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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 1 - Chapter 2

I no longer have any impression of what had happened in that week.

I was suddenly called to the lounge while I was working.

I was wondering what had happened when I saw my co-worker with a man in a suit in the lounge, and the man suddenly flashed me his police badge.

After that, I heard from him about the news of the plane crash.

I really wanted to treat all this as a joke, but the two people in front of me had a solemn face as they told me “Yes, it’s true.” , as though it didn’t concern them at all.

My memory from that point onwards became very hazy.

Where was I, what was I doing, what did I eat, when did I sleep, all these that should have been in my memory normally, disappeared from my mind.

The only thing I remember was, violently throwing the television remote when I saw the words, “Chances of Passengers’ Survival Slim” on the news.

In less than a week, the remains of the plane crash were found in Africa. But then the government had one-sidedly announced to the public that all the passengers had died.

The chaos that had begun early in the morning had finally subsided, and I could finally sit on the sofa and catch my breath.

The funeral service today was just too plain.

Even though it couldn’t be helped that their remains couldn’t be located, but it was just too hard to accept since it was the funeral of my one and only kin.

I couldn’t even cry.

This was to be expected.

To suddenly hear that the plane that your sister was on had crashed, the plane had been smashed into multiple pieces so your sister should be dead–––

There had to be something wrong with you if you could accept it calmly after being told such a cruel truth.

And yet Sis-in-law’s relatives had mostly accepted the news, and were crying non-stop at the funeral.

“I missed my chance……”

The words unconsciously slipped from my mouth.

Of course, this incident was a great shock to me, but such an accident just couldn’t make me feel a sense of realism.

Now that I could finally accept it a little, but the people around me who were crying had slowly started to regain their composure, so now I couldn’t cry even if I wanted to.


“Ah… Aunt…”

The diminutive and dignified middle-aged woman who spoke to me is my late father’s older sister, and she is almost my one and only relative now. I stood up and thanked her for being able to attend Sis’ funeral.

To be honest, I was never good at getting along with her.

My impression of her was that she was very strict, and she had said some harsh words to my sister in the past.

Even then, it was a great consolation to see a senior you’ve known since young.

“I should be leaving soon, what do you plan to do, Yuuta?”

“Me too, I’ll be leaving in a while.”

Not long ago, everyone was still gathered in that living room filled with warmth eating dinner, but now things have changed completely. I believe it’d make Sis-in-law’s relatives feel uncomfortable if I continued to stay.

Just as I was thinking that,

I heard these words.

“Sora-chan, have you thought about who you want to live with?”

Even though it was a gentle voice, it was also a troubled voice.

There was a trace of worry in the middle-aged man’s voice.

“I already have a teenage son, so it’ll be a little difficult. I can still consider if it’s just Hina, so Sora-chan, how about transferring to a boarding school?”

“Your uncle in Kouchi also said that he’s willing to adopt one of you. It’s a good place over there; the air is fresh as well.”

......So they’re deciding where Sora-chan and the others will stay from now on.

“If I recall, Miu-chan’s birth mother never got remarried after getting divorced from your father. Can anybody contact her? Does Miu-chan know how to contact her?”

“……I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

Miu-chan must be crying now. Her voice was shaking as she replied.

I unconsciously gritted my teeth.

Just then, a strong voice was heard in the room.


It was Sora-chan.

“We…. We want the three of us to stay together.”

I didn’t have to see to know what kind of expression Sora-chan had as she said something like that in front of the adults.

Aunt, who was with me, had a sombre expression as well.

“You’re right. But… it’s not a simple task for an ordinary family to bring up three children at once. Even though we understand as well that it’s cruel, but this is the only step we can take.”

What they’re saying is understandable. Even though the television news had been constantly reporting about the problems of fewer kids, but if you consider the time and money spent to raise a child, it would be an extremely difficult task to bring up three children in a city like Tokyo. Not to mention that the children aren’t even your own flesh and blood.

“I’m sorry, Sora-chan… it’s impossible.”

I heard another unknown voice.

However, Sora-chan didn’t answer.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I walked to the living room’s entrance.

There, the adults in black who had just returned from the funeral were gathered around. In their midst were the three isolated sisters clinging tightly together. Hina was sleeping quietly in Sora-chan’s arms, while Miu-chan, who was sobbing, was hugged by Sora-chan as she stood her ground against the adults.

“Yuuta, you can’t disturb them. That family has their own issues to consider.”

Aunt placed her hand on my back, as though worried.

Just then, someone who looked like Shingo-san’s brother said.

“In any case… we also don’t wish to send members of the Takanashi family to live in a welfare facility. Sora-chan, please understand this. Even if everyone is separated, you are all still living in the same country. You’ll definitely meet one another again, right?”

This… isn’t this impossible?

Even though it seemed like a kind way of putting it, but in reality, doesn’t it actually mean “if you don’t listen, we’ll chase you out of the house”?

Sora-chan, who was biting her lips tightly, and Miu-chan, who was sticking closely to her sister’s back. Finally, in Sora-chan’s arms and was being protected by the two girls – Hina, who was a miniature version of Yuri-neesan.

It was just as though a string had snapped in my heart.

“Do you want to come to my place?”

Even I was shocked by my own words.

In the living room, everyone’s line of vision was gathered onto me in an instant.


In that split second, my eyes met Sora-chan’s widened eyes.

I also realized at that moment that my decision was correct.

“Even though I’m poor, the room’s small, and I don’t have anything at all. But it’s okay even if it’s all three of you.”

Droplets of tears started falling from Sora-chan’s eyes.


Pulling her sister’s hand that was carrying their younger sister, Miu-chan came running over from the living room, and hugged me without any hesitation.

And I was just like Sora-chan earlier, and hid the three sisters behind my back as I stared right at the adults in front of me.

“Who… are you?”

The man who looked like a civil servant stared at me fiercely as a vein was twitching in his temple. Well, this can’t be helped.

I took a deep breath, as I could not let myself back down here.

Aunt let out a deep sigh as she looked at me with her head in her hands.

Maybe only Aunt could fully understand what kind of chaos would ensue from now onwards. But at that moment, it was all I could manage trying to protect the three sisters.

The next day, I took the three of them and returned home first thing in the morning.

Well, it’d be more appropriate to say that I snatched them by force.

The heated arguments had gone on throughout the night, so I secretly packed my things, and took the three girls out of the Takanashi residence.

I felt extremely guilty for leaving Aunt there and leaving Tokyo without a word, but I also clearly understood that I could not just leave Sora-chan and the others in that kind of environment.

We got off at Hachiouji and slowly walked down the road to the apartments before finally reaching the doorstep to my house.

At least the three sisters were excited as though going on a camping trip, as they came into contact with such a natural environment.

After emphasizing one more time on how small my place was, the three of them finally took their first memorable step into the hallway.

“Here, just come in.”


Hina ran into the room as though she couldn’t wait.

“Eh~ it’s cleaner than I expected——”

Closely following was Miu-chan, who was evaluating the room as she stepped in.

“S-Sorry to intrude……”

Lastly was Sora-chan, who entered in a timid manner.

As I thought, it was a little cramped to have four people squeezing in such a small room.

“Ah, there’s a porn mag.”

“Buwaghh!? W-Wait a minute!”

Don’t tell me I forgot to keep it after reading it?!

“Ahaha, I was lying——”

“Don’t scare me like that……”

It’s been a week since I stayed at home, so first thing to do was to open the windows for ventilation. Next would be to arrange my textbooks and other stuff to make room – though it doesn’t really make much difference.

But, I didn’t feel any regret at all.

The real mistake would be in allowing these children to be separated from either being sent to welfare societies or different families.

“This is, Oi-tan’s home?”

“Ahh, yeah. And from today onwards, this will be Hina’s home as well.”

“Hina’s? But Hina’s house, has always been there——”

As I thought, it’s too difficult for a three-year-old to understand the situation.

At this moment, Sora-chan looked at her sister’s eyes and said.

“Hina, listen to me. We can no longer go back to that home.”


“There’s no why. It might be too difficult for Hina, so I won’t explain. But in any case, this will be our new home!”

“Nn, okay!”

Hina smiled vibrantly.

“Nn, question!”

“Um, go ahead, Miu-kun.”

“Where should we change?”


Crap, I didn’t consider that at all.

“You didn’t consider that at all.”

“Ugh...... n-no, there’s no such thing.”

I hurriedly explained to Sora-chan, who had seen through my thoughts, as my brain was thinking of the solution.

“Right, when you change I’ll go to the kitchen and wait. Even though the door there is always open, but when the time comes it should be no problem if I close the door.”

Even though it was a pretty superficial solution, but it was the only one I could think of at this point.

As I thought, I have no choice but to move house……

Should I look for another apartment while I still have some money on my hands?

Even though this apartment is close to the university, but it’s quite a distance from the station, and it might even bring some living inconveniences......

Wait, then what about school!

Myself aside, how will the three of them commute to school while they’re living here! Crap, I completely didn’t consider this at all......

It’s highly possible that this might become an unexpectedly difficult life.

“Hey, listen.”

“Eh? Me?”

You just can’t tell who she’s calling when she’s always saying “Hey” or “That”.

She’s just being too polite considering we’ll be living together as a family.

“Speaking of which, can we change the way of addressing me?”

“Won’t ‘Oji-san’ do?”

“Not exactly, rather than say it won’t do…… well, see, I’m still just a university student, so to be called ‘Oji-san’ by others, it feels a little…”

“Then, Oji-sama!”

“No! It just feels completely wrong hearing that so it’s a definite no!”


Like hell there won’t be any misunderstandings if other people heard that.

Don’t tell me, Miu-chan knew that and did it on purpose?

“Well, we can settle that issue next time.”

Rather than the way of addressing, there’s a mountain of issues that are more pressing at hand.

There’s housing problems, school problems, financial problems, and… the problem with the relatives.

I don’t think it’ll just be a happy ending since I secretly ran away with the three of them as though we were running from a disaster.

Running isn’t a solution either, so we’ll probably have to face them again in the near future.

But it’s a real hassle to handle these people. I’m sure Sis received a lot of criticism as well when she married into the Takanashi family. There will occasionally be a lack of delicacy because of the lack of distance, since they’re relatives. Sora-chan and Miu-chan were also probably the topic of gossip because of their mothers’ situation.

…yes. As I thought, I have to protect these children properly in Sis’ stead.

“Hey, Oi-tan. Hina’s hungry—”

“Oh, that’s right. We didn’t really eat much since last night.”

Let’s get lunch first, even though it’s a little early.

“We’ll go out for lunch at noon. We’ll discuss what happens from now on after eating.

Lunch was settled at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Even though the restaurant looked old-fashioned in terms of trend and the place was small, but the place was very popular for an eatery beside the school, due to the fact that the food was cheap and the portion was quite big. Even though this place was relatively empty due to school vacation, normally this place would be filled with all sorts of muscled men into different kinds of physical activities.

For three beautiful teenage girls – one of them would be more appropriate to call beautiful young girl – to be sitting in a place normally filled with the stench of sweat, was an extremely rare case. The manager, who was known to be a man of few words, seemed to be very happy as he delivered one dish to our table.

We had quite a lot of leftover food even though we didn’t order that much.

“It’s quite delicious— the shop uncle was quite friendly too, it’s a really good place. It’s actually my first time coming to such a place to eat.”

“I-is that so.”

Even though normally the uncle was just about as talkative as the statue in campus, it would seem that having beautiful girls appear in his shop has made his inner heart a little more vibrant with colour…

“Hina, Hina thinks, the prawns are delicious!”

“Is that so~ uncle, you must give us a discount on account of how cute Hina is~”


As Hina ate her fried rice in big mouthfuls with her tiny mouth until it was all over her face, the uncle and I smiled.

Just watching a child eat so happily was enough to infect people with happiness. This was something that I had experienced for the first time. Though, I certainly didn’t expect that having to clean up after such a messy eater would be so troublesome.

“Onee-chan, what’s wrong? Was the food not delicious to you?”

Worried about her sister who had not spoken a single word, Miu-chan asked Sora-chan.

Speaking of which, she didn’t speak much either while we were eating.

“Don’t tell me, you didn’t like the environment of the shop? Well, true… it does feel a little dirty. Sorry about that, I’ll bring you girls to another place next time……”

“It’s not like that! What I wanted to say was… that is… it’s about the money.”

Sora-chan stared at my face as she asked.

“Earlier, I saw your wallet when you were paying for the bill. You don’t have much savings left either, right?”


It’s just as Sora-chan said.

The cost of two set meals and a portion of fried rice would be two thousand yen, which is quite a sum for a meal.

Even though the prices aren’t exactly that high, but I’d surely be in the red soon if we were to eat there every single day.

“Things are just a little tight now because I haven’t received my pay from work yet. Don’t worry about it.”


“Listen, we’re family, so standing on ceremony is prohibited.”


“It’s natural, isn’t it? We’re all living together after all.”

“Family...... Family...... Mnn.”

Sora-chan momentarily had a perplexed expression… but then her face immediately brightened up, and she kept repeating the word ‘family’ quietly, which was kind of embarrassing.

“Well, with that said, such extravagance is only occasional. We’ll still have to buy groceries and eat at home. Sis also always used to say ‘cabbage is a wallet’s best friend’ in the past.”

Even though I’m not to the extent that I’m penniless, but saving up is also a must.

I can’t imagine at all how much money I will have to spend in future and for what reasons, because I’ll have to shoulder the responsibility of raising these three girls in future……

“Next…… let’s get some ice cream at the convenience store on the way back—”

“Okay~ I want choco-mint flavor——♪”

“Then I want...... maccha flavor.”

“Hina, Hina wants, umm—that...... soda flavor!”

“Okay~ okay~ I’ve got it~”

Our first day of living together began like that.

Though I felt a little uneasy about the unpredictable future...... but I’m sure everything will be alright.

But such optimistic thoughts were destroyed almost immediately.

“No way——!”

Miu-chan let out a wail just when I was about to enter the toilet.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“You can’t enter the toilet yet!”

“But, I’ve been waiting ever since Miu-chan entered……”

“That’s why I said you can’t enter yet!”

Miu-chan pulled on my arm stubbornly as she said, refusing to let me enter.

“Allowing a man to enter the toilet I just entered…… if such a thing happened I’d die of embarrassment!”

“What the heck is that......?”

Even though I was struck dumb by such a reason, it seemed like a matter of life and death to her, as Miu-chan looked like she was about to burst into tears.

I could only look to Sora-chan for help, but she was nodding her head in agreement, as though it was natural.

“That’s… but, what am I going to do then?”

“Please bear with it for a while.”

“How long, roughly?”

“...... for about an hour or so?”

“I’d have wet my pants by then!”

“But I told you, no means no—!”

“If you really can’t take it then please settle it outside!”

And I was chased out of the house just like that.

In the end, I had to sprint to the nearest convenience store while enduring the feeling of leaking out.

Just how troublesome can girls of these ages get?

Do they really have to go to such an extent over the toilet?

However, the problems of living with girls of these ages were far from just that.

I faced another difficulty at about 10pm.

We had our dinner and there wasn’t really anything much to talk about, so I was just killing time by watching television.

It was still okay when Hina was awake, but I really have no idea what to talk about with girls of ages ten and fourteen respectively, let alone have a merry conversation with them.

“We’re going to take a bath.”

Just when I was regretting not having gone to work, Sora-chan informed me, as though unable to take the silence.

“Oh, is that so. I’ll pass you the towels…… ah, speaking of which, do you know how to use the bathtub? If you don’t I’ll teach you how.”

“That’s not the problem; we hope you can get out of the room for a while.”

“Eh… why?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? Where else will we change?”

“Then I’ll just go into the kitchen and close the door......”

“Absolutely no way! In any case just get out!”

And just like that, I was chased out of the house again.

“Speaking of which, it’s fine if it’s in summer, but what will we do when the weather gets colder......?”

Can’t be helped, I’ll just head to the convenience store and read some books there. Thinking that, I followed the gravel path to the convenience store.

Because it was near a hill, there was a cooling breeze blowing. But it’s also because of that that there are more bugs around.

I stepped into the convenience store and headed towards the bookshelves as the cashier gave a “Welcome——” lifelessly.

I grabbed a magazine that was about the various part-time jobs, and flipped through it looking for any suitable jobs nearby.

Some of the higher-paying jobs were food processing at a supermarket, and pizza delivery. The only problem was the working hours. The working time for the supermarket is from morning to the afternoon, which is a tough period of time for students.

On the other hand, the pizza delivery is from evening all the way until late at night. Clashes with my current job aside, this would also mean that there would be no adult at home. If possible I’d like to avoid leaving those children at home just like that…… truth be told it’d be worrying.

The remaining options would be as a tutor or what-not, but my brain just isn’t wired to handle kids.

“Um—…… this is tough.”

Or maybe I should just drop out of university and get a fulltime job? That way, I can reclaim a portion of the school fees Sis paid for me, and then I could use that money to let those children......

“Ah— doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to get the scholarship as well?”

Up till now, my daily expenses were settled by money from Sis, and money from the scholarship.

Now that I can no longer receive money from Sis, it’d be no small matter if I lost the scholarship as well. Not to mention that university student have student discounts and tax concessions among other benefits, so I can only drop out as a final option.

“But, it’s hard to find a satisfactory job......”

“What’s up? Segawa-chan, did you want to get another job?”

My shoulder felt a sudden weight, as Nimura’s face appeared on my shoulder from behind.

“Uwah?! Ni-Nimura?”

“Yo, long time no see. By the way, where have you been these days?”

“Ah… no… that’s......”

It was kind of hard to answer to be asked so directly.

Nimura has seen my sis, and I also went back to her house and had dinner with her three daughters.

Even though I doubt he’s the type of person to look at me in a weird way because of this, it’s still rather awkward to explain things.

“I just went to a relative’s house for a bit.”

“Ohh~ is that so. Then, can I come over to Segawa-chin’s place next?”

“Eh…… now……?”

“That girl I’ve known for a period of time, turns out she had a boyfriend. If I go home now I’ll definitely run into that guy.”

Nimura...... wants to come over?

This...... isn’t good. To be honest, I really don’t want to let him see the children.

Even though I also believe that Nimura isn’t such an idiot as to make his moves on girls fourteen and below—but I’m still feeling a little uneasy.

This guy always attracts all sorts of attention, because he’s good-looking to the point it’s just unfair.

Yep. It’s no way after all. Absolutely no way at all.

“Ah, that, actually I really didn’t know beforehand, okay? Plus her boyfriend, he’s the rugby club president in that university by the hill!”


“Eh? What?”

“Sorry, I can’t let you come over.”

“Eh—why nooooooot—if even Segawa is rejecting me, where else can I go?”

“Just find some random chick and stay at her house.”

“Everyone’s gone back to their hometowns because it’s the holidays now. So, please! Can’t you let me stay!”



I can’t tell him that my house already has three other people.

“Just give up. Maybe you should consider how you’ll let the rugby club guy slaughter you.”

“That’s cruel?! This isn’t a joke! Seriously, why are you giving me such a hard expression, you’re too cold-blooded!”

Nimura started to wail and begging me ‘let me stay’ with no signs of giving up.

“Speaking of which, why is it that suddenly you can’t let me stay over today—ohhh~ don’t tell me there’s a girl there? Don’t tell me it’s Oda-senpai?”

“N-no way! Why would Raika-san even be there in the first place!”

“True, Segawa doesn’t have the guts anyway.”

It’s making me unusually pissed off that he accepted that so naturally……

“I-in any case, no means no!”

“Then tell me the reason–– otherwise I’ll stuff your mailbox with cicada shells.”

“Are you a primary school kid!?”

If this goes on, Nimura will definitely follow me home. In that case……

“Ah! There’s a man in a rugby jersey looking extremely pissed off!”

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! No way?!”

“No kidding, he’s already doing warm-up exercises. You’ll get killed immediately if you step out now.”

“Owahhhhh!! I – I – I’m, I’m going to the toilet for a bit!”

Nimura, whose face had gone completely white, dashed into the convenience store’s toilet, ignoring the cashier’s attempts to stop him.

I took this chance to quickly get out of the place.

After making sure Nimura didn’t follow me, I quickly slipped into the apartment and locked the door. I also put up the anti-burglary chain just in case.


Leaning on the door and letting out a long sigh, I slid down onto the floor of the doorway.

In any case, if that guy shows up again, I’ll just ignore his existence by pretending that no one’s home.

But about these three girls, I’ll have to eventually tell him about it……

When I broke from my train of thought and looked up, I realized Sora-chan was standing in the room looking at me wordlessly.

“Ah, Oi-tan has returned—”

It looked like they had just finished bathing, as Sora-chan only had a towel on her and she was drying Hina’s body.

“Ah, no, wait, this is that, er, unforeseen circumstances, erm, or maybe an accident……”

I tried to explain the situation in an incomprehensive manner.

But Sora-chan’s face went red all the way to her ears……


Sora-chan’s scream throughout the area, and for a moment it shook the entire apartment building.

“I am, really very sorry.”

After explaining things to the landlord who heard and came over, the landlord also reminded me about the awkwardness of a grown man allowing underage girls to live in his apartment.

He even said “try not to cause too much trouble for others” as he left, with my ears hurting from the lecture.

As I turned back into the room, Sora-chan looked at me with razor-sharp eyes again.

“That…… about earlier…… I’m sorry.”

Initially I unconsciously tried to find a reason, but in the end I just apologized directly.

I don’t want our relationship to become even more awkward on our first day living together.

“…… fine. I’ll forgive you.”

I don’t know if my thoughts got through to her, as Sora-chan sighed.

“The place is small so it can’t be helped that such an accident happened......”

Sora-chan muttered to herself, as though she was saying it for her own sake.

“Onee-chan was overreacting. It’s not like you were completely exposed.”

“I-I so did not overreact! I-It’s just that it’s embarrassing or something like that......”

Sora-chan lowered her head in embarrassment at Miu-chan’s words.

As expected, girls at this age are hard to understand. Just as I was thinking of this, I heard a clear thud. Hina’s head had hit the table from losing to her sleepiness.

Such a cute sleeping face swept away every trace of nervousness in the room.

“Hina’s already like this, we should prepare for bed as well.”

Next problem would be who sleeps where.

First thing would be to move the table to the corner of the room to make space.

“Ah, this is bad. There’s only one mattress.”

Not to mention this was brought over by Nimura.

Even though the measurements are quite big, it’s still not enough for three people to sleep in.

“Okay, let’s do it like this then. Sora-chan and Hina can sleep on the bed, and Miu-chan can use the mattress.”

“Eh...... if we do it like that......”

“I’ll just find a spot on the floor somewhere.”

“T-That won’t do!”

Sora-chan said hurriedly.

“That’s right, even if it’s summer, you’ll catch a cold sleeping on the floor.”

“I’ll just pad it up with two or three blankets.”

Nimura was sleeping like this in the past anyway.

However, Sora-chan had an expression that she would not accept it no matter what.

“Really, it won’t do if only we are sleeping on the bed.”

“But it can’t be helped either, right?”

“Ah, I just got a good idea.”

Miu-chan clapped her hands as though she thought of something.

Miu-chan’s ‘good idea’ was in actuality very simple, but it was also an embarrassing one.

“That way, everyone can sleep on the mattress.”

“Er, mm… well......”

We arranged the foldable bed a little, and placed the two mattresses together.

Like this, it looks like a win-win situation, but I can’t calm down just thinking about sharing a bed with the three sisters.

“O~ji~san~ as I thought, do you think it’s better for you to sleep between us?”

“No no no, that’s Hina’s spot.”

Miu-chan joked in a teasing manner.

The two sisters placed their little sister Hina in between them, while I curled myself up in a corner. Even though there was no need to be so nervous, but I just can’t help but feel that I won’t be able to calm down if I don’t distance myself from them.

...... stop thinking, stop thinking. Hurry and sleep.

The next time I open my eyes it will be daylight—I closed my eyes thinking that.


I can’t sleep at all!

Normally I never sleep before 12 midnight, and not to mention there’s currently there’s the unknown statuses of the middle school girl and the elementary school girl sleeping next to me—the moment I think about this I just can’t calm down.

Speaking of which, the biggest problem would be the fragrance that’s circling this room.

I already realized it when I returned from the convenience store; it would seem that the fragrance from the bathroom had spread to the living room because of the three girls bathing together, plus the fact that they took a long time inside and they spent another long period of time drying their hair.

Now I think about it, it’s quite incredible that the shampoo and shower gel I usually use have such a huge difference in effect when used on girls.

If I’d known this would happen, I would have insisted on sleeping on the floor.

At this time, I have no choice but to use ‘that’—the technique passed down since ancient times: counting sheep.

Even though it’s an old-fashioned technique, it should (probably) prove its usefulness since it’s been circling around for so long.

Hence, the scene of sheep jumping over a fence appeared in my mind.

“One sheep… two sheep… three sheep…”

Something unexpected happened as the count in my sheep farm hit the three digit numbers.

“Mm, mmmmm.......”

Something clung onto my back following that sound.

“Eh… oi, wait a minute, Sora-chan......?”

It seems like Sora-chan, who had turned over, hugged me as though treating me as a bolster.

“That, this is really bad in many ways......”

“Mmmm…… what a nuisance......”


Why are girls’ bodies so soft, even though at age fourteen they’re supposed to be considered in the middle of growing? Even though those normally slightly-undeveloped breasts of hers can make one aware under such tight squeezing……

“Wait what the hell am I thinking?! Oi oi, if this keeps up it’s going to be really bad!”

“You’re noisy!”



I got slapped on the face.

Sora-chan then clung even more tightly, as though she had no intention of letting me go.

W-what should I do now?

Should I forcefully push her away, or wait for her to release me……

“Mmmm...... Papa.......”

These were words that clearly reached my ears, even though they were almost covered by the sounds of breathing.

Having experienced such a thing, yet she never uttered a single word of sadness.

Her heart was probably not prepared for such an unforgettable memory either.

For a fourteen-year-old girl, she has already lost too much.

How could anybody forcibly push her away?

The weight in my chest was heavier than how I really felt.

These children who have already lost their parents, if they were to lose one another as well……

I would never, ever allow something like that to happen.

When I opened my eyes, my entire body was numb and I couldn’t move.

“What’s...... going on......”

I wanted to climb up but my body from the neck down just wouldn’t listen to me.

“Ah, have you woken up?”

Miu-chan, already changed, looked at my face and asked.

“Miu-chan, m- morning......”

“Please bear with it for a little while more. I think Onee-chan will wake up in a bit.”

“Onee-chan……? Eh, ehhhhhhhh?!”

When I l looked more closely, I realized Sora-chan was still maintaining the position from last night and clinging to me.

If anything, I feel that this position is more dangerous than the one last night.

“Onee-chan has serious low blood pressure. So she’ll often unconsciously grab someone for warmth.”

“Don’t just explain, help me think of something!”

“But isn’t it a good thing~ to be hugged by such a cute girl~”

“No no no! That’s not the problem here!”

“Onee-chan will keep hugging like that until her body temperature rises. Ah, I’m going to wash my face first. And remember not to wake Hina up.”

Miu-chan said that with a candid smile as she entered the washroom.

“J-Just what should I do......”

Just as I was at my wits’ end, the door was opened and Nimura walked in with a grin on his face.

“Se~ga~wa~kun~! Good morning—! Hey listen, listen, the rugby guy from last night, actually he was a suspicious guy and later on he was taken away by...... the......police...... ah.”

Nimura froze again.

“Se- Segawa-kun……t-this is……”

“Wa-wait a moment, Nimura! I swear to you, this is a misunderstanding! This child is, um, she’s my niece……”

“Mmm—so noisy......”

At this worst possible moment, Sora-chan buried her head in my chest again.

“Erm, this, I think...... I’ve interrupted you...... Sorry!!!”

“Like I said, what’s with that reaction?!”

Later, I took about an hour to explain before I could convince Nimura of the current situation.

“Oh—earlier I was really about to call the police, you know?”

Nimura said this as he sat down with us to have breakfast as though it was the natural thing to do.

“So basically, all three of them are Segawa’s nieces?”

“Yes, I’m the second daughter Takanashi Miu, ten years old. This is my sister Sora.”

Still suffering from poor blood flow, Sora-chan’s head was swaying left and right as she ate her breakfast on reflex.

“And, the toddler over here is......”

“My name is Hina! Three years old~!”

Hina did her best at introducing herself as she raised her tiny hand up in the air. Yep~ you’re really something. But could you please not talk when you’re eating?

“My—everyone’s so cute—somehow I just can’t tell that you’re related by blood, Segawa-chan.”

“Are you finding fault with me...... anyway, why are you eating at my place! The Rugby guy’s already gone, isn’t he? Then hurry up and go back home!”

On the other hand, Nimura was saying ‘why so petty about it’ in a half-hearted manner as he ate his pickled vegetables.

“In any case, Nimura-san is really good at cooking.”

“Of course, in this time and age, it’s no good if a man can’t even cook.”

He glanced at me as he said that. This guy is definitely trying to find fault with me.

However, the truth is that he breakfast on the table now was done by him in no time at all.

“So how is it? Are the pickled vegetables nice?”

“Ah—yes, it’s very nice.”

“What, that’s a pretty half-hearted reply.”

What’s the point in getting so excited over pickled vegetables?

“The pickled vegetables are really very delicious.”

“Right—Miu-chan is a really good girl. Not like a certain uncle over there.”

“Don’t call me uncle!”

I don’t know why but I just can’t stand it when hearing that from Nimura.

“The pickled veggies are nice—!”

“Oh, we’ve got a little connoisseur here. There’s more if you want.”

“I want!”

Hina put out her empty bowl with her hands. Kind of feels a little impolite.

“Just wait a moment.”

Nimura got up in a good mood and took out a bucket-like item from underneath the kitchen sink……

“Oi, wait a minute! Did you marinate that in my house?!”

After a noisy breakfast and Sora-chan had more or less woken up, I told Nimura the whole story in detail.

“I see...... nicely done, Segawa!”

After hearing the story, Nimura’s first reaction was to commend me.

“Snatching your nieces from those relatives who were too much, huh? Honestly, it’s really changed my opinion of you.”

“I say...... things aren’t that simple.”

I said to Nimura, slightly depressed.

Yes, while it sounds easy, the truth is that there’s a mountain of problems.

“But it’s really unfortunate…… Yuri-san was so beautiful and gentle and such a beautiful person......”

Nimura teared up a little as well.

Even though he only saw Sis once, it’s really a consolation that he could feel sad for her from the bottom of his heart.

Even though I really want to comment on the fact that he emphasized that Sis was beautiful.

“That’s why I have a favour to ask of you, Nimura.”

“Oh, I don’t mind at all, as long it doesn’t concern money.”

“It’s better not to tell anyone else about the fact that these girls are staying here.”

“I understand. It’ll be complicated if you get misunderstood.”

“Because my working hours will be increasing, I’ll need your help regarding these girls and roll call for lectures.”

“Just leave it to me. Speaking of which, why don’t I take this chance to take Sora-chan? As my wife, that is.”


Sora-chan became as red as a tomato at these words.

“Really, Nimura-san. My sister can’t handle such jokes at all.”

“Ahaha, I’m sorry. Then, I think that it’s okay as well once Miu-chan grows up.”

“Sorry. I don’t like frivolous people.”

“A-Ahaha...... Miu-chan’s pretty strict......”

Even Nimura, who’s extremely experienced with girls, was no match for Miu-chan.

“Okay, then Hina-chan! Do you want to be onii-chan’s bride?”

“What’s a bride~?”

“Simply put, it’s to stay together with onii-chan.”

“Umm—— no. Hina wants to stay with Oi-tan!”


Having been rejected three times in a row by the three sisters, it seems like Nimura, who experienced this for the first time, got quite the mental shock from the failure.

“I’ll say this first, Nimura...... if you lay a hand on these girls I’ll slaughter you.”

“I- I was just joking…… hey, Segawa-kun, why do you have such a fierce expression......?”

Duh, how can I trust a frivolous guy like you with my three cute nieces?

“Really, you’ve already completely become like a father, haven’t you?”

“Father...... me?”

I looked at Sora-chan unconsciously.

“I see...... father, huh — seems interesting. Ah, then how about, next time I won’t call you ‘oji-san’, but ‘papa’ instead?”

Miu-chan seemed to be quite happy as she suggested this, but that kind of addressing is kind of embarrassing, but it might express my current position better than ‘oji-san’…… but as I thought, that way of calling me is a little problematic.

“Um...... to address you that way...... is still a little……”

I’ve got a feeling it might bring about unwanted misunderstandings.

“Even if we call you ‘papa’, you still feel a little unreliable.”

It hurts to hear that so directly.

“Hina thinks, ‘Oi-tan’ is good — “

Call me whatever you want......

Like this, our incredible life of living together, began.


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