my head into the kitchen to have a look, the garbage bag for combustible trash had already been changed.

Sora-chan probably came back to change it, and she even got out before us too.

”That’s right, I have to take out the trash before sending Hina to the kindergarten……”

Sora-chan probably assumed that I took Hina out without taking out the trash, so she came back especially. I hope she isn’t late because of this. And Sora-chan was quite displeased when she went out too……

When I took a closer look, I saw what looked like a hastily written note stuck on the garbage can cover.

I’ll take care of you when I’m back!

Those were the tidy words written on the note.

Uh oh. While thinking about that, I still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Though I had to face quite a lot of hardship, but for the sake of my cute nieces…… No, for my daughters, all of this is nothing.

”Ugh, uh oh! The time!?”

While I smiled to myself, the time became even more rushed.

I dashed out of the house and got on the train heading west that went on for about an hour. After reaching the okay-looking Hachiouji station, I finally reached my school— Tama Literary College, Hachiouji division— after riding my bike for about half an hour.

By the way, the view that appeared before my eyes on my way here were scenery largely different with the station.

Small hills and worn down residences surrounded the area.

To the students who wish to study in peace, the surroundings are quite favorable. However, how many college students in this world who enroll in colleges just to study whole-heartedly? I feel rather doubtful about that.

And I, who can’t said to be an exception, only have average results in Tama Literary College.

The students here would consider their futures more or less, but in the end they still want to undergo a happy college life, so the college could be said to be a rather peaceful place. Even so, even students with a carefree attitude wouldn’t think that they would be exiled to the wilderness like this before they actually started school.

And of course, I am one of the students with a carefree attitude as well.

In any case, people wouldn’t normally think that students in different academic years would study in different divisions of the school, would they?

The school building used as the examination hall at first, located at the center of the city, is actually a building with only a few laboratories, while us freshmen are actually banished to a place in the middle of nowhere like Hachiouji. This is just an undeniable scam.

Even so, after enrolling for about half a year, even in a rural area like this, everyone still found ways to have fun, such as working part time, joining clubs, dating and the like.

And the person who could be said as the model of all this, and is at the same time the man who enjoys college life the most among all the people that I know, is currently preparing lunch in front of me, who still didn’t make it to my classes in the end.

”Segawa-chan, why don’t you have a piece of pork chop?”

Wearing a cute apron, Nimura turned around and asked.

”Errr…… Fine.”

As for me, I was lying down on the floor, watching an afternoon TV drama in a lazy pose just like a housewife who doesn’t have anything to do after sending her husband and children out.

Some people might think that it’s rather impolite to put on airs in another’s house, but there is a reason for me doing this.

It’s because up till one month ago, this apartment suite that has excellent conditions, which is only five minutes from the school on foot, was still where I lived.

Let me explain this in order. After I decided to move to the Takanashi residence, of course I had to stop renting the room that I lived in before this.

Nimura said that time that he wanted to rent my room.

According to his explanation that I learnt of afterwards, Nimura seemed to have got into some trouble with women, causing him to be unable to continue living in his previous home…… Just like that, Nimura completed negotiations with the landlord, moving into the room without any deposits, and is getting along just fine with his landlord (a lady, of course) right now.

Right until now, the vigor that this man, Nimura Kouichi, has…… Or I should phrase it as his skill of dealing with other people, constantly surprises me.

And that’s why to me, this is a place that I can relax at.

Furthermore, this place now comes with a tenant who has excellent cooking skills and loves cleanliness, so I can enjoy a good meal like I’m having right now when I come over here at lunch time.

”Okay, it’s done. Hurry up and eat when it’s still warm.”

The menu today is pork chop rice which seems a bit too rich for lunch. The pork seemed to have been given free by a dame working at a butcher’s nearby. The just fried pork chop was currently giving out a salivating fragrance.

”Wow! It’s good!”

”It’s made from Berkshire pig, it’s really thanks to that oba-san just now. I think I’ll give her some veggies next time as a present.”

After saying that, Nimura squeezed out a few drops of lemon juice onto both of our pork chops, and also placed some chili sauce at the edge of our plates.

”That’s right, Segawa-chan, did you skip your morning classes as well?”

He suddenly asked, straight to the point.

”…… Yeah.”

After taking a bite out of the ideal pork chop that was crispy outside and tender inside, that was how I answered.

”So you went for a part time job yesterday night as well? Well aren’t you hardworking.”

”That’s because I don’t want to use the money that Nee-san left us if possible. Do you know this? Raising a toddler until graduation from college requires about ten million.”

Though I just spat out what I heard from Oba-san, Nimura who doesn’t know about that still gave a rather surprised response of ‘Eh? That much?’

”Sora-chan’s grades are quite good, so of course she should enroll in a good college. Since Miu-chan is so cute, she might develop in the entertainment industry in the future…… Ah, but it seems like highly educated idols are more popular nowadays. And you’ll need to use some money for training as well. Ah, and of course I’ll respect Miu-chan’s wishes.”

”Oi~ Segawa-chan~”

”And I wish for Hina to get into a good school as well. Since Hina is so cute, enrolling in a co-ed school might attract some troublesome men. If it turns out like this, I…… I…… Guwagh! No! Hina must attend a girls’ school! And that’s that!”

”I say, Segawa-chan!”

”…… Eh?”

When I came to my senses, I noticed Nimura looking at me as though he was looking at an alien species.

”I understand how you feel.”

”W- what……”

I understood what he was trying to say, but his expression is mystifyingly annoying.

”Segawa-chan, you’ve completely immersed yourself in the character of ‘Papa’ now, haven’t you?”

”Not really. As usual, I’m still annoying the heck out of Sora-chan.”

”Those are completely different matters, and anger is because of the presence of love, isn’t it?”

”Is that so……?”

I hope so.

Though the housework is done with a sharing system, Sora-chan and Miu-chan always end up handling them in the end.

I thought that I should at least do things that I can do, so that’s why I decided to work more vigorously. However……

”Even so, though your nieces are important, if you miss any classes again, wouldn’t it be too dangerous?”

”Uuu…… I know.”

Nimura kept going at my sore points today.

But in truth, my attendance and credits are rather pressing right now, and coupled with the fact that I often doze off in class, I didn’t really make any good notes. If this goes on, it’ll be hard for me to pass the semester test.

”And also, you aren’t showing up at the clubroom lately, are you? Sako-senpai even said that you’re ‘lacking the self awareness of the next president!’.”

”Wait! What’s with the certainty that I’m going to be the next club president?”

God knows. After answering in confusion, he started to eat the sliced up cabbage in large mouthfuls.

To me, who entered the club for a bad purpose, it’s really a trouble of being force fed a favor.

Besides, if I am appointed as the club president when I don’t even know the purpose for the ‘Road Observation Research Society’, it would only bring trouble after trouble. For instance, when I’m in an interview, what should I answer when they ask me: ’Did you ever take part in any club activities?’?

Even the process of my recruitment, my kidnap near the station after a welcome party, was a mystifying situation.

No, the true reason is actually more terrible, or you could actually say that it’s extremely healthy……

”Uh oh! If we don’t hurry, lunch break is going to end!”

Nimura hurriedly stuffed the remaining pork chop into his mouth, and finished his lunch in a flash.

”Eh? Do you have class right after lunch break?”

”Err…... I have to meet someone.”

Nimura said in slight embarrassment.

From his response, he’s probably going on a date with a girl.

I really don’t know whether to say that he’s energetic or unchanged……

”Segawa-chan, I’m counting on you to put the keys at the usual place.”

”Mnn, okay.”

After saying that, Nimura hurriedly walked out, leaving me to leisurely enjoy my pork chop rice in the room.

After finishing my lunch, I cleaned up the cutlery and left the room.

I hid the keys behind the apartment, below a potted plant that the landlord tends to.

Since we’re friends who knew each other since the start of school, we’re quite familiar in this aspect.

After that, I walked to the college five minutes’ distance away.

Along the way, I bought a can of coffee at the canteen, and proceeded to enjoy my after meal drink in front of the school building.

With only a few people wandering around, the campus seems abnormally quiet. Since the weather had turned cold, everyone probably gathered at smoking areas indoors or at cafes.

To be honest, I feel like hiding in the school building as well, but I really can’t get used to the environment filled with smoke.

And if I stay at a warm place, I might just doze off accidentally. And because of that, I decided to suppress the slight hint of coldness, sitting on the bench like this until my next class.

But what should I do when winter approaches……? I think it’s better not to think about questions like this right now.

By the way, I usually sit here as long as it doesn’t snow or rain anyway.

This bench is a place where I had precious memories, after all.


That’s right, the first time that Raika-san and I sat side by side was just like this……

”Ehh! Raika-san!?”

From goodness knows when, a striking beauty is already sitting by my side. With her legs crossed and back against the back of the seat, she looked at me unwaveringly with her bright eyes.

She is the Madonna of our club, Oda Raika-senpai, second year major in Humanities.

To the people studying in this college, this is a name that everyone knows.

As for the reason, it would be clear when one takes a look at her appearance.

She has the perfect appearance that would put the term ‘beauty’ to shame, an outstanding figure that would awe even professional models, and even large breasts. Coupled with her glossy, curly, waist-length black hair, this person could be said as both perfect and mysterious.

Saying that might have been too exaggerated, but in my eyes, Raika-san is just that dazzling.

”Yuuta, good morning.”

”G- Good morning, Raika-san.”

Nervousness and excitement caused my voice to crack.

My heart kept pounding, and not long after that, my whole face started to burn.

Even though the both of us have already known each other for over half a year, the love that welled up in my heart did not decrease even a bit.

”Fine these days?”

”Mnn, mnn! I’m fine!”

”I’m not asking about you.”


”How is Hina-chan these days? Did Sora-chan and Miu-chan get a cold?”

Raika-san’s impatience could be clearly seen right now though she is usually cool as a cucumber and doesn’t have large changes in her expression.

I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination, but there seems to be a red flush on her cheeks as well.

Seeing her like this, any man would probably fall in love immediately.

But I’m very clear that her reaction is not because of me, but because of Hina and the others. Raika-san is rather unrestrained when it comes to cute things, while our Hina is the cutest girl in the world.

”Sora-chan and Miu-chan is as usual, while Hina is so healthy that she has too much energy. Ah, that’s right, we brought Hina to try on kimonos for her Shichi-Go-San, though it’s just rented. Do you want to have a look?”

”O- Of course!”

As soon as the photo of the dressed up Hina was shown on my phone, Raika-san came closer frantically as though she wanted to snatch my phone.

I felt the warmth of Raika-san’s body, and her hair gave of a soft fragrance as well.

”It’s great to be alive……!”

Being able stick close to Raika-san made me cry out from my soul.

”What did you say just now?”

”No- Nothing! Nothing at all!”

How great would it be if time just stopped directly. An old-fashioned thought like that surfaced in my mind, however……

”Err…... I have other photos of Hina as well.”

”I want to see.”

”Well then—“

I’ll mail it to you later then— I changed my mind at the instant I was about to say that.

This might be a wonderful opportunity.

I should ask Raika-san out using this as an excuse.

For her Oi-tan’s happiness, Hina definitely wouldn’t mind even if I give out videos of her like this.

Say it! Speak!

During summer, didn’t I keep missing chances of speaking after I decided to ‘ask senpai out’?

Nee-san said this as well, my strong point is not giving up.

”Err…… Raika-san, if you’re free…… Do you want to….. Go……”


Raika-san suddenly shouted out loud.


”I nearly forgot. Yuuta, come.”

Raika-san stood up from the bench, walking towards the back of the school building, waving at me to follow her.

Losing my chance as usual, I could only follow while sighing.

I’m not sure if it’s because of her long legs, Raika-san is unusually speedy when walking, so I could only walk faster to reach her.

The small courtyard located behind the school building is completely shrouded with a sense of autumn as well.

Though I’m trying to express this in a more poetic way, it’s just that the ground was full of fallen leaves, making it hard for people to walk.

Even so…… Is it just my imagination? I have this feeling that I’ve encountered this situation once before.

”Mnn, probably…… Here.”

Raika-san stopped at the center of the patch of grass, turned around and said to me.

”Raika-san, why are we at a place like…… AH!?”

Perhaps this is the legendary situation? Calling someone behind the building, a place that can’t be seen, I can only think of two motives.

And if the other person is of the opposite sex, then there is only one answer left.

”Yuuta, I have something to ask you.”


S- So…… Unknowingly, Raika-san had already……

At these times, I must express the bearing and tolerance as a man, responding to Raika-san’s wishes.

”Err…… What is it?”

”Mnn, walk three steps to your right.”

”…… Eh?”

Though the request was rather odd, I still did it. Erm…… Three steps to the right, is it?

”That’s right. Turn to your ten o’ clock direction right now.”

”Ten o’ clock……? Err…… Like this?”

Another mystifying direction.

Even so, I still turned about thirty degrees according to senpai’s instructions.

”Walk forward one step.”


A step forward. Uuu~ Why am I having a sense of déjà vu……

”Mnn, good.”

With her poker face still in place, Raika-san gave me the thumbs up seemingly in satisfaction.

”Err…… This is……?”

At the moment I was about to inquire to Raika-san for her reason in queasiness……


An odd, unnatural shout suddenly came into my ears, while the view before my eyes turned upside down as well.


At the instant, I couldn’t even understand the situation.

Raika-san seemed to be below me. My skull was rattling, while my legs were in pain. It seems like I fell into a trap cleverly hidden by fallen leaves, and am now hug upside down.

”Wait…... What’s with this!? Raika-san!?”

Just at that moment, a rather broad silhouette appeared between Raika-san and I, who was still flailing frantically.

At the same time, I understood why I had the strange sense of déjà vu as well.

”Kukuku…… Well aren’t you in a mess, Segawa-kun.”

The black framed glasses that almost sank into the fat face sparkled in front of me.

A piercing light entered my eyes.

Compared with the bright courtyard, this place was much darker, and there was a musty smell as well.

Plus, my hands and legs were tied up, and I was placed on a cold mortar floor, so that’s why my body felt even colder. This is a scene that I am familiar with. That’s right, about half a year before this, I encountered a situation similar to this.

”You’re finally awake, Segawa Yuuta-kun, first year Japanese major.”

The sentence was familiar to me as well. Even if you search through the whole college, there is only one person who would do a thing like this. The only fortunate thing that is different from half a year ago is that I am now used to dealing with him.

”What kind of joke is this? Sako-senpai. And isn’t it different from last time? I didn’t faint at all.”

I spoke to the silhouette in front of me in displeasure.

”Oi! Didn’t I tell you long before this? You should go along with the atmosphere more.”

The glaring light disappeared, while the lights in the room were turned on.

The plump silhouette of Sako-senpai finally appeared clearly before my eyes, though I can’t say that I’m looking forward to it.

”It’s really been awhile.”

Using his previous manner, Sako-senpai spoke in a prideful tone as though he was acting out a play.

The third year Sako-senpai is usually like this as well.

Raika-san and I, of course that includes Nimura, joined a club called the Road Observation Research Society, ‘Roary’ in short, while this person is the president of the club. By the way, it seems that he has another title, the ’Eternal third year student’.

The eternal third year student, it is as the name suggests.

He was a third year when Raika-san enrolled as well, and this year, he is still a third year. I think that he’d probably been a third year a long time before this as well.

Just this fact would be enough to prove his oddity, but he could also order the vicious looking rugby club members around, and even has a network of contacts in the other clubs, very mysterious indeed.

”That’s right, how is Miu-sama these days?”

…… And also, he’s a lolicon to the letter.

He treats our Miu-chan as an angel, vowing to follow her orders absolutely…… Something like that.

I think that I, as her guardian, must protect Miu-chan, so that’s why I tried to give him a warning some time before this, but Sako-senpai’s response at the time was—

’What nonsense are you spouting! If I touch her, wouldn’t Miu-sama who is no different from an angel be sullied!’

Just like that, senpai sternly raged at me instead, and the speech that he gave after that was even more shocking.

’Listen well, I indeed like young girls. They are the embodiment of purity, beautiful fairies who presents a pure, unsullied world to the common man. Their presence can cleanse the evil in the human heart, and have the power to guide the universe to peace! We are to be touched by the perfection of their existence! Love! Care! These are the most supreme emotions! And because of that, I have to state this specially, people who love young girls like us are their guardians and eternal servants! We are incorruptible knights who do not allow the angels to be sullied or harmed! Even if we yearn for them from afar, wishing in our dreams to use our arms to embrace them one day, we absolutely cannot touch the fairies! Like trees that are burnt by fire cannot be restored, young girls are so holy because of their irreversible purity! If we touch them as we like, wouldn’t that stain the holiness of the angel! And just because we know our own filthiness, we definitely won’t try to touch them! The people who do rude actions to young girls are demons! They are beasts who cannot even compare to us! People who abuse children should be cursed! Please don’t put us and those people on the same level! We are willing to revive seven times after death just to guard the young girls, becoming the shield of the delicate girls, turning into a hero who guards them from the attack of the demons! In other words! Love Miu-sama!’

It was just too long…… Though senpai is usually good-natured, he was so agitated that his whole body sweated at the time.

My point is, this really is disgusting. But anyways, it seems that senpai would be satisfied with just a look.

To be frank, I’m not sure of Sako-senpai’s relationship with Miu-chan.

”Sigh! How worrisome, did she have any unnecessary growth or growing more hair or something like that?”

”Senpai, you don’t need to worry about that at all. I should say, please be aware that I might call the police.”

”Oi! Isn’t it bad to return kindness with ingratitude?”

”If you want me to choose between senpai’s kindness and my cute nieces’ healthy growth, I will unhesitatingly choose the latter.”


Senpai seemed to accept my statement as well, because he stopped talking nonsense after moaning for awhile.

”Err…… Shouldn’t we get into the main topic now?”

At that moment, Nimura whose hands were holding a desk lamp said beside us.

”Nimura, did you gang up on me with them?”

”Not really, I can’t go against senpai after all.”

Nimura said in a carefree manner. He definitely did this thinking that it would be fun.

Even so, how should I say this…… This situation made me recall the situation when I first enrolled as well.

Thinking back, on the night of the welcome party, this was how I was kidnapped to the clubroom and got to know these people.

And thanks to them, I could undergo a somewhat fulfilling college life.

Even so, I’m still wishing that they wouldn’t design traps to make fun of me whenever they’re free.

”Well, what is it now?”

”Mnn, fetching you here like this is for a very important matter as well.”

Hanging me upside down on a cold day like this, being carried all the way here by the muscled rugby club members, having to endure the stench of their armpits along the way, if they told me that there wasn’t any particular reason for doing this, it will be strange if I don’t fly into a rage.

Just when I was planning to speak my mind, I thought that instead of continuing to interrupt by complaining, it’s better if I leave the cold floor faster, so I refrained myself.

Sako-senpai coughed lightly as though he wanted to keep people waiting before speaking:

”I’ll just make this clear. Segawa-kun. If you continue like this, you would have to repeat the grade.”

”…… Eh?”

Though it is said that people would make odd noises when they’re surprised, at the moment, I think my expression is probably quite comical as well. That showed how unacceptable the meaning behind Sako-senpai’s words is to me.

”Err…… Repeating grades…… Meaning me?”


”W- Wait a minute! I do skip classes often, but isn’t my attendance still in the passable area!?”

”Sigh! It’s because of this that kids who enter for half a year are annoying.”

Sako-senpai said while shrugging. His attitude is really annoying.

”In our college, there is something said to be the Hachiouji threshold.”

”Hachiouji threshold……?”

According to Sako-senpai’s explanation, it seems like including the mandatory subjects, if a student doesn’t fulfill the required credits, he cannot enter the laboratory in his third year.

There are many students unclear about the situation who fool around, and can only watch their friends moving to the school building at the center of the city, while they are forced to stay at Hachiouji to be a second year once again.

”The credits that you obtained last semester were only eight. It’s a number that almost includes only mandatory subjects, and you got only B at best, it’s so disappointing!”

”Wait a minute!? Senpai, how do you know my grades!?”

Senpai held a paper with unknown contents on his hands, loudly commenting on my grades.

Though I struggled frantically, trying to snatch away the paper, since I was in a tied-up state, I almost couldn’t move at all.

”Please don’t look down on the intelligence network of us Roary.”

”…… Isn’t it more like an undeniable violation of privacy?”

Senpai deliberately ignored my statement and continued:

”Even if you get full credits in your next semester, you’ll only get thirty credits at most. If you want to step into the lab, you must at least have eighty credits…… Do you understand what I’m trying to say now? Hmm?”

Sako-senpai who took advantage of my immobility said that while using a stick to jab my face.

At the same time my cheeks were ravaged, I started to worry about my own condition as well.

If this goes on, I would have no other choice but to stuff my schedule full of classes in my second year. If so, I must reduce the time of my part time jobs, and if I’m unable to get into the lab…… I must repeat my grade.

If so, I would have to pay another year of school fees.

Though earning money is important, repeating grades is even more terrible.

If Nee-san got to know about this, she would probably explode. A chill suddenly came on my back.

”S- Senpai! What should I do!?”

”Fuhahaha! It seems like you finally understood the seriousness of the situation. Very well, just leave it to me. If I just hack into the system of the college and change it slightly…… Guwagh!?”

Slap! A harisen slapped into Sako-senpai’s cheek.

For an object made from thick paper, the sound that it made was abnormally loud, while Sako-senpai’s body fell onto the ground after turning sideways.

”You can’t do bad things.”

The person who vanquished Sako-senpai was naturally Raika-san.

Raika-san held a harisen even larger than the one she used before, and it was giving off an eerie metallic lustre. She started to hit senpai along a cute ‘Bad!’ comment, but since her expression did not change at all, it made people feel a bit scary instead.

As for Sako-senpai who was scolded, he lied on the floor while convulsing repeatedly like a dying fish.

Raika-san handed the harisen to Nimura, and lowered her head to look at the person collapsed on the floor— which would be me, and spoke:


”Y- Yes!”

”You skipped too many classes.”


Senpai immediately hit my sore point.

”And you didn’t come to the clubroom.”

”That’s because I was rather busy these days, that’s why……”


”You’re right……”

Raika-san stepped one step forward, and stood by my side.

As I was lying down on the floor, I could see Raika-san’s long legs clearly, and even the inner part of Raika-san’s skirt. Though the view was just before my eyes, in this situation, I really wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it. Even so, I couldn’t treat it as though I didn’t see it either.

So I could only cautiously speak to senpai.

”Err…… I see it……”

”Is that so.”

”Isn’t it better if you mind a bit more? You’re a girl after all.”

”Stop fussing.”

She held the stick that Sako-senpai used just now, pressing it on my face while turning it.

The most troubling thing for me was that the stick was aimed at my temple.

”If this goes on, you really have to repeat your grade.”

”Okay, okay…… I’ve confirmed the truth already, so I’ll definitely go for classes seriously starting from tomorrow.”

”And the club.”

”O- Of course! I’ll come to the clubroom as well!”

”It’s the school festival soon.”

”School festival? Are we having any activities?”

The stick was jabbed into my nostril.

”Ah! I’m wrong, I’m wrong! Wow~ I’m looking forward to the school festival so much!”

In the condition of a foreign object being poked into my nostril, I said while squeezing out a smile almost in abandonment.

”…… That’s why I have to come home later for some time.”

After dinner that day, I explained to Sora-chan and the others about my situation.

”Is it…… Because of us?”

”N- Not really! It’s unrelated to anyone!”

Seeing Sora-chan’s sad face, I hurriedly consoled her.

”It’s my own fault for skipping classes, and it clashed with my part time job and the school festival now, so you really don’t need to mind, Sora-chan.”

Sora-chan still seemed to blame herself, not saying a thing.

”Can’t you reduce the time of your part time job? We’re not short of money now anyways.”

Miu-chan said, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere.

”Didn’t I say this before? The sum of money is for the use of you girls in the future.”


It seemed like Miu-chan still couldn’t accept it.

I understand that the two are worrying for me, but looking from my perspective, it’s rather troubling for me as well.

I had resolved to be the children’s ‘Papa’ long before this.

That’s why I actually wish for them not to worry and continue to rely on me.

Even so, I’m very clear that my presence can’t make people relax and just rely on me.

”Oi-tan won’t come back?”

Hina asked, almost in tears. She probably noticed the heavy atmosphere at the dining table as well.

”I’ll be back later, so Hina might have slept already, but I will still be back. And Oi-tan is going to send Hina out in the morning as well.”

”If you lie, Hina will be angwy.”

”Mnn, I promise.”

Seeing me nod in response, Hina smiled happily.


Just at that moment, someone suddenly stood up from the chair and shouted.

”Leave it to me! Even if Onii-chan isn’t here, it’ll be okay!”

Sora-chan cried out in agitation.

”If only we sisters work together, we would be able to support ourselves even if Onii-chan isn’t here! Isn’t that right? Miu!”

”Eh~ Me too?”

”Do you need to ask? After all, cooking, washing the clothes, cleaning and buying stuff, fetching Hina and so on, there are a lot to do. Ah! That’s right, we have to make a table for this.”

”Hina will twy as well~”

”Look, even Hina is so motivated now.”

”Okay, okay…… But I suggest not to overwork.”

Miu-chan agreed somewhat unwillingly, and seemed to understand that it’s futile to object to her sister.

”That’s all. Onii-chan, just relax and go for your work!”

”Err…… Oh, ‘kay.”

It’s almost like it’s the same even if I am not here, so it’s actually rather sad. Even so, I couldn’t bear to pour cold water on Sora-chan when she’s finally so energetic…… This kind of feeling is quite complicated.

”Alright! Leave it to us!”

Sora-chan shouted while raising her slender hands high.

”Sigh~ Onee-chan wouldn’t heed anyone’s words whenever she’s in this mode.”

At a side, Miu-sighed while Hina looked rather happy.

I thanked the three sisters’ kind intentions from the bottom of my heart.

At the same time, I felt ashamed of myself because of letting them worry about me.

I motivated myself and smiled. Today, I prepared a secret weapon.

”That’s right, I bought some doughnuts from a rather famous shop at Shinjuku when I returned from the college. Let’s eat.”

After saying that, I took out a lot of doughnuts out from my bag.

”Wa! Hina loves to eat doughnuts!”

”Hoho, thanks, Oji-san. Then I’ll have the chocolate one.”

Hina and Miu-chan started to happily eat the doughnuts.

Only Sora-chan looked at the clock in slight worry.

”Uuu~ What to do……”

I understand. It is said that people easily get fat if they eat sweet things at night, after all.

”Sora-chan, if you’re worried about your weight, you don’t need to eat it now. You can wait till breakfast……”

At the instant when I spoke those words, I immediately realized my mistake, but it was too late.

With her face flushed, Sora-chan’s whole body trembled.

”I- I’m not fat at all! My weight is absolutely fine! O- Onii-chan, you idiot!”

Sora-chan’s shouts echoed through the whole night-time town.

I had to put in a lot of effort to apologize to Sora-chan after that. Girls are really so hard to please.

Even so, the true problem does not lie here.

Yuuta and the other haven’t noticed yet, but someone else is taking note of Sora-chan’s shouts.

”Third time now…… There must be something wrong.”

A sense of justice burned in the eyes of the female high schooler looking at the Takanashi behind her curtains.

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