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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 1 - Chapter 1

I opened my eyes in an inexplicable daze, and found that I was in an unfamiliar room.

“You’re finally awake, Segawa Yuuta-kun, first year Japanese major.”

A glaring light that pierced my eyes shone in front of me. It seemed that a desk lamp or something was being shone on me, while a faint shadow could be seen behind the light. However, why does this person know my name? And even my major?

“Uuu…… Urgh!”

At the instant when I started to say something, a nauseous feeling suddenly came from my gut.

I feel terrible…… And my whole mind’s blank, I couldn’t think of anything.

“You’re just a first year, but you drank till you almost puked, you really got guts.”

The guy spoke again. Though he spoke in a domineering tone, his words were rather high-pitched, and the silhouette behind the light looked rather wide as well.

“However, you really know how to get into trouble.”

“Err…… I…… Did I do anything?”

“Did you do anything, you say!? There is no answer other than ‘yes for that question!”

The silhouette raised his voice that was already rather high-pitched.

“See for yourself!”

The man turned the desk lamp, shining it towards corner in the dark room.

A female was slumped on the floor. Her long, slender legs extended on the floor, biting the long sleeve of her shirt, looking as though she would make sobbing noises any time now.

“Sob sob sob……”

She said that, she really said that. But her flat tone doesn’t even have any emotions in it.

“Oda-kun, Oda-kun! Put in some more feelings! Didn’t we got found out just now because of this?”

The fatty hastily muttered instructions to the female just now (Though I could actually hear it clearly). The female turned her head to a side slightly, then……

“Sob sob sob……?”

“No, I’m not telling you phrase it in a question!”

Though I’m not really sure about the situation, it seems that there’s a huge farce happening here.

“A- anyways! First year, Segawa Yuuta!”

“Ah, yes!”

“When you were drunk, you did some shameful acts towards Oda-kun over there. So you have to claim responsibility! And immediately!”

“Eh— !? I, I did such a thing!?”

How is that possible! It’s to unreasonable! Even if I did get dead drunk……

“Shameful acts……? I- I don’t remember at all!”

“Here, Oda-kun, what do you say about this?”

“…… Hmm?”

The female who was practicing her ‘sob sob sob’ at the side thought for awhile after being urged by the fatty.

“…… No.”


“Erm, is this a trick by any chance?”

“Ah! He got suspicious so quickly! Oda-kun! You probably have something else to say, right!”

After the fatty finished saying that, the desk lamp that was facing me suddenly rose, and someone poked his head out from below.

“Sako-senpai, why don’t you give up already?”

The fellow who said that while placing the desk lamp that was on his head onto the floor, was a tall, slim man that looked rather handsome.

I think I saw his face somewhere before this……

“Yo! You’re Segawa, right? We’re quite unlucky.”


It seems that the handsome guy knows me.

“Eh? Don’t you remember me? Didn’t I sit beside you just before this?”

“Ah, I remember now! Let me think for awhile…… You’re Nimura!”

Declaring something like ‘Bingo!’, he winked while pointing at me.

“Wait a sec, what’s with this situation! I remember that I was at a welcome party…… E- eh?”

I tried to recall about what occurred at the welcome party that I went to, but I could only remember up till the time that I gulped down the beer in my glass.

“Hmph! It seems that you really don’t remember anything, Segawa Yuuta. You took off your clothes while you’re drunk, running out to the streets naked, even climbing up the decorations in the plaza.”

The fatty called Sako-senpai changed his stand, pointing at me while saying that again.

Anyways, isn’t this completely different from what he said just now.

“Not only that! You argued with the police in front of us, the people passing by…… ‘Don’t get close! If you come closer, you’ll force me to release the inner energy in my body! Ugh! No! Don’t force me to repeat the destruction and death again!’ and on the next instant, black smoke puffed out from your body! And then, your right hand slowly held the dark object at your groi— Uwaagh!?”

Smack! A clear sound interrupted Sako-senpai’s words all of a sudden.

“I detest obscene topics.”

It seemed like the ‘sob sob sob’ person flung a slipper at him.

“Oda-kun, don’t get in my way. Just a little more, us ‘RoRe’ can get a new member. Also, didn’t I tell you to use a paper fan when doing a tsukomi?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

And then she hit her palm with her other fist as though she just understood something, and took out a paper fan from somewhere.

After that, she emotionlessly hit Sako-senpai with the paper fan repeatedly, sounds of the fan hitting him ringing clearly.

“Wa- Wai……! Wait a minute, I didn’t do anythi—!”

Thwack! Thwack!

“O- Oda-kun! Stop! Ahhh!”

“No. No. No.”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

“Ahhh! No! There’s this strange feeling! Noooooo—!”

The fat senpai made a disgusting wail, then stopped moving.

For some reason, a satisfied smile was on his face, and along with the movement of him biting his thumb, it gives people an eerie feeling.

“You two.”

The ‘sob sob sob’ who expressionlessly lashed out with the paper fan turned over and said to us.

“Let me handle this. You guys have class tomorrow right?”

Does that mean we can go back now?

“Oi, Segawa, let’s listen to her advice for now.”

“Mnn…… Alright.”

I glanced at the ‘sob sob sob’ person who was expressionlessly trying the fat senpai up, and then we left the room.

When we came outside, it was of course already night time, as the welcome party was in the evening……

A large field was in front of my eyes. We were in front of a small concrete building, and there were two or three similar buildings nearby as well.

“What is this place?”

“This is the club building, didn’t someone say that yesterday already?”

That’s true, I think someone mentioned something about a club building yesterday during the student orientation yesterday after the opening ceremony when someone from the staff explained to us about the places in the campus.

Tama Literary College where I’m going to from tomorrow— the campus that’s known as ‘Tamabun’, was built on a small slope, the highest place in the campus would be the field, the baseball field and the handball court.

Beside these fields would be the club building where the sports and cultural clubs are located.

Since most of the student orientation was about the things that would make people feel like sleeping, such as class contents, ways to study and the likes, and also because of the time, we didn’t have enough time to walk all over the campus, but it seems like the club building mentioned that time.

“So, were we in the clubroom of a club just now……”

We walked on the night road of April that was still had a hint of coldness, walking past the club building under the streetlights, walking towards a path that goes through the campus with sakura trees all around, and arrived at the slanting slope. At this time, Nimura turned his head around, looking at the building that couldn’t be seen now.

“Segawa, haven’t you looked around the clubs yet?”

“…… wasn’t the opening ceremony just yesterday? Who would be so hasty to get into a club?”

Nimura said: “You’re really an outsider.” And shrugged.

“If you want to meet more girls, joining a club is the best way.”

From this sentence, it gave me some understanding about this guy’s personality.

“But just joining a club wouldn’t be enough, it must be a relaxed, but a flashy and interesting club. The more interesting the club, the more easily girls would gather there.”

“What in the world are you thinking of?”

“Listen to me, the ones that I recommend the most are the Skiing Club or the Tourism Club. Also, don’t be so silly as to joining music oriented clubs. The practices of those clubs are unexpectedly harsh and also expensive.”

This guys is obviously just a first year new student like me, why is he so clear about these things?

It looks as though he’s at college just to hit on girls.

And it might be true as well.

“By the way, who are those two people? Why am I back at the school? Wasn’t I supposed to be at the pub in front of the station instead……”

“Huh? You really don’t remember? You were dead drunk even before they changed places. Because of this, and also because I was beside you, they asked me to send you back home.”

“Eh…… Is that true?”

Really, really. Nimura nodded.

“How should I say this……. I’m really sorry for bothering you.”

“Never mind, just find some time to treat me to lunch.”

Would the things in the school canteen be okay? If he asks for more, I don’t think my wallet can take it.

“You’re really a masterpiece, getting drunk though you’re just drinking non-alcoholic beer.”

“Eh……? Non-alcoholic?”

“Of course. Even though we’re already college students, most of us aren’t twenty yet. The senpais considered about that as well.”

I only knew about this now.

As the color and taste was the same as beer, I really thought I was drinking real beer.

“It’s when I was dragging you out to get a cab that I saw the senpai squatting down by the road just now.”

“…… Ah?”

“Don’t be doubtful, it’s true. Didn’t you see just now? She just went ‘sob sob sob’ like that by the road just now.”

She actually did that already just now……. And on the streets?

“What were those people playing at?”

“How should I know? But they said that they’re from the ‘Road Observation Research Society’ or something like that. It seemed like they were trying to get new members like that.”

Getting new members? Wasn’t that just plain threatening people?

It’s best if I don’t have anything to do with those people.

“But she’s really a beauty, the sob sob sob person.”

“Eh…… Really? The room was really dark just now, so I didn’t really see her face.”

“That’s such a pity! She’s a beauty of model or idol level. She might already be someone from a company now.”

“I- Isn’t that a bit too exaggerated……”

Nimura’s words made me regret not looking at her more closely just now.

My determination for ‘not having anything to do with those people’ wavered.

“By the way, Segawa-kun.”

“Wha- what is it?”

Hearing Nimura suddenly add a –kun behind my name made me feel rather guarded.

“Is your house anywhere nearby? The last train left quite some time ago.”

That was my encounter with Nimura went.

From that day on, that guy would always find a reason to stay at my house overnight, even bringing things like video games, mangas and the likes here, and would return home after playing, eating and bathing.

According to him, his room is a place where he’s going to invite girls to, so he doesn’t want unnecessary things to be there.

But even so, does that mean you have to place your things here……

However, being able to make a friend as soon as I came to the college actually made me feel rather relieved as well.

‘Oh? It seems that you’ve found quite a nice friend.’

After some time, my sister called me.

From the opening ceremony till now, I didn’t speak to my sister through the phone for a month or so now.

“My room is getting more and more cramped because of that guy. Really, he even brought a futon over here recently.”

The rent of my room is about fifty thousand yen, including the management fees. Fortunately, though this is a five year old room, the rent is quite reasonable. While at a corner of this cramped room, a futon was tidily arranged there. It was like then from the time Nimura went out.

Though people say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, that guy’s personality is actually quite similar to what he looks like, attentive, tidy, and he even cooks.

Every time he stays here for the night, he would tidily keep the futon folded, and would even help me prepare breakfast as well.

Not only that, he would come and tidy up the house in the morning, going to his class after keeping his futon, getting back his futon in the evening again.

In this age, if Nimura was a girl…… Such a thought would sometimes arise in my heart.

‘He even give you something for staying there, such a person is quite rare nowadays. Your friend called Nimura is probably quite friendly with women, right?’


‘Guys are like women, the ones who can do the housework and can cook are more popular! I’m educating my husband in this direction as well. Yuuta, you should really learn from him and get a girlfriend soon. And then you can marry as soon as you graduate.’


Sister is saying such unreasonable things again.

From some time before this, she would encourage me with things like ‘get a girlfriend’, ‘hurry up and marry’ and so on every two or three sentences.

The reason that she would turn out like that is probably because of me.

To be more precise, it would be from the time that I started to keep my distance from sis.

About four years before this, my sister married.

Her husband is a rather plain office worker. Though I say that, that guy has some land in the city, and even uses his money on stocks, so he’s a rather wealthy person.

Though I’m not sure where and how that guy met sis— to be exact, she just wouldn’t tell me the reason. But after some vigorous effort on sis that was actually too lovey-dovey for other people, he successfully walked on the red carpet with sis.

To be honest, I objected strongly that time, and I couldn’t even imagine that sis would actually think of marrying him.

After all, he’s an Ojisan who’s more than ten years older than sis, and he even divorced two times, having two kids from his two ex-wives.

Any person with common sense wouldn’t just give their blessings to them just like that.

And to me, whose parents died long ago, my sister isn’t just any ‘sister’, but an existence that is equal to parents.

With a dazzling appearance and an elegant personality, my sister was the dream girl of many people from primary school, and received confession letters three times a day, or would be confessed to behind a school building.

Every time I felt jealous and unknowingly turn harsh. Being such a devoted brother, how can I suppress the motions that are like envy, jealousy and also pain? Impossible, I can’t do that!

Just like that, these emotions still lingered in the depths of my heart.

Besides that, there are still other reasons that I decided to keep a distance from sis.

‘Hina says that she wants to see her Oji-chan as well. Right, Hina-chan?”

Hina would be the girl that sis had with the detestable man that divorced for two times now.

She’s probably sleeping in sis’s lap right now.

“…… Isn’t it impossible for a two year old to say that?”

‘She’s almost three now, and even two year olds can speak a lot nowadays. She could even say all the names of the animals that she saw on a show on TV! And she even said ‘Thanks for your hard work, papa!’ to Shingo yesterday as well! Isn’t she great!’

I really don’t get how great is that.

I remember that the last time I saw her was when she had her first birthday, so we haven’t seen each other for two years now.

That time, she was still a baby who’d just cry or sleep all day……

‘Why don’t you come home and play sometimes, I want Hina to remember your face faster as well, Yuuta.’

“My face, huh…… Never mind, I wouldn’t want to trouble you and your family—“

‘Yuuta, you’re wrong.’

Sis interrupted in an unusually harsh tone.

‘After I married Shingo, I had two daughters already. Of course, we aren’t related by blood, and we haven’t lived together long enough for them to call me mother…… However, I’ve treated them as my true ‘family’. Just like Hina, they’re both my daughters.’

I could more or less imagine the expression on my sister’s face on the other side of the phone.

She would probably look somewhat angry, but with a hint of sorrow.

She would look like that every time I did something wrong.

‘Yuuta, it’s the same for you. No matter how far apart we are, you’re always my family.’

“…… Sorry.”

‘It’s okay.’ Sister’s voice recovered its usual gentleness, and she said to me.

Then she said: ‘If you have a person that you like after this and have a family, you’ll know that naturally.’ And hung up.

“A person I like, huh…...”

Is it because of that, that she would keep nagging me to get a girlfriend?

But…… That’s not a simple task.

To a person like me who just went to college for a month, and had one person who’s like a friend to me- Nimura Kouichi, it’s just too hard. I heaved a long sigh since I wouldn’t be overheard.

Ding dong!

The doorbell rang just at that moment as though it was waiting for me to finish my phone call with my sis. The apartment that I stayed at was a perfect location only five minute’s distance from the school on foot. In other words, this is a rather remote place close to the hills.

I could only think of one person who would come here other than my landlord and my sister.

I just ended a phone call with sis just now, so it’s definitely not here, while the landlord wouldn’t visit after ten at night unless there’s a huge problem.

That means it’s only that person left.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”

After saying that, I opened the door.

“Segawa-kun~ Let me stay here for the night.”

As I expected, the visitor was indeed Nimura.

As though he returned to his own house, he snuck into the house, sitting down on his usual spot after placing the bags from convenience shops on the table.

“Hey…… It seems that you’ve been here almost every day from this week.”

“That doesn’t matter. Here, have an ice cream as a gift.”

Just like that, Nimura would always bring some gifts here when he stays here for the night.

Would this be one of his secret techniques for his popularity with women?

Ah, about the things that I talked about just now…… Perhaps I should just ask for Nimura’s opinion.

…… No, never mind. I have a feeling that I would just get a cruel answer with absolutely no value for reference.

“Hmm? Segawa-chan, is there anything wrong?”

“…… Nothing much. That’s right, I’ll be taking the Häagen-Dazs then.”

“Ah! That’s mine! The Garigari popsicle is yours.”

“Do you think you can stay at someone’s house with just a Garigari popsicle?”

After saying that, I opened the expensive-looking crimson ice cream cover. After that, I tore off the plastic cover in it, licking the surface of the ice cream after that.

“Uwaa!? That’s so despicable! Are you a primary school student!”

“Heh heh~♪”

I glanced at Nimura who was starting to eat his Garigari popsicle bitterly, and started to enjoy the 300 yen ice cream.

The next day— the piercing noise of an alarm woke me from my sleep.


The alarm clock that sis gave me when I moved here rang in an unbelievably loud sound. Sis who was unexpectedly hard to wake in the morning used this alarm to wake up every morning at six when she was still schooling to prepare breakfast and bento, so obviously it’s volume is nothing to laugh at.

“Ugh…… Oh no, there’s class on first period today…… Oi! Nimura, wake up!”

I said while using my foot to poke Nimura who was still sleeping like a log.

In the end, Nimura and I played video games until daybreak.

The game that we played was one that makes the players kick the other players off a high stage, called Smash Bros or something like that.

By the way, my record was 13 wins and 64 losses. Though the results are like this, I really improved quite a lot compared with the time when I first played.

After all, I couldn’t win even once when I started the game, and I was one-sidedly pummeled to the edge of the screen no matter how many times I played it.

“Wait, this isn’t time to think about this. Oi! Nimura, the first class starts after fifteen minutes!”

“Ah— …… I’m taking a break today~”

Lying on the floor, it didn’t look as though Nimura was going to get up, and he said while waving his hand.

“Isn’t your attendance lacking?”

“That— is— why…… Segawa-kun, I’ll leave roll call to you~”

Seriously…… I’ll just ignore the guy who’s trying to fuse with the carpet then.

I speedily finished the preparations for class, and left after grabbing a piece of bread that I bought some time before.

I walked down the metal stairs that would ring distractingly by the apartment, then hid the keys to the house below a potted plant beside the letterbox.

Nimura would always take the keys there and lock the door when he goes home, and put it back when he’s finished with it.

After I moved the potted plant back to its original spot, I walked out to the unpaved road in front of the apartment.

I entered the campus from the smallest entrance— the west door— and bought a can of milk coffee from the automatic vendor in front of the Welfare Society.

I used it to swallow the bread that I brought from home in one go, and that’s the end of my breakfast.

Just like that, when I walked to the sakura slope path where the May sakura trees had already wilted, and saw auditory room 3 that I was supposed to go today for my first class.

It seems that I wouldn’t be late today.

When I walked into the classroom, it was unusually full of students.

The only students that would attend a Liberal Studies class that was arranged on the first period of Wednesday would be the first years who want to earn all their credits in their first year in college, the second years that are too free, and the third years who are really lacking credits, and are trying to get extra credits.

But the other reason would be because this class is said as a bonus class that you could earn credits from as long as you attend it, which is probably why the rate of attendance is so high. Though Nimura was the one who found out about this and recommended me to join the course, the one who actually attended or even answered during roll call for him was me.

That’s fine, as I would not forget to ask him for a gift in return for answering the roll call for him.

As I looked around the classroom to look for a suitable seat, the lecturer coincidentally walked into the room as well.

Without an alternative, I could only look for an empty seat to sit.

“Hmm…… You……”

The instant I sat down, the person sitting next to me turned around.

“It’s been awhile, how are you these days?”


I think my expression that time probably looked quite ridiculous.

However, I was only surprised because the other person suddenly spoke to me.

That’s because she was quite a rarely seen beauty.

She was really at the top level when you could only see on television or in movies. She had curly hair and a flawless appearance, her eyes so large that it almost covered half of her face. And also…… absolutely huge breasts.

It seemed like the girl knew me, and talked to me in a friendly matter. No matter how dazed I was, a beauty like this, and what’s more one with huge breasts, how is that possible that I would not remember?

“Err……. Ah……”

“Is it possible…… that you forgot?”

She tilted her head in confusion after saying that.

That action stirred my memories.

I recall that I’ve seen that response before somewhere.

That’s right, I remember that someone tilted her head somewhere in front of me, and she was biting on the sleeve of her shirt as well.

“Ah, ahh…… AHH! You’re the ‘sob sob sob’ person!”

I forgot that we were in a lesson, and stood up shouting.

After I was chased out of the classroom, I arrived at a bench between the sakura tree path and the school buildings with the ‘sob sob sob’ person.

As soon as it’s recess, students would gather around here drinking beverages or smoking. Though there were quite a lot of spacious locations with benches in the campus, most of the first years would gather around here due to the location of classes.

But apart from us, there were almost nobody over there at that time.

That’s quite understandable, since we were chased out of class half through the first period.

“Erm…... Sorry, it’s all because of me……”

“That’s okay, since the class isn’t as interesting as I thought.”

Isn’t as interesting as she thought…... Does that mean that this person seriously wants to study in this course?

Thinking about myself, who attended the class because I heard that I can ‘get credits as long as I attend’, it made me feel rather embarrassed.

But the matter that I cared more about is, this rarely seen beauty was expressionless from just now, her brows didn’t even move a centimeter.

Added with her finely chiseled features, the extent of her unchanging expression made me feel as though I was talking to a sculpture or something like that.

“I am Oda Raika, second year majoring _.”


“A self-introduction. People usually do that when they meet for the first time.”

“Err, ah…… th- that’s true! Erm, I’m……”

“I know, you’re Segawa Yuuta, first year Japanese literature major.”

She answered in my stead before I had the chance. Well, it didn’t look like she asked me to introduce myself after all, so it seems that she still remembers clearly about the night of the welcome party.

“A question. what does the ‘sob sob sob’ person mean?”

“Eh? Ah, oh…… It’s because those were the lines that you spoke that time, and I had a slight impression of it……”

“Sob sob sob?”

“Yes, that’s right! S- senpai, you did say it that time, didn’t you?”

“Oh, it was that time. Sako-senpai told me to say that…… Now I understand, that’s why I’m the ‘sob sob sob’ person.”

“S- sorry for giving you such a strange title.”

No matter what, calling another person the ‘sob sob sob person’, this awkward way of naming people leaves me tongue-tied. This type of naming seems like what those Ojisans who appears in mangas would say.

“So that’s why…… Sob sob sob…… sob sob sob…… Hmm.”

“Erm…… Oda-senpai?”

It looked as though senpai just understood something, nodding repeatedly.

“Oda-senpai…… Does that refer to me?”

“Err…… there aren’t anyone else, right?”

“Indeed. But I don’t like that way of calling, just call me Raika-chan.”

“Eh!? Calling you that as soon as I know you is too abrupt!”

“Really? Then just call me the ‘sob sob sob’ person.”

“That’s even stranger……”

Though I was the one who coined that, using that as a nickname seems to be a fundamental problem.

“Then what do you want to address me as?”

Senpai puffed out her cheeks and pouted, using her whole face to express her displeasure.

But there wasn’t even a hint of anger in her face.

It felt more like she was deliberately presenting an ‘I am angry’ act.

“Err….. Then, what about Raika-san?”

“Raika-san…… Nobody called me that before. Hmm, it seems nice.”

It looks like she likes it.

This person is quite a unique person, or to be precise, should I say ‘odd’……

I remember that she and the fat senpai seemed to be in that ominous club.

“That’s that. Then I’ll call you Yuuta after this.”

“Err…… Is calling my name directly okay?”

“Well, you’re my kouhai, so wouldn’t it be strange if I call you Yuuta-san?”

Err, it’s because of that…… Don’t people normally call me Segawa-kun at these times?

“That’s all, nice to meet you, Yuuta.”

While saying that, Raika-san turned around to look at me.

At that instant, a faint smile appeared on her originally expressionless face…… Though I wasn’t really sure.

In reality, that might just be a change of expression within two centimeters. Even so……

(…… Eh? That’s odd.)

At the same time, a change occurred around my heart.

Thump! Thump! Thump! It was a shock that shook me from the inside of my body. No, that was my heartbeat, it felt as though a car with an extra large bass speaker drove beside me, loudly playing a bass tune.

(W- what’s with this? My heart is beating so fast……)

“Goodbye, Yuuta.”

Raika-san said simply and left.

I could only stare blankly at her silhouette.

“W- wait a minute, what’s with this? Why is my chest so painful……”

Is this some kind of illness?

No, this is not an illness.

Though I didn’t have an experience like that, even I understand that this type of uncontrollably vigorous heartbeat indicates only one thing.

“Maybe, perhaps…… This…… This is…….”

And then I didn’t even remember what place I went to after that, I only know that when I came back to my senses, I was standing at the entrance of my house, while the silhouette of Nimura with an apron on him was cutting vegetables in the kitchen.

“Eh? Why are you so early? Did you take attendance for me?”


“What is it? You skipped class? That’s fine, since I have to make ramen right now. It’s veggie ramen.”


I answered weakly, then sat down in front of the coffee table.

My heart was still pounding, the smile on Raika-san’s face lingered in my mind.

“I’m planning to cook some veggies and then thicken them, do you have any flour in your house? I’ll have to get some from a supermarket nearby if not.”


That moment, Nimura seemed to have noticed something off with me, and he confusedly observed my expression.

“Oi! Segawa-chan, you’re acting rather strangely since just now.”


“Wait a sec, should you really be saying ‘yeah……’ at this time?”

Nimura took off his apron, and sat opposite me.

“What happened? I’ll say this first, I won’t believe you even if you say that you’re okay.”

“I saw that person.”

“Which person?”

“She said that she’s Oda Raika, a senpai one year older than us who’s in Humanities.”

“Oda Raika…… Oh! The one from the welcome party. No, I should say after the welcome party. Well, she is quite a rarely seen beauty.”

“Yeah…… She’s so beautiful…… Really……”

“…… Wait a minute, Segawa-chan. Aren’t you acting a bit weird?”


“That’s not right, you’re truly acting weirdly! Though I could probably guess what’s going on!”

That day was the first time that I fell in love in my life.

“Oi! Segawa! Segawa-kun!!”

I walked along the meandering road, walking quickly on the road that extended to the highest point of the field.

My destination is of course the Club Building. I’m going there to see Raika-san who’s probably there as well.

“I’m telling you to wait! At least wait for me to finish!”

“…… What is it?”

I stopped and turned around, seeing the Nimura chasing me from behind, drenched in sweat

“Huff— huff— …… Wa- wait a minute, let me get my breath back…… Also, let me have some water as well……”

Though it was a rather steep slope, we haven’t even reached half of the slope.

Seeing Nimura so out of breath, I really wonder how much he’s lacking exercise.

Even so, abandoning him here is really quite pitiful, so we decided to rest for awhile in front of an automatic vendor.

“Phew— I’m alive again……”

Nimura finally heaved a long sigh of relief after finishing his sports drink in one go while resting.

“Okay, let’s hear the reason why you’re pouring cold water on my love life.”

“Oh— that’s right, that’s right.”

He slapped his thigh as though he just remembered about it.

“I’ll just say this directly, give up on that person!”

“No. That’s all.”

“Eh!? Don’t be so impulsive! Hear me out first!”

Because of Nimura’s insistence, I had no other choice but to sit with him on the bench beside the road.

“Erm— Let me put it this way, the person called Oda Raika is too heavy of a burden for you.”

“How do you know about that?”

“Don’t be so impatient, listen to me. In any case, you’re probably interested in information about her, right?”

That’s true, the only thing I knew about Raika-san was only her full name and academic year.

As I was thinking about that, Nimura fished out a notebook with a cloth cover from his pocket.

“Oda Raika, twenty, second year humanities major. She passed the entrance exams scoring first place, and seems to be quite good at sports as well. It is said that there was a record of her not letting her opponent score even one point in P.E class even though she was facing active tennis club members.”


Raika-san is really awesome, just as I thought…… No, she’s more awesome than I thought.

“Being good in both academic and sports, her features are striking as well. I’ve heard that a lot of clubs went head over heels asking for her to join them when she just entered the school, while the number of men who tried to hit on her was nothing to laugh at. Not only in the school, but even the people from other colleges at the other end of the slope came to get a glimpse of her presence.”

Though it was a rather unbelievable description, people who saw Raika-san with their own eyes wouldn’t be able to deny that.


Nimura suddenly raised his voice at that moment.

“At this moment, there is not even one man who is trying to get near to her! Not only men, there isn’t even a person who can be treated as a friend near her! Segawa Yuuta, what do you think after learning about a fact like that!?”

“She’s quite the introvert.”

“That’s fine, I understand now! There’s a problem with your eyes!”

“What’s wrong with that? Did I say anything wrong?”

“You didn’t say anything wrong, but you didn’t get anything right as well.”

It was like Nimura was saying something allegorical.

“Anyways…… This person called Oda Raika is an incredible oddball.”


“If not, she wouldn’t join a strange club like the Road Observation Research Society, would she?”

Road Observation Research Society— that’s right, this name was the one that I heard that night.

“Road Observation Research Society huh…… Okay, that means that I can be together with Raika-san as long as I join it!”

“Wha…… Ugh…… That’s right, but……”

“Okay, I’ll join the club immediately then. I recall that I can get the application form from the staff office.”

“Whatever you say…….”

I left Nimura hugging his head on the bench, walking to the staff office alone.

As soon as I obtained the club application form, I filled it right on the spot.

I held the form that I just finished filling in and walked to the place where Raika-san and I first met— the Club Building, and joined the Road Observation Research Society that day.

After that, three months passed in a flash—

The area of Hachiouji was in the peak of summer.

To us students, it was also the peak time of our tests before the holidays as well.

At the same time when the recess bell rang, sighs that sounded like both relief and resignation rang in the classes.

“I can’t go on……”

Nimura plopped his head on the desk behind me, saying that weakly.

“I understand, thanks for your hard work.”

I took the answer sheets that were passed from the behind and passed it on after stacking mine on Nimura’s.

“I say, why is English a mandatory subject when we’re majoring Japanese? Why can’t we Japanese just study the Japanese language?”

“It’s useless even if you only want to study Japanese, as English is the more common language in the world, and you wouldn’t suffer any losses after you learn it, right?”

“I will never leave Japan!”

“Nimura, it’s okay even if you have that decision, but wasn’t the college student who hanged out with you before this a foreign student as well?”

“She came from China. And if it’s Chinese, I can still speak a little of it.”

This guy would always show incredible attention when it comes to women.

If he went out with a foreign student from England, he might really be able to speak fluent British English after half a year.

From a certain aspect, you could say that he’s quite an intelligent person, but the pretext is that he didn’t mistake the direction of his effort.

Today is the last day of the mid-term exams.

After that, it’s the long-awaited school break.

We can enjoy activities like the beach, swimming, fireworks and the likes in the summer break. And the summer breaks of college students are especially long. This just means that we could play all we like during this time.

Even so, that is limited to people who have a lover or lots of friends.

To poor students like me, the summer break is just a period of time when I spend more time on working part time. No, that might not be true.

“Well…… Since the exams are over, let’s go to the club.”

“It’s better if I show up once in a while.”

Nimura followed me to the Club Building, walking on the campus road that we got familiar of eventually. Three months ago, this guy joined the Road Observation Research Society with me for some reason.

But it seems that he often went to various clubs anyways, so joining the ‘Roary’ might just be a sudden interest.

We breathlessly walked on the slope path that would often twist and turn, and arrived at the Club Building after climbing another flight of stairs famous for its above forty degrees slant.

As its name would suggest, this is a building full of cultural and sport clubs, while the Road Observation Research Society that we belonged to—the club commonly known as ‘Roary’ has a club room here as well.

We climbed the open stairs beside the building to the second floor, and saw an odd object at the center of the corridors.

It’s hard to explain, but from first sight, two ominous parts could be seen immediately.

Firstly, the two magazines displayed at the center of the corridors. There was a woman with unusually revealing clothes on one, and the woman was even showing an alluring smile; The other one was a manga magazine, but for some reason, a girl wearing cat ears was on the cover, a banana in her mouth, saliva dripping out from the corner of her mouth.

In other words, both of them were H books.

The two H books placed in the center of the corridors. From the point that the books were carefully arranged into a fan shape so that people could clearly see the title, it is certain that someone deliberately placed them here.

However, another stranger object was behind the books.

In a nutshell, that object was a huge cardboard box. Square holes that seemed to be peepholes was on the box that occupied the corridors, and it was evident that someone was hiding in it.

“What…… is that?”

Finally, Nimura asked the reasonable question.

“Pretend not to see it.”

“Err, that’s rather difficult……”

Though I muttered the instructions to Nimura, however……

“That should be Raika-san, right?”

After realizing that Nimura was planning to extend his hand to the box, I hurriedly caught hold of his hand.

The exposed eyes from the seams were obviously Raika-san’s. Moreover, her favorite handbag was beside the cardboard box that had ‘Raika’ written on it. No matter how you look at it, it was as though the setting forced people to notice it. Even so, Raika-san was actually concealing herself seriously. That’s the scary part.

“W- wow, fancy finding a H book over here!”

I, myself, was clear that it was lame acting.

Anyways, I pretended not to notice the cardboard box, picking up the book.

“…… Oi! Nimura! Follow my lead!”

“O- okay…… Wow! That’s true~ I wonder who placed it here?”

Raika-san should be satisfied with that, right? Thinking about that, I sneaked a peek at the cardboard box.

There wasn’t even a slight movement in the cardboard box.

It seems that this farce has to continue.

“Eh, okay! Let’s take a look…… Wow! What’s this~!”

“Let me have a look, Segawa-kun…… Uwaa! That’s so shameless~”

Though his tone was rather odd, Nimura continued to act on with me.

“Nimura-kun, Nimura-kun, let me see yours as well.”

“Alright, lets swap~”

I passed the magazine in my hands to Nimura after taking Nimura’s manga.

“Whoa! This is……”

Though the manga was for people with rather special preferences, the contents were intense, and they’re of lolis. The impact was so big that it made my heartbeat accelerate the moment I flipped open the book.

Hmm…… When I think about it, the cat ears manga on the cover seems to be okay. If possible, maybe I should just sneak this away…… When I was secretly planning that, a serene ringtone that was in sharp contrast with the situation rang suddenly in the cardboard box.

The next moment, the cover of the cardboard box was opened, and Raika-san stood up.

“Okay…… Mnn…… Alright…… I got it.”

After hanging up, Raika-san turned to us.

“Kaichou. He isn’t going to come today.”

“Oh, i- is that so……”

There was an awkward silence.

“Let’s go to the clubroom.”

After saying that, Raika-san walked quickly into the clubroom as though nothing happened.

A slightly musty smell was in the clubroom as nobody come to the clubroom for a week or so.

The both of us and Raika-san decided to air out the place first. Since there weren’t any high-tech gizmos like air-conditioners over here, we turned on the only thing that could be said as an air conditioning equipment— the fan, and the musty smell finally dispersed to an acceptable level after we placed the fan at the door to air the room out.

By the way, I’m not sure if Nimura was creating an opportunity for me or just didn’t want to stay in the hot clubroom, but he went home ages ago.

In other words, only Raika-san and I are in the clubroom right now……

“Mnn, here’s yours.”

“Ah, oh.”

As soon as I thought of the fact that we’re alone, my voice cracked because of nervousness.

I sipped the canned juice senpai gave me while sneaking peeks at her.

Senpai took out her favorite small camera, and seemed as though she was looking at her photos.

At the moment when I thought about that, Raika-san slowly turned her head to me, shoving the digital camera in my face.

“Look, I took this just now.”


The instant when I was shocked by the porn manga was merciless filmed.

“W- wait a sec! That kind of photo, delete it at once!”


“Err, um…… What could you do with that kind of photo anyway?”

“…… Heh.”

“Why are you showing me a meaningful smile!?”

Disregarding my uneasiness, Raika-san stuffed the digital into the depths of her handbag.

As you can see, Raika-san is a bit strange.

If Nimura was the person who’s speaking, he would probably say: ‘Being able to use ‘a bit’ to brush away the matter, I can only say that love is blind……’

“Then, what kind of ‘experiment’ did you do today?”

“Hmm— A secret.”


Raika-san’s interest is to ‘observe humans’.

And that is precisely the activities of us Road Observation Research Society, more commonly known as ‘Roary’.

The club that Raika-san and Kaichou founded would set up various types of tricks to make fun of people like just now, and hide nearby to observe the victim’s response. It is said that they were called to the staff office to be scolded time after time when the club was first founded because they set up their tricks at the entrance of the school.

And because of that, the men who wanted to get closer to senpai naturally decreased.

Recently, Raika-san seemed to have considered about the parents, so she didn’t pull pranks that are too brazen recently. Instead, her observation target focused on a few people.

Naturally, the said few people was me.

The incident that happened today was probably an experiment done because of a way of thinking that I cannot comprehend.

Three months and a few days passed since the moment when I fell in love with Raika-san. And we would be like this every time, not having even one micrometer of progress.

“I say, do you think that playing pranks on me is fun?”

“Because I want to know you better.”


“Because I want to know you better.”

That left me tongue-tied.

Wanting to know me better……?

D- does that mean……

“I found out today. Yuuta is a manga-type.”


“Also, you like cat ears. Your attractions were exposed.”



I couldn’t help but ram my head on the table.

What is this helpless emptiness?

“No, I’m not particularly interested in cat ears. It’s true.”

“Then…… Is this okay?”

Raika-san placed her hands on her head, treating them as cat ears.


“Look, look, cat ears, cat ears.”

“U, uuu…….”

How can this be…… It’s both ferocious and cute……

“Mnn, there’s a response. You definitely like cat ears.”

Though Raika-san nodded in satisfaction, it was not because of the cat ears, but because of you doing that action. That made me unable to refrain the throbbing in my chest. I should say, I can’t stand this anymooore, can I push you down? It’s cat ears after all.

“Ra- Raika-san!”

At the moment when I stood up, planning to break free of the shackles of reason……


This time, the phone that emitted a piercing ringtone was mine.

Seriously, this time of all times…… While complaining in my heart, I held the phone, seeing ‘Sis’ displayed on the screen.

“Hello? Is it sis? Why are you suddenly calli—“

‘Come to the bus stop!’


Tama Literary College, where I study at, is rather far from the bus stop.

Students who go to school by train has to take a bus after that as well. In any case, it isn’t a distance that people would choose to walk back and forth at.

Some students would ride to the bus stop, parking their bikes at the bicycle parking lot in front of the bus stop, and there were some wealthier ones who drive to school as well.

Because of that, people can only use the bus if they want to visit my apartment that’s five minutes distance on foot from the college, if they didn’t prepare a bike or a car.

After Raika-san and I left the clubroom, we walked to the south entrance along the slope path.

The bus stop could immediately be seen after we exit the school entrance, while sis was wiping away her sweat with a lot of bags by her leg.


Sis noticed me very soon, and straightened her arm to wave to me.

Not only do sis has good-looking features that are completely different from my, with a mature dress along with a bonnet on her body that doesn’t look remotely like she gave birth to a child, making her look extremely striking. That made me the focus of the people passing by as well.

It’s so embarrassing……

“Well, I’m off then.”


After saying that, Raika-senpai walked away naturally.

Seeing as we wouldn’t have many chances to meet in the holidays, this kind of farewell is much too dull. Wait, I should ask senpai out during the holidays instead, just us…… Me having the guts to ask her out or not is another matter.

“Hey! Yuuta, Yuuta!”

“Ah…… Onee-san.”

“Really, don’t just space out there, quick, help me carry them!”

“Oh, okay……”

After I finished staring reluctantly at Raika-san’s leaving silhouette, I carried onee-san’s luggage to my home.

“Heh heh, it’s been quite a while!”

Onee-san hooked her arm on mine.

Maybe because I was misunderstood that I was going out with two beauties, the unpleasant gazes of the people passing by were quite upsetting.

— Actually I’m not that lucky. I feel regretful because of that as well.

However, thinking of the fact that I’m able to hang out with onee-san alone like this after such a long time, it made a hint of warmth rise in my heart as well.

“Phew—! We’re finally here—!”

As soon as we entered the room, onee-san lied down on the floor.

“Wait a minute, what’s with this? Why are there so much stuff!”

“Those are all prepared for you, of course.”

Most of the things in the bags were food, and then there were towels, socks, underwear and the likes.

“Why did you bring these things here? I can just buy them myself.”

“Though you’re saying that, guys deal with these matters quite hastily.”

She opened my wardrobe without my permission after saying that, placing my undergarments into it.

“Ah— seriously, your clothes are in a mess. You should really keep them tidier.”

“Uuu…… Sorry.”

That made me think of the times when we stayed together in the past.

“Onee-san, why are you here this time?”

“Of course, I’m here to check out your situation. Seriously, this is all because you almost never contact me.”

“That’s because I’m too busy. Going to classes, working part time and the likes……”

While speaking of these excuses, I gazed at my sister who was refolding my clothes, her nostalgic silhouette.

My parents died in an accident when I was still in primary school, and we lived supporting each other ever since.

We didn’t have any relatives that we could rely on, and onee-san was still a high school student at that time. Her teacher seemed to have suggested me to go to youth centers, but onee-san stubbornly refused the suggestions.

Just like that, we came all this way with the assets our parents left us and the wages of onee-san’s part time job.

And I even relied on onee-san’s support and a student loan until I went to college.

Because of that, I don’t want to give her any more trouble.

Onee-san can probably live a rather happy life after marrying and having kids.

I don’t want her to take care of a burden like me anymore— thinking of that should be normal, right?

“Yuuta, what are your plans in the holidays?”


“I don’t mean that. I’m asking you if you’re coming back.”

“Isn’t that your home? It can’t be counted as my home……”

“Seriously, I said this a lot of times already. My home is your home.”

Onee-san turned around and said in a somewhat angry tone.

“…… Got it. I’ll stay there during the summer break.”

I could only choose to accept it after she said that.

“Ah, really? That’s great. Then, then…… Just for half a day, can you please help to look after my kids?”


It seemed that onee-san just told me something completely unexpected.

“Actually— During the Obon break, I must go out with Shingo-san no matter what. But leaving the three kids at home is really worrying. You can say that Shingo-san is rather overprotective in this aspect, what a silly dad……”

That’s right, onee-san is actually this kind of person…...

Not only is she good at taking care of people, she’s good as bossing people around as well.

She would always take advantage of me whenever I go there actively.

“It’s great that you agreed so readily. Ah, you don’t need to do much, as Sora and Miu can take care of Hina themselves.”

Sora and Miu…… Ah, that’s right. They’re the daughters from my brother-in-law’s side. Including the time when sis had her wedding ceremony, I saw them only twice, so I barely remember their faces.

“I’ll make this clear first, you can’t touch them no matter how cute they are.”

“Who would do that! And aren’t they still children? I wouldn’t feel like it even if I want to.”

“That’s hard to say~”

Onee-san showed me a meaningful smile.

The last time that I saw her would be about two years ago. I remember that it was the time when her daughter was given birth.

The eldest one was about ten that time, so she’s probably in middle school right now…… Gah, what am I thinking about.

“Then again, there’s actually nothing to worry about. Because you like girls older than you from before, don’t you?”

“N- nonsense.”

“Is it because I’m the one who raised you until you’re this big…… So now you’re a siscon.”

“W- w- w- what are you talking about! And how can you speak things like that as a sister!”

“Oh? Isn’t that the truth? Isn’t the girl who’s beside you just now older than you?”

“T- that person…… is a senpai from my club.”

“But you like her, right?”


Wh- why does she know about this?

After looking at my expression, onee-san blurted out: “I knew it.”

Darn it…… Why am I unable to hide anything from her from before this?

“Ah— But did your interests change a bit after going to college? Reading this kind of book……”

Before I realized it, onee-san was opening my backpack, taking out its contents.

The H manga that I borrowed in secret without Raika-san’s permission is in……

“Wait a minute!”

I hurriedly snatched the exceptionally dangerous item from onee-san’s hands.

“Oh, isn’t it fine, just let me see~”

“No! No means no!”

“Your sister is telling you to let me see, let go!”

In contrast with her appearance, onee-san who was actually quite strong kept her hold on the book. I used all my effort, but was defeated not long after that.

“You’ll have to try again ten years after this if you want to win. Alright, give me the book.”

“Noo—! Just let me off the hook about this—!”

I tried to do my last protest while being straddled by onee-san on the floor while she was pulling my ear, but at this moment—

“Segawa~ I’m going on a date later, so let me use…… your…… bathroom……”

After pushing the door open boldly, Nimura froze after seeing the scene in the room.

“Err, how should I say this…… It seems…… like I’m bothering you…… Sorry!”

“What’s with that reaction!? Oi! Stop there!”

Ignoring my protests, Nimura ran out of the room looking as though he was forcefully holding back tears.

From that time, two weeks passed in a flash, and the day when onee-san and I agreed on arrived.

That day was also the day when I have to go to onee-san’s house, like some sort of ritual.

By the way, up till now, I used up my summer break on working and video games.

In the summer break, though I would occasionally meet Raika-san at Roary, but in the situation where no activities were held, we had absolutely no progress in a certain aspect, while Nimura would say that I’m a wimp with a frequency of once every two days.

Disregarding that for the moment, I’m now having a bitter battle with the roads in this crucifying summer heat.

“Err…… It should be here, right……?”

With my foggy memory, I walked on the small road of the residential street.

This is the Ikebukuro of the Toshima district, though the JR Ikebukuro station is crowded like the city, the landscape would undergo a huge change with just a small distance, entering the old residential streets.

“To be honest…… It’s quite hot……”

Though it was obviously still in the morning, puffs of heat were already emitted from the asphalt road below my feet.

I raised my head and looked at the dazzling sun that was as though it was emphasizing that it’s the summer season, and suddenly had a feeling like someone pulled a prank on me.

It seems that the ‘hottest time this year’ that the weather forecast predicted before this is really true.

And I have to come to a city district on a day like this from a run down place like Hachiouji……

“Oh! Found it!”

After climbing a small slope, a beautiful villa that looked as though it could appear in a TV show appeared before my eyes.

“But…... This house is really too big no matter how you look at it.”

My brother-in-law’s surname is ‘Takanashi’. They’re a family that lived here from long ago, and seemed to have been a major landlord before the war.

According to onee-san, it isn’t that exaggerated right now, their land had been equally distributed to the family members, so the only asset that they own right now is just this building.

I breathed in deeply, and a cute voice came from the intercom after I pressed the electric doorbell.

‘Hello, may I ask who are you?’

“Ah…… I’m Segawa, Segawa Yuuta. Err…… I’m the younger brother of your new mom……”

‘Oh! Okay, I’ll open the door right away.’

Phew…… That’s fortunate. I was thinking what I should do if she said ‘I don’t know a person like you’.

After some time, I heard footsteps of someone coming closer to the door.

“Sorry for the wait!”

The person who opened the door for me was a young twin-tailed beauty whose looks are similar to that of an idol—

“Wow! It’s been a while! Do you still remember me?”

“Ah, err…… Well……”

My bad habit was exposed immediately. Whenever I see a cute girl, my mouth just wouldn’t function properly no matter what. Then again, with the blonde hair on her delicate face and her fair, slender limbs…… This girl looked as beautiful as a doll.

“You probably don’t remember, right? Since it’s…… once, twice…… twice form the last time we met, and two years passed. Look, aren’t I a lot taller than before?”

The girl before my eyes spoke all of that in one go.

I couldn’t even find the time to answer her.

“Ah, sorry! Because I’m too happy, so that’s why I said so much. Isn’t it hot out there? Hurry up and get in!”

“O- okay……”

In the end, I didn’t even ask for her name. Err…… Which one was the blonde one……?

From her appearance, she’s probably a middle schooler……? Does that mean she’s the eldest girl, Sora-chan?

I was led by the girl to the living room without an answer.

“Please wait here for awhile, I’ll call them out here.”

And she left after saying that.

In the spacious part living room part dining room, there was a large liquid plasma television, and there were also a set of sofas surrounding the television. I remember that there probably wasn’t such a large television here the last time I was here. Perhaps they just changed it recently. The air conditioning was going strong as well, the sweat on my body starting to turn cold.

Just at that moment, I noticed a toy box with children’s toys in it beside the television.


I took out a toy that looked like a notebook computer. Keys were arranged neatly on the toy. When I typed randomly on it, the voice of a female spoke the letters that pressed.


I was somewhat surprised.

It seems that this is a toy for children to learn English while they are still small.

Doesn’t onee-san seem rather enthusiastic about their education? Wait, doesn’t this seem more like something that her husband would choose?

Actually, the toys that they make these days are quite exquisite no matter what it is.

“Oi-tan, who awwe you?”


A mysterious girl suddenly appeared behind me. No, it should be a young girl.

The girl stared at my face with her fingers in her mouth.

Though it was her first birthday when I last law her, but…… Oh, I see. Her features have a hint of onee-san’s looks when she’s three now.

“Thwat’s…… Hina’s……”

It seemed like she noticed the toy in my hands, and she immediately pouted, looking as though she’s going to cry at any moment.

“Ah, err, this is……”

This is bad! She’ll cry if things continue!

Noticing that things are bad, I hurriedly took out a plastic trumpet from the toy box……

Toot toot toot toot toot—♪


On the next instant, the eyes of the youth brightened.

It seems that my tactic worked.

“Gweat! Oi-tan is so kwool!”

“Okay, okay. It’s fine if you’re happy.”

“Do id again! Again!”

“Oh, okay.”

Toot toot toot~ ♪

“Ahahahahaha! Gweat, gweat!”

How should I say this…… I didn’t think this would work so well.

Even I, myself, didn’t think that the youth would like it so much.

Is this some kind of a talent?

“Let me twy!”

The youth snatched the trumpet from my hands, and breathed in deeply……

Squeak~ ♪

“Uuu…… Again!”

Squeak squeak~ Squeak~ ♪

She could only make a rather hilarious noise.

“Uuu! Why can’t I do it~”

It seems that she wasn’t satisfied with the noise that she made, and she kept muttering ‘Wrong, wrong!’ while shaking her head after trying for a few times, expressing her displeasure.

Though she was just a toddler, she was quite ambitious. If she joins a band in the future, she’s probably the type of person who would argue with her teammates because of a reason like different music sense, choosing to leave the band in the end.

“How can I make it like Oi-tan—?”

“Even if you ask me that, I…… Eh? Wait a minute. By ‘Oi-tan’, are you referring to me?”

“Yeah, because Oi-tan is Oi-tan.”

What a philosophical answer, I’m completely clueless.

“At least you should call me onii-chan? You know, I’m not even twenty.”

“But Oi-tan is Oi-tan~”

The kid kept jabbing at my face with her index finger while speaking too. Oi! Not the eyes! Not the eyes!

“Whatever, I’ll talk to your guardian about the matter of names. Do you want to know how to play the trumpet?”

“Yeah! Teach me!”

Omitting the honorifics and even ordered me around so quickly? Toddlers are so inexplicable.

“Okay…… If you have the capability to learn it, then I’ll teach you. However, training is really tough, can you stand it?”

“Uuu—! I cwan!”

Toddlers are so easy to trick, she became so worked up after just a while.

Very well, I’ll play with her for now. Though there’s only half a day for me to hang out with her, I still have to build a smooth relationship. Besides, having the toddler who looks like a mini-sized onee-san feels like a win to me.

“Very well, very well. Okay, the first question. Where’s the washroom?”


“Err…… I have to wash my face, because you kept jabbing my face with your drool-stained finger just now. And I want to wipe away my sweat as well.”

“You can wash your face over thwere—“

“Oh! Thanks.”

After patting my niece’s head, I left the leaving the living room and walked towards the direction that she pointed at after asking her to wait here for me.

Okay, in deeper thought, I made a fatal mistake here.

Because I started to get used to living alone, instead of saying that I’m less guarded, you could say that my thoughts are getting careless as well.

Anyways, at this moment, I unhesitatingly, and without harboring evil thoughts, pulled the bathroom door open.

The possibility that someone else might be inside did not cross my mind at all.


At the same time when I opened the bathroom door, I saw a girl.

The girl was about fourteen or fifteen. Though she has facial features that all ten people would say that it’s cute if you asked them, but the face that looks somewhat childish to be said as a woman, and the distribution of her muscles……. Anyways, the size of her bust is still in the growth phase.

If someone asks me why I know that in such detail, that’s because the girl already took off her coat, and is about to take off her skirt.

“Who…… are you?”

The girl asked me in a trembling voice.

“Err, ah…… I guess…… You could say…… I’m your relative…… huh?”

“I- is that so? Then, you’re Yuri-san’s……”

“Yeah! That’s right! I’m her younger brother.”



Both of us laughed awkwardly.


“Uwaaaaaaa! Sorry, sorry, sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Though I hurriedly closed the door, unquestionably, I made an irreparable mistake.

“Err…… Let me introduce myself, I’m your uncle, Segawa Yuuta.”

The three sisters sat together on a sofa opposite to me, separated by a table.

“Then we should introduce ourselves as well, onee-chan.”

“…… Hmph!”

The girl that I bumped into in the bathroom just now— the eldest daughter Sora-chan, turned her face to the side, refusing to look at me.

“Onee-chan, really…… That’s just an accident, does it help if you’re angry with Oji-san?”

The second daughter tried to say to her displeased sister.

It might because of the sharp contrast of their initial impression on me, compared with her cool sister, the second daughter Miu-chan is quite a friendly kid.

The demeanor that she displayed is so mature that it’s hard to imagine that she’s just a ten year old girl.

After all, even an unshakeable siscon like me (Though it’s rather hollow saying that about myself) wavered, that means that Miu-chan’s demeanor is indeed unusual.

“Sorry for that, onee-chan is a bit of a cold person.”

“Miu! Don’t speak unnecessary things!”

After being told off by her sister, Miu-chan mischievously stuck out her tongue slightly at me. Each and every tiny movement of this girl is really cute.

“The last time that we met was probably the time when Hina was one, right? That means we didn’t meet for two years now.”

“Yeah, that’s right…… It’s that long now.”

“Oji-san, do you still remember our faces?”

“M- more or less……”

“Ah! Oji-san, you’ve just told a lie, right—!”

Uuu….. She’s sharp.

“Not really…… Well, I couldn’t recognize you two for a moment since both of you became so pretty now.”

“Ah~ Really~ You wouldn’t get anything even if you flatter us like this~”

Though I gave an answer that I thought was quite good, the only person who had a response was Miu-chan.

The eldest daughter still looked grumpy like just now, glaring at me as though she was saying: “Stop that flattery!” Well, that’s okay, since my ability to deal with females is just at this standard…… Sigh!

“Oi-tan, what about Hina? What about Hina—?”

“Yeah! Hina is cuter as well.”


Seeing my niece come over to me happily, I patted her head gently.

“That’s right, where’s onee……. Where’s your mother and the others? I don’t seem to see them anywhere……”

Onee-san asked me to come over earlier. That’s why I came here in the morning though I felt that the time was still rather early.

“Oto-san and Yuri-san went out ages ago.”

“Eh!? Really!?”

Went out ages ago……. What time did they go out…….?

Actually, what are they going out to do that they must leave their three kids at home?

“That’s a headache. Though I came here already, I don’t really know what to do.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. You just need to stay in the house.”

“Huh…… Is that so?”

“That’s right!”

According to Miu-chan, since this is a city district, there would always be promoters and strange people visiting.

And because of that, their father could not let his daughters stay at home like that.

Their father only got slightly relieved when I, who could be said as an adult, stay here That’s how things are.

“Oji-san, just treat yourself as a guest and rest here. Ah, that’s right. Are you hungry yet? Though it’s a bit early, I can help you to make lunch.”

Just like that, it seems like Miu-chan made the lunch herself.

Obedient, thoughtful, and really cute…… No wonder her father would worry.

Thinking about this, it’s okay even if I’m treated as a watchdog.

However, does that mean I have to space out in the building before onee-san comes home?”

Asking me to stay in this unfamiliar place alone…… It feels like moving to a place other than the living room is rather dangerous.

“Having nothing to do is really quite a bore……”

As I was thinking of how to pass the time, leaning my back on the sofa, I coincidentally met the eldest daughter Sora-chan’s gaze.

“…… Hmph!”

She’s still like that…… Well, that can’t be helped, barging in when a girl is changing her clothes is indeed my fault.

But I’ve apologized a lot of times already, and it’s really an accident…… Forget it, anyways, I’ll just have to take care not to let her hate me more.

“Oi-tan! Oi-tan!”


As I was thinking about this, I was suddenly ambushed from behind.

Someone grabbed my head from behind the sofa, and my head was turned mercilessly.

“Hi- Hina…… This action is rather dangerous, you can’t do this next time.”

“Hmm— …… Got it!”

Though that response was rather doubtful, but seeing my cute niece’s smile, I’ll just forget about this.

“Then what do you want to play?”

“Play that, that…… Video game!”

“Oh…… A video game huh. What kind of game do you want to play?”

Hina took out a rectangular controller from the drawers in the television wardrobe.

I know this too, it’s a machine controlled by waving at the screen.

Because of Nimura, I got to know more about video games recently, so I have a bit interest in this kind of things.

“Alright. But I’ll say this first, I won’t go easy on you even if you’re three.”

After making that declaration that’s childish to the max, I took the controller.

We immediately started to play. It looks as though it’s a game where you wave a controller that looks like a snack bar to fence.

“Hey! Ah—!”

“Uwaa! W- wait a sec! That’s too despicable!”

She struck first. It seems that she wants to attack while I’m not too familiar with the controls yet.

Kids like this like to play tricks like this.


I have to say, my opponent is a three year old kid!

Even if she uses dirty tactics like this, it’s nothing when compared with an adult’s despicable wisdom.

“Take that, and that, and that!”

After playing for awhile, I understood the properties of the remote and don’t need to wave it so vigorously, and using my wrists’ movement to wave it could execute faster attacks.

After I noticed that technique, the kid who only knows how to wave it around isn’t my match now. The tables were turned in an instant, and the contest leaned into my one-sided advantage.

“Take that! Aha!”


In the end, I easily won.

“Guwahahaha! Train for ten more years if you want to win against me!”

“Uuu~ I lost~!”

Seeing me show off my victory like this, Hina pouted, looking rather displeased.

Just like that, my niece probably learnt how merciless the society is, right?

“……. Bullying a kid so seriously though you’re an adult.”

Sora-chan who was being an audience just now said disdainfully.

“No….. It’s just…… Ugh, I’m thinking that it’s impolite if I go easy on her if she’s a kid, so that’s why……”

Sora-chan glared at me with a ‘Such excuses, how shameful’ expression.

Hina who just lost to me ran to Sora-chan’s side while weeping.

“Sora nee-taaaaaaan~!”

“Okay, okay, don’t cry. Oji-san is so childish~”

…… It seems that I went too far.

After glaring at me, Sora-chan grabbed the controller that Hina was waving before.

“Onee-chan will get revenge for Hina.”

“Uuu….. A- are we going to play?”

Feeling an abnormally imposing aura from her, I grabbed the controller as well.


Sora-chan immediately rushed over when the game just started.

“Uwa! Which technique is this!?”

Sora-chan cleverly used her controller, attacking furiously.

This kid…… Is a master!?

“Blast! It wouldn’t be so easy!”

It’s just a video game. But it just felt like my pride as a man would be scratched if I were to lose to a middle school girl. If I lost, Nimura as my video games master would probably make fun of me as well.

Just like that, I childishly used my whole strength against Sora-chan.




After cleverly taking advantage of my weak point, Sora-chan won against me in a flash.

“Phew…… I got revenge for you, Hina.”

“Uwaa~ Sora nee-tan is so gweat!”

Sora-chan coolly wiped away the sweat on her face, while Hina tightly hugged her leg, using her whole body to express her joy.

As for me, I looked as though I lacked oxygen, falling onto the floor on my two palms. It seemed that I’ve put in too much effort. This game is unexpectedly exhausting…… Compared to me, kids are really so energetic.

“Though you’re an adult…… So weak.”

“So weak~”

Uuu…… It’s even more regretful that I have nothing to say in my defense.

Thus, I decided to admit defeat obediently, handing the controller to Hina.

In the end, Sora-chan took my place as Hina’s opponent as I was too tired to continue, while lunch seemed to have been done during this time, as Miu-chan called us to the dining table wearing an apron.

The lunch menu is plain noodles and curry. Looking at the pure white noodles filled in the large glass container, it made the summer heat dissipate at once. And the curry is my favorite sweet and spicy flavor as well. Onee-san probably made that for me beforehand.

When we were eating, Miu-chan chatted amiably with me, but the eldest daughter still seemed to be angry, and it doesn’t feel like she wanted to establish a friendship with me at all.

That’s odd. Don’t people say that a friendship would be born after two opponents battled with all their might or something like that?

Though it’s just a video game.

“The pink one! All Hina’s!”

“Okay, okay, got it. Don’t hurry when you’re eating.”

For her sister who immediately asked for the special pink noodles, Sora-chan separated them carefully.

Actually, she’s basically quite a nice child…… And she’s good at taking care of people too.

“Oji-san is a college student right now, right? What kind of place is your college?”

“How should I say this…… Anyways, it’s easier than middle school and high school. There’s not much homework, and the breaks are quite long.”

Miu-chan was rather interested in college life, and asked a lot of questions about it. I can understand her feelings, as I really thought that college students have it easy when I was in high school as well.

“Then did you get a girlfriend after getting into college?”

“Errr…… W- why are you asking this all of a sudden……”

“Because don’t college students have a lot of chances to meet friends in clubs, parties and so on? And you’re handsome after all, so I’m just wondering if you already have a girlfriend.”

Handsome? Me?

Though I usually wouldn’t mind about polite words like these, it really felt quite good coming from Miu-chan.

“Err…… Not really……”

“But you have a person that you like, right?”

“Eh!? W- why do you say that!?”

“Ah— you have, indeed. What kind of person is she? Is she the beautiful type? Or the cute type? Ah, but Oji-san feels somewhat like a siscon, so she’s probably a onee-san type, right?”

Miu-chan said all that in a rapid fire tone.

Then again, why did onee-san and this kid say that I’m a siscon so quickly?

“Then what kind of person is she?”

“N- no, how should I say this……”

“What does it matter~ Why don’t you tell your cute niece~”

Miu-chan approached me, looking up at me with a slightly coquettish expression.

Her actions and expression really didn’t seem like that of a ten year old primary school student, and has a rather inexplicable atmosphere. Even I, who lacks experiences of going out with girls, could understand that this girl is the type that people call little devils. Or perhaps you could say that she has the talent of making guys feel ‘Does she like me?’ or something like that……

“Miu! Stop that!”

“Eh~ What does that matter? Don’t you want to know as well, onee-san?”

“I- I’m definitely not interested in that!”

“Lies~ You obviously bathed two times as soon as you heard that Oji-san is coming. But that happened before you were able to bathe for the second time……”


“Whoops…… I’ll go do my homework in my room!”

“Don’t you move! Miu!”

Miu-chan hastily ran out of the room.

In the end, only Sora-chan with her flushed face and Hina who rubbing her eyes looking rather sleepy after finishing her lunch, and also me, who didn’t know how to respond, and could only look here and there awkwardly.

“…… It’s not that.”


With her head lowered, Sora-chan spoke in a small voice with her face flushed.

“I was sweaty after cleaning the house…… Th- that’s why I felt like taking another bath…… Th- that’s all!”

“Okay, okay. I understand.”

Being glared at by her like that, I really can’t say anything other than ‘I understand’.

After that, Sora-chan left the dining table, looking as though she’s going to look for Miu-chan……

“I forgot! Hina, go to your bedroom if you want to sleep!”

“Mnn……. Uguwau……”

But she hurriedly walked back, carrying Hina who completely lost to her sleepiness but was still trying to stuff her noodles into her mouth, and left.

Just like that, I was left all alone in the living room.


I finally had some peace and quiet.

However, having three girls in the house is really taxing.

Thinking of onee-san who had to take care of them every day, it’s really impressive.

As for me, I felt like giving up just after two hours.

“Ahh…… I’m exhausted……”

I walked to the sofa in front of the television from the dining table, and lied on the sofa.

Since I was too serious when playing video games just now and I just finished eating, coupled with the fact that I didn’t sleep much yesterday night, my eyelids drooped because of the comfortable situation.

“Whatever…… I’ll have a nap too……”

I gave in to my sleepiness, and fell asleep.

“Oji-san…… Oji-san……”

It seems that someone is calling me by my side.

“Wake up for a sec, I want to ask you to teach me how to do my homework. Oji-san~”

Uuu…… That’s too troublesome.

And you should do your homework by yourself, that’s why studying is meaningful.

“Wow! Oji-san said some rather serious things.”

Of course, I’m a serious college student after all. I never skip classes, and don’t join parties or anything. Ah, that’s not right, I was chased out of the classroom by the professor once, but that’s just once.

“Really, why is Oji-san starting to say all these mystifying things…...”

Whatever, just let me sleep for another five minutes…… I’ll finish my report when I wake up.

“Sigh…... No choice. I’ll have to do it myself.”

Dong dong dong……

“Oi-tan! O— i— tan—!”



Something landed heavily on my belly.

I opened my eyes immediately and saw a toddler that looked like a mini onee-san sitting on my belly. Seeing her looking as though she used her whole body to express her happiness, though I couldn’t bear to be angry at her, it was still unexpectedly heavy, and very painful.

“Hina…… What are you doing, you almost squeezed out all my innards.”

“What’s an innard—?”

“Innards are innards. But those are somewhat bloody, and I can’t teach this to a three year old child because of moral issues. Those things don’t matter for now, just get off my belly for now. I still want to sleep for awhile.”


I carried the toddler who puffed out her cheeks in protest aside, and closed my eyes again.

Though Hina still patted my face in protest, and even stuck her fingers into my nostrils, doing a lot of annoying things, but she got tired of me not giving any response, and left after some time.

“Sigh…... I can finally get a good sleep……”

Just like that, I fell asleep again.

“…… Oi, wake up, wake up!”

Again…… Someone is calling me again.

This time, it was different from the other two who unceremoniously woke me up, the person seemed to be speaking to me in a low, troubled voice.

“Hey! Wake up for awhile…... You’ll get a cold sleeping here.”

What are you talking about? How could you get a cold so easily in this hot summer?

“That doesn’t mean you can’t get a cold in summer, the air conditioning is still going strong as well. Also, you kept trembling like you’re really cold from just now.”

Ah! That’s true. When I think about it, it really feels rather cold.

“Anyways, just wake up. Or…… I’ll feel awkward.”

What would you be awkward for……?

Whatever, I haven’t slept enough yet. I’ll just sleep until onee-san comes back.

“P- please! Don’t sleep anymore!”

Alright, sorry. Goodnight.

“Really…… I won’t care about you anymore!”

It seems that the person gave up. Rough footsteps as though the person was showing her displeasure came into my ears.

Mnn…… Let’s just sleep on.

“…… Huh?”

I opened my eyes as though someone just flipped a switch.

I looked around me. The sun seemed to have set a lot, and the room was rather dark.

“Whoops…… I slept for too long.

Originally asked to take care of the house for their guardians, if they found out that I just left them and slept, onee-chan might treat me to her iron fists.

Thinking of that, I uneasily jumped off the sofa.

At that moment, I noticed a blanket that slid down onto the floor from my body.

“This is…… Who would do this for me?”

When I look more closely, the air conditioner was redialed to a fairly weak level.

“Was it Miu-chan……?”

A just washed fragrance was on the blanket.

“…… Mnn? What’s this?”

I noticed another small sock on the floor along with the blanket. From its size, it’s obviously Hina’s sock.

“Perhaps she used the sock to cover me because she doesn’t have anything else?”

Though the fact that Hina was worried that I would get a cold made me happy, putting a sock that a person took off on someone else would just make people feel as though they were just bullied.

“Actually, where are the kids?”

It doesn’t seem as though there were anyone else in the house.

I turned over and noticed a note on the table.

‘We’re out shopping at the supermarket. Miu’

They left me at home, and went out by themselves!?

Not to mention iron fists right now, I might be killed by onee-san as a tribute now!

I hurriedly stuffed my phone and my wallet back into my pockets and ran to the entrance.

As I was about to rush out of the door after wearing my shoes, the door opened by itself, and a familiar middle-aged man came into my eyes.

“…… Blasted kid, who are you?”


At the same time when the man spoke, his eyes were furiously glaring at me.

“You actually deceived my daughters, coming to my house while I was out, you really have guts!”

“Ah!? Er, wait a minute, I have completely no idea about what you’re saying……”

“You don’t understand? Then I’ll let your body remember this thoroughly! Taste the greatness of fatherly love!”

“Uwaaaaa! W- wait a sec! Are you misunderstanding something!?”

“There’s no misunderstanding! Speak! Which daughter did you extend your paw to!”

“I’m telling you that you’re having a misunderstanding!”

The man suddenly roared in anger, rushing at me while waving a shoehorn placed at the entrance.

“You bug that approached my three cute princesses! Speak! Was it Sora!? Or was it Miu!? Who did you—“

At that moment, the man stared at something and froze.

His gaze was on my hands.

And in my hands, was the sock that Hina just dropped onto the floor.

“M- m- maybe it’s…… i- it’s Hinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“How is that possible—!”

Though I said that in reflex, it seemed that the man’s anger was reaching its peak.

“I can’t let you go…… I never would have guessed that you chose Hina, the youngest of them all……! A blasted pedophile like you…… I must kill you with my own hands!”

“At least hear me out!”

At the instant when the man in front of me turned into Shura in front of me because of his love for his daughters raised the shoehorn in his hands—

“Stop that, you idiot husband!”

The person who flung the slippers at the man’s head…… was my onee-san.

“So sorry for this, my apologies, Yuuta.”

The man that could be said as my brother-in-law turned back into a friendly middle-aged person from the Shura just now. He’s actually feels like a rather introverted person, but the murderous aura that he gave out just now was really true.

“Really…… Shingo-san is just too impulsive.”

After onee-san saved me from being murdered by a shoehorn, we’re now surrounding the dining table with dinner on it. I heard that they originally planned to come back even later, but since my brother-in-law kept complaining tearfully: “I want to see my daughters.” , they had no other choice but to come back earlier.

“Really, Papa is always like this, attacking them if men approached the house.”

“Ah, it’s really too embarrassing. Ahaha!”

Is this a matter that can be brushed past with just a laugh?

Perhaps this ossan treats all men who approaches this place as an enemy because his daughters are too cute?

I wonder how many male neighbors were sacrificed because of this.

“What is it? Were you lonely just now when Papa wasn’t here?”

“Mnn. Not at all! Because Oji-san was here.”

“I- is that so…… Ha, haha…… that’s fine.”

Though he was laughing, his eyes were obviously glaring at me.

“Hina, were you a good girl today?”

“Mnn. Hina is always a good girl!”

“Oh, is that so. That’s great. Do you want to play video games with Papa?”

“Eh~ Papa is too weak, no~ I wanna play with Oi-tan!”

“Eh? Ah, mnn……”

Err— I just feel that his gaze is really crucifying at this point.

“Ah, erm…… Papa……”

“Oh! Sora. Is there anything wrong?”

“Erm…… Well…… The thing that I spoke of, did you buy it for me……?”

“Ah! That…… I recall that Mama did buy that.”

“I remembered to buy it. I’ll take it to your room later.”

“Great! Thanks a lot! Yuri-san is the best!”

Sora-chan happily hugged onee-san. Seeing her smile so happily like this after being stared at grumpily all day, it made me feel rather taken aback.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Sora, Papa put in a lot of effort too.”

“Mnn, thanks.”

That was a rather shallow thanks. The father who originally thought that he would get a hug started to have a tantrum alone at the sofa because of the blow.

“Alright, alright, Shingo-san, don’t act like that. At least I know that you worked hard.”

“Yu- Yuri-san……!”

He hugged onee-san tearfully.

Seeing a family gathering like this, it made me as an observer know onee-san’s current happiness very well.

Even if she has a husband who’s older than her a lot, and even if she has daughters who aren’t related to her by blood, they can still become a family…...

In my eyes, it made me feel both happy and slightly lonely. At the same time, I couldn’t help but think…… Can I be like them, creating a family with someone?

The mystifying thing is, Raika-san’s face surfaced in my mind at this moment. But when I returned to reality, the one who would be waiting for me the most would only be Nimura.

…… Should I try to ask her out? At least the courage for acting out my thoughts gushed out right now.

Actually, I think I did quite well today.

“Onee-san…… Since you probably don’t need me to look after your house today…… I’m going home.”

“Yuuta. What are you talking about, you can just stay here.”

“As Yuri said, I won’t attack you anymore.”

“You don’t need to worry, Oji-san. And onee-chan tidied up a room for you yesterday as well.”

“Miu! Why do you always talk so much!”

“Ah, nothing really, it’s really not that……”

How should I say this? I really didn’t feel like leaving because I was uncomfortable or anything……

“Actually…… I thought of something that I have to do.”

“Is it something important?”

Onee-san gazed at my eyes while asking.


I answered unhesitatingly.

“Is that so. Then it can’t be helped.”

“Oi-tan, don’t go—“

Hina hugged my leg tightly while protesting.

“So sorry. I’ll come over and play with you next time. That’s right, I’ll stay the night here next time, then I’ll be able to play with Hina the whole day.”

I said while patting Hina’s head.

“Oji-san, you have to play here next time too. Here, onee-chan, say something.”

“I- I don’t need to!”

Sora-chan hastily looked away after meeting my gaze.

Seeing our interactions, a relieved smile appeared on onee-san’s face.

“Yuuta, your brother in law and I will be going overseas for a trip for about a week next time, so I hope that you can stay here during that time. It was because I wanted to ask you about this that I tried you today like this. I’ll give you payment, so remember to stay here after next week.”

“E- ehhhhhhh—!?”

The shouts that echoed in the house after onee-san’s unhesitating proclamation were the three sisters’ shouts.

Ah, so that’s how things are! That means, today is a simple rehearsal.

Seeing onee-san’s happy smile that looked like a child who successfully initiated a prank, it me as her younger brother unable to protest. Besides, I feel like making up for the regret that I didn’t come visit for such a long time.

“…… Alright. Then I’ll come over then next week.”

I’ll have to build a good relationship with them next time.

Just like that, I left the warm, comfortable house along with Hina’s happy shouts of farewell.

I walked towards the bus stop along the streets that had turned completely dark.

This place is different from Hachiouji, stars almost couldn’t be seen over here.

“So…… Brother-in-law is actually quite a nice person.”

I said that naturally while walking.

“Sora-chan and Miu-chan seemed to treat onee-san as their family from the bottom of their hearts…… Compared with myself, who was jealous like a kid, I’m really too silly.”

Ever since my parents passed away, the things that onee-san and I went through were mostly sad things.

Even so, onee-san continued to support ourselves up till now, and she finally found such a happy family.

I should try calling Raika-san when I go back. She should still be awake at this time.

If so, I’ll try to muster the courage to ask her out on a date with me.

Thinking of that, my footsteps became lighter.

In the end, I still didn’t ask senpai out.

Nimura scolded me viciously with words like ‘Wimp’, ‘Good-for-nothing’ and the likes, while onee-san who found out about that was rather taken aback by my performance at the other side of the phone as well.

Onee-san finally told me:

‘Never mind, just don’t give up, and continue to work hard. Not giving up is your strong point after all.’

And that was the last time that I spoke to onee-san.

On the tenth day after that conversation, the plane that onee-san and her husband was on went missing.


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