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Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Vol. 1 - Chapter 5

All sorts of situations that came crashing down on us caused our time to flow continually.

Among this, there were the three sisters who finally started to treat this cramped six tatami flat as their home, and myself, who started to get used to this life.

However, just like small matters that happen daily were gradually absorbed into our memories, as the problems that occurred every day decreased, we came to a realization.

It was a truth that approached us between times in our happy life right now.

The fact that the people important to us would not return anymore.

Right until now, we might not have truly accepted the fact yet.

But even so—

Inescapable changes were preparing to approach our side.

After my part time job ended for the day, I pedalled furiously on my beloved bike, rapidly returning home.

Of course, that’s because my cute nieces were waiting at home for me, but there was another reason—

”Welcome home—“

As soon as I opened the door, a beauty in an apron welcomed me immediately.

”I- I’m back.”

Though I was somewhat nervous, I still couldn’t stop a smile from appearing on my face.

After the beauty in an apron— Raika-san shortly greeted me, she continued to prepare dinner.

Great…… This is so great.

It was the first time that I knew, the extent of the large breasts caused the apron to appear extremely cramped.

”Welcome home, Oji-san!”

”Oi-tan, welcome back—“

My nieces who were sitting in front of the coffee desk watching television in a relaxed mood greeted me casually. How should I say this, I feel as though I was a father who was greeted by his wife, and was popular with his daughters…… That isn’t right, this isn’t the time for me to be happy about this. I sternly said:

”You girls…... Nobody would let a guest make dinner, right?”

”Ahaha…… That’s because……”

Miu-chan awkwardly peered at her elder sister who was sulking at a corner.

”…… What is it?”

Sora-chan glared at me with an expression that would make people hear the roar of a beast. For some reason, the child would have a mood swing whenever Raika-san was here.

”Hmp! I’m just useless anyways!”

The situation was clear as soon as I took a look at Sora-chan’s hands.

Sora-chan’s left hand was stuck full of plasters. And for some reason, the right hand that should be holding the kitchen knife was full of plasters as well.

What acrobatics does she need to do so that she would cut there with the kitchen knife?

Sora-chan is really unexpectedly clumsy. Queen of Clumsiness.

”As Oji-san saw, onee-chan was abandoned long ago, while Hina and I were helping with other matters.”

When I had a closer look, both of them were helping to clean bean sprouts roots with their hands.

”Oi-tan, look~”

Hina pointed at the pile of sprouts that she cleaned up.

”Oh— Very good. Hina is so clever.”

I patted Hina’s head, and that made Hina make cute sounds like ‘Wa~’, ‘Hya~’ and so on.

”The one sulking at a corner, thanks for your hard work as well.”

”Uuu…… Mnn.”

Though Sora-chan looked like she still couldn’t take it, she still nodded in the end.

”Are the sprouts done yet?”

”Ah! Done, done! They’re all done~”

After taking the piled up sprouts, Raika-san started to cook.

The fragrance of Chinese cuisine filled the flat as well.

Being able to enjoy such happy times, it’s a thing that I couldn’t even imagine before sheltering the three sisters.

While cleaning the coffee table, I thought in relaxation.

The dinner was completely Chinese dishes, and the taste was flawless as well.

Though a three year old toddler might not be too picky about food, but from the point that Hina even ate all of the green peppers, this is an extremely tasty dinner.

After eating all of Raika-san’s specially made fried green peppers, I lazily sipped my after dinner tea.

Even Sora-chan who wasn’t too happy just now was smiling in pleasure because of fullness at that moment as well.

”I’m so sorry, Raika-san…… It just feels like you’re always coming here to make dinner……”

”It’s okay. Because I can see Hina-chan and the others.”

After saying that, Raika-san tightly hugged Hina who was sitting on her thigh.

”Ah~ That’s~ nice~”

”Come here too, Miu-chan.”

”Wa~ Okay, I’m coming!”

Miu-chan walked to Raika-san’s side quickly, pressing herself on Raika-san’s body.

”Sora-chan, come here as well.”

”N- no thanks for me!”

”Don’t be shy.”

Raika-san enthusiastically opened her arms, making a welcoming pose.

”Oh please! I’m not a child anymore, this type of……”

”Seriously, onee-chan is so stubborn. Here, come over.”

”Don’t— want— to! Hey! Let go of me! Let go! Miu!”

And that was how Miu-chan dragged Sora-chan all over there.

Just like that, Raika-san who now had the three sisters in her hug was flushed without any emotion on her face.

”Yuuta, it’s best if you give them to me.”

Raika-san said to me with a solemn tone, tightly hugging the three sisters.


”…… Tsk!”

You don’t need to tsk, do you……

Raika-san who seemed to like the three sisters very much looked rather happy.

”Err…… Let me ask this for a moment, what should I do now?”

I, who was seeing the enviable scene, but could only look from the side alone, I tried to ask the natural question.

”That’s right…… Why don’t you go wash the dishes?”

Miu-chan showed me an angelic smile, giving me the merciless order.

…… Can I only choose to wash the dishes?

In the end, I did the job as the only person who didn’t help in the preparation of dinner.

Ah~ I feel like talking to Raika-senpai as well too……

When I finally finished cleaning the kitchen, it seemed that Raika-san who finished cuddling the three sisters had to go home already.

”Can I still come over another time?”

”Of course. The kids would be happy as well.”

I said while looking at the sleepy Hina in my lap.

I’m not sure if it’s because she was too excited today, but Hina started to yawn even earlier than usual today.

”I will wait for you as well.”

”I don’t really care……”

Miu-chan and Sora-chan who came to send her said so respectively.

”What about Yuuta?”

”Eh……? Me?”

Raika-san nodded.

”Err…… It’s the same for me…… That’s right, if you’re willing to come over again, I’ll be very happy.”

”Is that so…… Then I will come again.”

The corner of Raika-san’s mouth seemed to curl for three centimeters…… When I said that I would send her, senpai just said: ‘No need for today.’ And returned alone.

”Ah…… That’s nice, Raika-san…… OUCH!?”

I shouted in pain when my bum was suddenly pinched forcefully.

”What are you giggling for!”

”I- I’m not giggling……”

”Lies, you did.”

Sora-chan said while glaring at me.

”E- even if I did giggle, isn’t that my own business?”

After hearing me say that, Sora-chan puffed out her cheeks in displeasure, and rushed up the stairs into the house.

On the other hand, Miu-chan looked at Sora-chan’s departure with a sighing expression.

”…… Oji-san, the way you said that just now was too hurtful.”

”Miu-chan…… Err, how is that hurtful?”

”Well…… It’s not too convenient if I say this…… Anyways I think it’s better if you buy a cake when you return home tomorrow.”

After she said that, Miu-chan took Hina who was already in deep sleep from my hands, and walked quickly up the stairs into the room. Miu-chan’s panties was almost visible from below, she really needs to be more careful.

”…… Why?”

I tilted my head, completely clueless about the situation. Just at that moment, Sora-chan poked her head out of the door again.

”We’re bathing! Hurry up and hang the curtains! Ah, wait, since you’re already outside, just don’t come back so soon!”

Bam! The door was slammed shut, and there came the sound of the door locking.

”What’s with this……”

I wasn’t sure about the situation, and could only stand blankly in front of my apartment.

Young girls are really a handful…… My sigh disappeared just like that in the clear night skies that had the hint of autumn.

My tension might be disappearing gradually. As usual, I walked in the campus where the leaves were turning red with my mind full of weariness because of working day and night, when I suddenly heard a person hiding in a dark place call me.

”Uu…… Nimura?”

When I looked closer, Nimura was waving at me while hiding between school buildings.

”What are you doing there?”

Though I called him, Nimura just kept repeating the same action.

His mouth opened and closed, as though he wanted to speak to me, but unfortunately I can’t read people’s lips, so I had completely no idea what he wanted to convey, The only thing that I could be certain of was Nimura’s expression was rather solemn.

Without an alternative, I walked forward. While at the same time that Nimura saw me moving towards him, his silhouette disappeared behind the school building.

”Oi! Wait a minute!”

I hurriedly chased over, and at the instant when my foot stepped behind the school building—



The ground below my feet suddenly sank, causing me to fall into the hole head first.

”Ouch…… W- why is there a pitfall over here……”

”Hohoho…… You’re tricked, Segawa Yuuta.”

Someone spoke while sticking his head out from the side of the trap.

Since he was against the light, I couldn’t recognize his features for a moment. However, from the wide body and unusually high-pitched voice, that person is definitely—


”That is correct, Segawa-kun. The president of the Road Observation Research Society, your revered senpai…… that would be me!”

”No, I don’t revere you at all.”

”You should really go along with the atmosphere at these times.”

Senpai changed his previous tone that sounded as though he was playing out an act, and asked in his usual tone.

Sigh…… Is that so?

”Oi~~ Segawa-chan, are you okay?”

After that, Nimura poked his head out as well.

”Ah, you idiot! You actually trapped me!”

”Sorry~ Actually I feel bad about this as well, but I owe senpai a lot of favors. You know, like the rugby team people who rushed to my house before this. It was senpai who helped to talk things out with those people. Thanks to senpai, I could finally go home safely.”

I didn’t even ask anything, but he explained all of that to me.

As though he wanted to recover the previous feeling, Sako-senpai coughed faintly.

”Alright, Segawa-kun…… There are a few matters that I have to confirm with you.”


”Yesterday night, did Miss Oda Raika, a member of us ‘Roary’, go to your house yesterday?”

”Y- yes.”

”I heard that she enjoyed a pleasant dinner with your nieces, is that correct?”

”Err, yeah…… That’s probably right.”

Why does Sako-senpai know about this?

Raika-senpai probably wouldn’t just tell Sako-senpai about this, however……

”Judging from your expression, you’re probably thinking why I know about this, right?”

Thinking about this, Sako-senpai who noticed my expression smiled evilly.

”Oi! Bring her over here.”

After senpai ordered by raising his hand, a deep voice shouting ‘Okay!’ came from somewhere.

Not long after that, accompanied with cries of ‘Hah, hah!’, Raika-senpai who was tied to a thick branch was carried over by the rugby club members.

”Ra- Raika-san!?”


Raika-san answered casually, in sharp contrast with the current situation.

”Sako-senpai! No matter how you see it, this is just too much! You actually tied up a girl!”

”W- wait a minute, wait a minute! Don’t you misunderstand! She suggested that herself!”


Raika-san asked for that herself?

”Err…… Raika-san?”

”Yeah, it’s quite interesting like this.”

Raika-san said with her eyes glinting in pleasure.

It seems that Sako-senpai wasn’t lying.

”By the way, she was the one who suggested the trap as well. I originally thought that it would be better to let the strong rugby club members grab you here directly, but…… This is really not easy! Like digging such a big hole, and stuffing the bottom full of sponges so that people wouldn’t get hurt when they drop down.”

I have no complete interest in all of this.

Besides, why didn’t they just use the phone or send a message to ask me here……

”I want to confirm the second thing. I introduced you to a job once, right?”

Senpai lowered his head and asked me above the trap.

”Yes…… That really helped me a lot.”

”Right! That is correct! That means, you owe me a huge favor!”

Sako-senpai continued agitatedly.

”Even so! You welcomed Oda-kun who you don’t owe a favor to your house, and didn’t even mention this to me, is that correct!?”

Sako-senpai pointed at my face while shouting loudly.

”Anyways, senpai wants to say, just let him see your nieces as well. That’s all.”

Nimura explained.

”Really, why didn’t you just say so directly.”

”Oh! Then……!?”

”I refuse.”


Sako-senpai shouted.

”Do you really need to ask? Putting my cute nieces in front of Sako-senpai is the same as putting an anthill in front of a large anteater.”

”Why would you think of that analogy?”

”Well, it just feels like that in some way.”

I answered the dazed Nimura who asked me that.


Sako-senpai started to whine again.

”I bathed every day just for this day, and I even cut my hair! I even changed my glasses!”

When he said that, I noticed that senpai’s usually greasy hair looked rather clean today. And his glasses looked a bit different from before, though I couldn’t see it at all.

”Darn…... I- I……. I want to have dinner with cute loli girls as weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell!”

It was a sorrowful shout that came from the soul. It really makes people feel unsure whether to feel pity or sad about it……

And also, ‘Roary’ should refer to ‘Road Observation Research Society’ and not ‘Lolicon Research Society’, right? [1]

”…… Sako-senpai, do you have this kind of interest?”

”Mnn? What does this kind of interest mean?”

”……. Which means…… Err, like having more interest in younger girls…... Anyways it’s your sexual preferences……”

”Hmph! Don’t get me wrong. I’m just your usual young man who wants to spoil a young loli girl, and I’m definitely not a lolicon. If the problem can be solved, I would even agree in Children’s Ethics Act. However, 2D ones are another story!”

For some reason…… I just couldn’t trust this guy at all.

”Trust him, Kaichou will definitely not harm them.”

Being all tied up, Raika-san who looked like she was harmed no matter how you look at it said from the side.

Indeed, senpai is a good person…… It’s just that he’s a bit of a hentai.

”I…… I actually wanted to be a kindergarten teacher…...”

Senpai started an unpersuasive monologue, while the rugby club members who were pretending to cry at the side made me feel weary as well.

Raika-san, Nimura and I looked at each other and sighed. The two nodded at me slightly.


”You can come over to my house tonight.”

”Eh…… Really?”

”Sako-senpai took care of me a lot, and those kids would probably be happy if there are more people.”

Hearing me say that, his eyes suddenly glistened from tears.

”You….. You’re really……”

Sako-senpai held back the tears brimming in his eyes, looking directly at me solemnly.

”Segawa-kun! If it were you, I believe that you can take the position of the next president of the Road Observation Research Society anytime.”

”Well….. Let me consider first.”

In any case, you’ll have to let me make sure if this is a Lolicon Research Society.

I couldn’t help but have that thought.

Because Sako-senpai kept harrying me, saying that even one second faster would be good, we went home rather early.

As senpai said that he had some preparations to do, Nimura, Raika-san and I went to my home first to undergo some preparations.

”I’m back…… Eh? Why?”

Sora-chan who carried Hina home froze just like that at the front door.

”Onee-chan, what is it…… Eh?”

After that, Miu-chan who poked her head from behind Sora-chan looked rather shocked as well.

”Welcome home~ Sora-chan, Miu-chan, and also Hina.”

”Welcome home.”

”Erm…… Nimura-san….. And even Raika-san is here. Is there anything wrong?”

”Today…… I’m thinking of having a steamboat together.”

While answering my niece’s question, as I placed a small gas stove onto the table.

”Is there anything wrong? Why are we suddenly……”

Sora-chan asked in slight suspicion.

”Isn’t it fine doing this once in a while? Ah, that’s right, that’s right. There will be another guest coming here later.”

”Oh? What kind of person is he?”

Though Miu-chan asked with great interest, no matter whether it’s Nimura or I, it’s hard for us to answer her.

”He’s our senpai from our club…… Errr…… Anyways, you’ll know when he comes.”

I answered vaguely. After all, I can’t just answer honestly, right?

Ding dong!

While we were in a conversation, the electric doorbell rang. Most probably…... No, it’s certain that it’s Sako-senpai.

”Coming~ I’m opening the door immediately~”

Miu-chan who stood at the front door turned around to open the door, and the person who appeared outside was……

”T- thank you for asking me here today, i- it is my greatest honor and pleasure to attend!”

And the person who appeared outside the door was Sako-senpai, wearing a suit and a bowtie + rose bouquet. His attire made people think that being unclear about the situation should really have its limits. Senpai’s whole body was sweating bullets, and he took out what looked like a high class handkerchief to wipe off his sweat.

”P- p- p- please accept this!”

After that, senpai suddenly shoved the bouquet in front of Miu-chan.

”Uwa……. These flowers are really pretty. Thank you.”

Facing the completely unfamiliar Sako-senpai who was acting oddly, Miu-chan accepted the bouquet unhesitatingly. It’s a really sedate reaction that only a person who accepts tens of bouquets every day would have.

”Ah! I haven’t introduced myself, right? I am Takanashi Miu. What’s your name?”

”I- I am Segawa Yuuta’s senpai, I am Sako…...”

Senpai who planned to introduce himself under Miu-chan’s guidance stopped as though someone suddenly pressed the pause button.

Senpai’s eyes were completely glued on Miu-chan.

For some reason, that gave me an extremely queasy feeling.

”So you’re Sako-san? Thanks for taking care of Oji-san.”

With a smile on her face, Miu-chan bowed to senpai.


Sako-senpai spoke blankly.

My uneasy feeling seemed to have come true.

After that, we spent some time chatting happily together.

”Uwaa!? I lost again!”

I threw my video game controller aside, saying that while hugging my head.

As the kitchen was rather small, we handed the work of cooking to Raika-san and Nimura, while we passed the time before the soup was complete to play video games.

”Really, you haven’t even won once from just now.”

”Oi-tan is so weak.”

Sora-chan and Hina’s gazes made me feel terrible. Then again, Sako-senpai was too powerful. It even reached the point where people would suspect him of cheating.

”Hmph…… I will not lose to the generation that’s used to playing simple games, for I am from the Nintendo generation.”

Though I didn’t really understand, it was clear that senpai was undeniably a gaming master.

”That’s so cool~ senpai won again!”

Senpai’s expression suddenly changed.

”M- Miu-chan. Not really, this is really nothing~ Ehehehehe.”

Really, senpai was so shy that it was like he changed into another person.

The excessively shy senpai even gave people the feeling that over half of his body started to melt.

”Wait a minute, how about we play with this game? If it were to be this game, I could probably play as well…… Ah, but, you have to go easy on me.”

”There’s no choice…… But since Miu-chan insists……”

It really felt like if that continued, senpai would probably do anything if Miu-chan said so.

And Miu-chan seemed to be extremely clear about the situation herself as well, trying to bring Sako-senpai to seventh heaven.

To a guardian, it just felt like a scene that made people feel extremely uneasy.

A bad woman who plays with countless men in her palm…… No, I must believe that Miu-chan will not turn out like that.

”Oh please! Why do you keep losing?”

”Don’t keep saying that, senpai is really quite powerful.”

”No excuses! Anyways, you must win! You must definitely win! You must win no matter what!”

The one who was abnormally furious was Sora-chan.

The reason that it turned out like that was because of an incident that happened when the three sisters were introducing themselves before this.

”I’m the eldest daughter, Takanashi Sora. Thank you for taking care of Onii-chan.”

Sora-chan greeted senpai in a cute and polite manner, however—

”Did you just say…… Onii-chan!?”

For some reason, Sako-senpai was particularly sensitive about the term ‘Onii-chan’. And he didn’t even answer Sora-chan.

”Segawa-kun! Did- did you request this girl to call you ‘Onii-chan’!”

”I didn’t really request her to…… It just turned out like that naturally……”

”A younger sister not related by blood…… That’s— that’s so enviable……”

Though I had completely no idea what he was talking about, the term Onii-chan seemed to strike a chord in Sako-senpai, and caused him to be as agitated as when he met Miu-chan.

”You’re called Sora-chan, right? How old are you now?”

Sako-senpai questioned with ragged breathing.

To the people passing by, that would be a criminal scene no matter how they look at it.

”Err…… Fourteen.”


However, at the instant when senpai heard Sora-chan’s age, he lost his excitement like suddenly descending temperature.

”What a pity…… If it were to be two years earlier……”

Senpai shook his head, seemingly in pity.

”Eh? Erm, did I say anything wrong……”

Senpai shifted his gaze away from the troubled Sora-chan, and said shockingly:

”…… Oba-san.”


As for the reason that senpai made that rude remark, we couldn’t find out as Raika-san took out her paper fan to hit Sako-senpai until he couldn’t move, but that was enough to shock everyone present.

And just like that, Sako-senpai completely became an enemy in Sora-chan’s eyes.

Disregarding Sora-chan’s pride for the moment, it’s rather reassuring in a certain aspect that she isn’t in Sako-senpai’s target range. The problem is, what could I do with the three year old Hina?

Judging from the situation, I as their guardian might have to eliminate senpai no matter what.

However, Sako-senpai acted rather gentlemanly, and would not get closer to Miu-chan then a certain distance just like a believer of a goddess, and ran away if Miu-chan or Hina tried to get close instead.

…… If they hugged him, he would probably faint just like that. This is actually quite safe.

”Stop spacing out!”

As I was staring at Sako-senpai, my head was suddenly turned forcibly back to the screen by Sora-chan.

Really, I’m thinking about things that are more important than video games, you know.

And I have to keep an eye on more than just Sako-senpai’s actions. After all, Nimura and Raika-san were preparing the soup alone in the kitchen. That concerned me so much that I couldn’t focus on the video game……


And as I thought about that, I lost to Sako-senpai once again.

It just felt like Sora-chan was even more agitated about wins or losses than me.

”Enough! Give it here! My turn!”

And Sora-chan even snatched the controller in the end.

That’s fine as well, I can go to the kitchen then.

”This time I’ll be your opponent! Bespectacled fatty!”

”Oh? Okay…… However, even if you’re a girl, I wouldn’t go easy on an opponent who had already undergone secondary sexual changes.”

”You…… pervert! I must defeat you!”

”Win! Nee-chan win!”

I glanced at Sora-chan and the others’ agitated expressions and then poked my head into the kitchen to look at the situation.

On the other side of the door, I wonder how they’re cooking.

I glanced inside for a moment, and found that they look like a good match when they cooked together side by side……

”Are you concerned?”

”Yeah, of course I’m con…… Ack, Miu-chan!?”

Miu-chan who slipped out from the video games murmured to me in a low voice that only I could hear.

”Onee-chan is focused on the video game right now, so this is a good chance.”

”Miu-chan…… Thank you!”

I thanked Miu-chan who winked to me, as though she was saying ‘Leave it to me’, and left.

In the kitchen, the two were skillfully preparing dinner. However, since it was just steamboat foodstuff, they just need to cut the vegetables.

”Err…… Is there anything I can help out with?”

After hearing my words, Nimura immediately caught on and smiled.

”Well! Though there’s nothing that we particularly need help with, but if you could change shifts with me, I would welcome it very much.”

”R- really? Then let’s change shifts. Because I just couldn’t win against Sako-senpai, Sora-chan was almost furious to death.”


I took the apron from Nimura’s hands.

Nimura leaned over and patted my shoulders, saying quietly: “Take this chance.” And switched shifts with me.

”Raika-san, what should I do?”

”Mnn…… Then, tie up the konjac.”

”Oh, okay.”

While teaching me how to tie them up, Raika-san tied up the konjacs herself.

The konjac were rather slippery, so they were rather hard to handle.

When I finally finished tying them all up, I tried to look for a topic.

”Raika-san, you’re really good at making dishes.”

”Really? It’s just okay.”

End of conversation.

Err…… Wait, wait, wait! If I give up so easily, there wouldn’t be any progress!

I’m different from when I first entered school.

”Raika-san, if you’re free, can you teach me how to cook next time?”

”Me…… teach Yuuta?”

Raika-san asked in slight surprise.

”I’m thinking that learning how to cook is better if I’m going to live together with the kids after this.”

Raika-san pondered for awhile, and then……

”Alright. If you’re fine with it, I can teach you how to cook.”

”R- really!?”

That’s great, Raika-san agreed even more directly than I thought, and I could be alone with her just like that.

Of course, wanting to learn some cooking skills for the kids are my sincere thoughts as well.

”Okay, we’ll start our first lesson right now.”

”Err…… Right now?”

”Of course.”

Raika-san started to teach me how to hold the kitchen knife, and the basic way of cutting vegetables.

”Yuuta, so unskilled.”

”Uuu…… Sorry.”

Though saying that I have next to no cooking experience is just an excuse, she could be a little more gentle…… Though I almost started to beg for forgiveness, but I still continued my battle. And after a while, I got the feel as well.

”Mnn, much better than before.”


It seems that I don’t need to suffer Raika-san’s cold gaze again.

”Wait a minute! Why are you cooking together!?”

Sora-chan who stood at the entrance shouted as though she saw a terrifying scene.

”No, well….. That’s right! I’m asking Raika-san to teach me how to cook. I’m thinking that you girls should eat more nutritious food as you’re still growing, so……”

For some reason, I explained frantically to Sora-chan.

But I think that my explanation was quite good though I was just winging it.

After I said that, it seemed that Sora-chan had nothing to say as well, and could only glare at me while pouting.

”If that’s why…… I’m learning as well!”


How did she form such a conclusion?

However, Sora-chan’s expression was quite serious.

”Raika-san, is that okay?”


”It’s fine with me. I should say that I welcome it very much.”

”Err, wait….. But……”

If that’s how, my dreamy plan of cooking alone with Raika-san…...

”Stop spacing out! Go away a little!”

As I felt dazed, Sora-chan already put on her apron, inserting herself between us.

”Hey! Don’t push!”

”Hmph! That’s because you spaced out.”

”You two, fighting isn’t good.”

”Yeah! Raika-san¬ ♪ Ah, how do I make this?”

”This…... You do this.”

I unwillingly looked at the silhouette of Raika-san who was teaching Sora-chan in detail, and at this moment, Sora-chan even turned over to smile coldly at me.

Darn…… She came over to meddle when the atmosphere was just right.

Even if it’s my cute niece, I won’t go easy like this.

Even in this unusually tense situation, we still completed the preparations for the steamboat.

Raika-san made a simple chicken meatball steamboat.

There were seven of us in total, and we sat around the small coffee table.

”Okay! It’s almost done.”

After the manager of today's steamboat, Nimura Kouichi-shi who kept gazing at the steamboat sharply, gave his permission, Raika-san immediately opened the cover of the pot. At that instant, steam and also a tantalizing fragrance spread throughout the whole house.

”Oh~ It looks quite delicious.”

It looks like the first steamboat that we had while living in this flat is quite worth the wait.

Raika-san started to distribute the food according to age, starting from the youngest.

”Oh! Being able to have food from Oda-senpai, it’s my honor.”

Nimura said all that flattery naturally while taking the plate.

That seemed to make Raika-san feel somewhat embarrassed as well.

”Next is Yuuta.”

”Ah, okay, thank you, senpai.”

”That’s fine! I’ll do Onii-chan’s portion!”

Just like that, Sora-chan stopped her once again.

Sora-chan snatched the ladle from Raika-san’s hands, and clumsily scooped up chicken meatballs.

”Wait a minute…… Sora-chan, you don’t need to…….”

”What is it? Do you have anything to say about me distributing the food?”

”No, I don’t mean that, it’s just that…… Ah! See! That’s very dangerous!”

”Uwaa! It’s so hot!”

Really, and I said it just a moment ago.

”Isn’t that a bit too little? Take a bit more vegetables…… Ah, there’s too much soup. And also, add a little rice so that we could eat it with the soup later.”

”Ahh! Shut up!”

And finally, only mine was full of vegetables and meatballs.

”Alright, who’s next?”


Sako-senpai said bluntly.

When Sora-chan extended her hands to ask for the plate from Sako-senpai, he shook his head.

”I want Miu-chan to fill it for me.”

”Shut up! Hurry up and give me the plate!”

Senpai’s request was immediately denied. The eldest person here who lost to the gaze of a fourteen year old girl obtained the stern punishment of only having mushrooms.

”Hina, it’s hot, so be careful.”

”Mnn~ Okay~”

Hina kept blowing on the chicken meatball on her fork.

On the other hand, Raika-san looked expectantly at Hina blowing.

”Errr…… Do you need me to feed you?”

”No need. Hina can eat without help.”

That’s great, Hina is so clever.

However, it’s really better to accept the others’ kind intentions at times like this.

See, Raika-san looked obviously sad.

”Oi-tan, Oi-tan, ahhh—“


”Hina is already a big sister. So Hina can feed Oi-tan.”

Hina said proudly.

”I heard that someone even younger than Hina entered the kindergarten today. Hina said that someone else told her that at that time.”

”He’s called Hiro-kun~”

Oh, I see. Because she knew Hiro-kun who was younger than her, Hina felt that she grew up a bit more?

”Okay, I’ll listen to Hina, and let you feed me.”


Though the chicken meatball that Hina fed me was already cold, it was still quite tasty.

”Okay, me next.”

”Nimura-san is so sly~ Me too, me too~”

”No, we have to start from Sora onee-chan this time. Right, Hina?”

”M- me too……”

Oh! Hina is really popular.

”O- okay! Then I’ll……”

”Senpai, no.”

”Mnn, no.”

”Hey! You guys! Why only me!?”

Of course it’s because it would feel like a crime if it were to be Sako-senpai.

Just like that, the jolly dinner time ended in a flash.

And then, the next morning.

”Bad! Bad! I’m late!”

Early morning, Sora-chan’s cries rang in the cramped flat.

As we played too much last night, all of us overslept.

”Miu! Let me use the hairdryer!”

”My hair will be done in a moment, wait a minute—“

”I’m telling you not to do your hair anymore, mine hasn’t been done yet!”

I only found out after living together with young girls, but the job of tending to one’s attire is like some kind of a war to girls. Especially when there are many sisters, there would be battles for hairdryers, the washroom and so on, the seeds of battle are endless.

”Hey, if you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late for school.”

”Onee-chan, hurry up~”

Hina and I who finished ages ago could only wait in vain at the entrance.


After awhile, Sora-chan seemed to have finished her battle with her bed hair, and we could finally depart.

We arrived at the bus stop in front of my college, and we went on the bus that coincidentally passed by. We swayed on the bus for about thirty minutes, and took another thirty minutes taking the train; Aside from that, coupled with about an hour and a half of walking, that would be the time required for them to go to school.

I feel that it’s very hard on Sora-chan and Miu-chan every morning. And the biggest problem in this is sending Hina.

I couldn’t fetch Hina home because of my part time job, so the two of them must take the job of fetching Hina back home from the kindergarten.

And because of that, they couldn’t hang out with their friends after school.

Though it’s embarrassing for me to say this, but it is a large burden for Sora-chan and Miu-chan.

I really couldn’t face the two who never complained because of this.

After they got off the bus, the two sisters left a perfect chorus, and rushed to the ticket booth.

” “ We’re off~” “

”Be carefuw~”

Hina who waved her sisters away with unclear words, walked towards the kindergarten near the bus stop while holding hands with me.

”Good morning.”

As soon as we reached the kindergarten, the familiar Miss Caretaker welcomed us with a broad smile.

”Good morning, Hina-chan!”

”Good morning!”

Hina bowed with a bit too much force.

”Well, I’ll leave Hina to you.”

”Alright. That’s right, Segawa-san, have you read the contact information that I handed you before this?”

”Err…… Ah, I’m sorry.”

Whoops, I completely forgot about it. To be frank, I don’t even remember where I kept them.

”Really, you should read it as soon as possible. In the papers……”

At the moment when the caretaker started to explain to me after a sigh.

My phone suddenly rang.

An unfamiliar number was on the phone. However, I felt as though I saw the number before this……

……. Errr, a similar situation seemed to have happened before this as well.

After apologizing to the caretaker, I listened to the phone.


”Hello? Is it Yuuta?”

”O- Oba-san……”

Just like that, I had to face the reality once again.

It was a normal afternoon. I welcomed a rare guest to my house.

”Err…… Is green tea okay?”

”Wait a minute.”

After looking around the room, Oba-san stopped me as I was about to extend my hands to the teapot, planning to make tea.

”Errr…… Compared with tea, would coffee be better……?”

”What is with your house?”

Oba-san furrowed her brows and said so.

In the house, there were still obvious signs of the scuffle this morning and the steamboat feast yesterday night.

Textbooks tossed around, and pajamas were scattered on the floor. The blankets were just squeezed to a corner of the room as well.

Apart from that, the unwashed cutlery formed a small hill, while the garbage bag that we forgot to take out this morning was stuffed in the cramped kitchen.

”S- sorry. Because we were rather busy yesterday……”

”Being busy is not an excuse. Clear them away immediately!”

”O- okay!”

Just like that, I started to clean up the house before knowing the reason for Oba-san’s sudden arrival.

Oba-san helped me to dust the hard to reach locations like the light bulbs, television, bookshelf and so on.

Books were placed onto the bookshelf according to their sizes, and the items placed on the floor were cleared away.

Besides that, the creases on the accumulated clothes were flattened after washing them in three turns and were hung on the balcony. The experienced actions felt like they could be on a class on TV.

And even the undergarments of Sora-chan and the others weren’t missed.

In this period of time, I washed the cutlery, and moved the rubbish that we cleared away outside, and then washed the bathroom until it sparkled.

Of course, all the work was done under Oba-san’s accurate and perfect directions.

Not long after that, a clean three flat house that I almost couldn’t recognize appeared before my eyes.

After all of that ended, Oba-san finally sat down before the table.

There was a tense silence.

I suppressed the chilling pressure, and made tea for Oba-san.


I placed the refreshments that I bought just now from a convenience store on a container, then handed it to Oba-san along with the tea.

After thanking me, she started to drink the tea silently.

After awhile, Oba-san started to say:

”The reason that I’m here today is because there’s something important that I have to tell you.”

To be honest, I almost thought that she was here just to clean up my house, but it seems that she really did have something to say. I didn’t speak, and Oba-san took out a piece of paper with something written on it.

”What is this?”

”This is the children’s results that I got from Sora-chan and Miu-chan’s schools.”


That was quite an unexpected answer.

The names of the subjects were listed horizontally, while below them were the marks of their exams.

At the top right corner of the paper, the name ‘Takanashi Sora’ was written on it.

”These are the grades of her first semester, while this seems to be one from a recent test.”

After hearing Oba-san say that, I compared the grades of the two lists.

Sora-chan’s results dropped quite a lot.

Her results that were quite good fell to an average level.

”Not only her grades. It seems that the frequency of her being late and being sleepy in class has increased as well.”

”How can this……”

I never knew.

The change of lifestyle could actually have such a large impact…… However, that’s quite understandable. After all, Sora-chan just went to a school near to her original house before this…… While I, myself, was already crowned the king of skipping classes, asking people to go for roll call in my stead, and also getting sleepy in class.

”And also this, I found this while cleaning up your house.”

”This is…… ‘Parents’ Guide for Open Day’?”

That was an introduction for the open day at Hina’s kindergarten.

”The schools and kindergartens would always send a lot of contact documents. Ascertaining all of them is a guardian’s obligatory task.”

After that, Oba-san said a lot of things that I do not know yet again.

For instance, Sora-chan left the club that she was in. On the other hand, Miu-chan had an anemia attack during a P.E class recently.

I had no idea about all of this at all.

”How can this be…… Why didn’t they tell this to me?”

”It’s not that they didn’t tell you. Isn’t it more like they can’t tell you this?”


”Even if they let you know, that would only make you troubled…… When they think about, they probably can’t bear to tell you about that.”

…… That might really be true. No, that’s probably the whole truth.

The kids are probably grateful to me…… They certainly would not want to increase my burden. Blast…… I really feel ashamed.

”Letting the people that you’re caring for worry for you, that’s quite a neglect of duty as a guardian.”

Oba-san said mercilessly. Not knowing, can’t help it because of business, the truth that exposed all of my excuses were laid bare in front of me.

I couldn’t say anything.

The legitimacy that Oba-san spoke of was of course a reason, but the thing that shocked me more was that the children had so many worries about me, and kept tolerating all of these things.

Just like that, I hung my head in shame and remorse, while Oba-san took out what looked like a letter and placed it on the table.

”And this is……?”

”Among them are the contact information of the Takanashi family. And besides that, ways of contacting youth centres opened by my friend are written on it as well.”

”Y….. Youth centre!?”

”The result of our discussion is, it seems like there is a way to let the kids stay together during the period of their mandatory education. But after high school, there would be no way.”

The expression that Oba-san had that moment was the gentlest that I had seen.

”No matter if it’s me or the people from the Takanashi family, to be frank, we thought that you would give up immediately. However, you hung on for two months already. Everyone thanks you a lot, and I believe that the children thank you as well. So now, you probably don’t need to act on impulse, right?”

I understood that Oba-san was choosing her words carefully, trying to convince me.

”You, yourself, are still a nineteen year old child as well. Of course, I’m not saying that people who become parents and do their duty raising their children don’t exist. However, this isn’t a simple matter. In these two months, have you bought new clothes for the children, disregarding the clothes that Yuri-san bought for them?”

…… With my financial capability, at most, I could only buy undergarments, and also clothes at shops that are famous for their cheapness.

”To raise a child, the environment is very important. So listen to me, you did enough already. And because of your efforts, we finally found a place that is willing to take the three sisters under their wings.”

I really could tell that Oba-san spoke very carefully to avoid repeating the mistake she made last time.

While I…… Still could not stand up from the blow.

Sora-chan left her club…… Miu-chan who always smiled had an anemia attack……

How useless am I, as a guardian?

I really can’t face onee-san. And of course, Shingo-san as well.

…… Am I really that useless?

That was the first time. Those words flashed in my mind for the first time.

No matter how hard I increased my part time jobs, and learnt to cook…… With my abilities, can I really not become a pillar of support for the children? The various incidents that I went through during the past two months replayed in my heart.


I finally found out at that time.

So I was the one who was relying on them. I couldn’t imagine a life without the kids.

If the kids weren’t here…… Facing the fact that onee-san is not here anymore, the fact that I am now all alone, and I am the person who truly can’t accept this, I might be the one in the wrong.

When I think about it, I didn’t even have the time to feel sorrow. After all, I was busy all this time, and there was a lot of trouble every day.

If things weren’t like that…… How would I turn out to be?

Could I, who lost my one and only relative, continue to be so energetic like I am now?

As I felt dazed because of this, Oba-san continued to lash out.

”…… Here, I’ll give this to you now.”

The thing that Oba-san took out was a pile of documents, and an insurance certification with my name on it was among them as well.

”Yuri-san’s insurance, and part of the compensation money for the air crash. They’re for you.”

”These…… These things shouldn’t be mine, and should be given to Hina and the others……”

”There’s another portion for Hina and the others. The insurance money for their parents and their inheritance are quite a lot, and the compensation money for the incident was quite a considerable amount as well, so you don’t need to worry. This is your portion. This is the insurance that Yuri-san handed to me to keep as a safeguard since her single days in case anything happened to her.”

After saying that, Oba-san took out a handkerchief to pat on the corner of her eyes.

”Therefore, you should just find a way to make yourself happy. I believe that Yuri-san is worried about the kids, but she wouldn’t wish for you to sacrifice yourself because of this.”

Sacrifice…… I think that this way of describing it is a huge mistake.

”In any case, taking them under your wing and being their guardian while you’re not of age is impossible……”

Though Oba-san tried to continue to explain, my heart did not respond any more.

So things are like this? So parents need to do things to this extent? And onee-chan even thought of the time when she wasn’t here even when she was caring for me……

I’m really much more worthless. I might…… Not even have that right.

The only thing that I could do at that time was to tell Oba-san to let me sort my thoughts out.

That day was the first time that I bought canned beer in my whole life. It only had a bitter taste, so I have no idea how this thing is tasty. I couldn’t even hide my drunken state, and went home just like that.

”I’m back~”

”Welcome home~ We bought dinner already.”

It was Sora-chan, Miu-chan and Hina who was reading a picture book.

The scene that gradually became reasonable for me…… I might not be able to see it very soon now.

I hugged Miu-chan and Hina from behind.

”Ah! You stink of beer! Oji-san, are you drunk?”

”Uu~ Probably. Though there are just a few months left, I’m still not of age after all, so don’t tell other people……”

”Oi-tan, so heavy. Let- me- go~”

Seeing Hina struggling while happily pushing on my arms, I tightened my clutch.

At that moment, I suddenly noticed the bunny doll by my side.

”Hina, it seems that you’re always having the bunny doll by your side recently.”


Hina hugged the bunny doll, looking like she cherishes it very much.

”This doll, Mama gave it to me!”

…… Onee-san, she……

”About this bunny-san, Mama said that if I treasure it very very much, it can help me to make my wishes come true! So, Hina found it when we went to our last home! Because Hina has a wish!”

After saying that, Hina pressed the doll to her face as though she wanted to speak to it.

”Listen to Hina, I wish that Papa and Mama will come back soon! Hear that? Bunny-san!”

Hina’s naive words resounded in the small room, causing the atmosphere to thicken.


”…… Uuu!”

Sora-chan and Miu-chan lowered their heads at the same time.

The two months until now. Not one of us mentioned Papa, Mama or Onee-san.

We were all running away from the truth, and also…… They probably cry about this when they’re alone.

I…… I haven’t cried yet. At least, I hope that I will not cry yet right now.

”…… Yeah, it’s great if we can see them soon.”

Though I couldn’t say that they would come back, I still squeezed out a smile, and said to Hina.


Seeing the broad smile on Hina’s face, I couldn’t help but hug Hina yet again.

Because Hina’s smile was the spitting image of Onee-san who kept encouraging me.

”Alright! Then, so that you wouldn’t get scolded by Mama, you should brush your teeth and go to sleep!”


I brought Hina to the washroom and closed the door.

It seemed that weak sobs came from the other side of the door.

…… I really gave them a lot of grief.

That night, I could not close my eyes at all.


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